The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 62: Handsome boy, Beautiful girl, it’s a Match!

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Chapter 62: Handsome boy, Beautiful girl, it’s a Match!

Qiao Qing’s gaze flickered. “Yeah.”

Luo Chen attempted to pull the lid off the pen but failed

He looked at Qiao Qing, “This is broken? Why can’t I pull off the lid?”

Qiao Qing leaned against the wall with her arms crossed, “It needs finger print authentication.”

Luo Chen, “...”

She’s worried that someone would use that pen? Luo Chen didn’t really understand Qiao Qing.

Just then, Hou Zibin’s voice arrived, “Brother Chen, what are you doing? Come and help with the books.”

“Alight.” Luo Chen put the pen back and walked over.

When Luo Chen and Hou Zibin carried the books downstairs to distribute amongst the students, they ran into Qiao Huan, who had come home to eat.

Beside her was Jiang Yi.

Qiao Nian glanced over. Without saying hi, she left.

Someone from the crowd spoke out, “Jiang Yi just called off the engagement with Qiao Qing, and he’s already all over Qiao Nian. Isn’t that inappropriate?”

“Did you just notice that something’s not right? I heard that even before the engagement was called off, those two were having entanglements.”

“I was wondering why the private matter between Qiao Qing and Jiang Yi was spread out all over school. It seems like that younger cousin is no fuel-efficient lamp.”

“Think about it, other than making a bold statement during that parent-teacher meeting, Qiao Qing had never done anything out of line. On the contrary, she’s been very lowkey. Exactly why does she have such a bad reputation?”

“She made that bold statement after our English teacher provoked her. They targeted her and acted as if Qiao Qing had wronged her.”

This group of people were just students after all. They didn’t have much ill intentions towards someone they didn’t hate.

At most, they just liked to gossip and enjoyed the chitchats.

Now that Qiao Qing had blessed them with kindness, all the prejudice they had towards Qiao Qing naturally disappeared. Instead, they liked her a lot now.

In comparison, Qiao Nian became the “problematic” one.

Luo Chen straightened his belt and then scolded, “Alright, those who got a copy of the book go eat your lunch. If you talk behind people’s back, you are no different than the people you are bad mouthing.”

“Even if you are just discussing something, don’t do it in front of Qingqing’s house. It makes Qingqing look bad. Understood?”

Hou Zibin clashed into Luo Chen’s shoulder and smiled mischievously.

“Brother Chen, you treat sister Qiao very differently, hey?”

Others joined in to kick up a fuss, “Big brother Chen and big sister Qing, a handsome man and beautiful woman, you are a good match!”

Luo Chen looked away and began to curse at the crowd, “Leave, leave, leave! Aren’t you hungry? Big sister Qing? Qingqing is only 17, are you younger than her?”

“Wow! You even know her age!”

When they heard his explanation, the crowd got even louder.

Just then, He Wanqing walked out of the front door, “Lunch is ready. You guys should stay before you go back to class.”

Normally, to ask someone to stay for food meant it was time for them to leave.

The crowd shook their head and all said goodbye.

Hou Zibin replied, “It’s okay, auntie. No matter how much you cook, you cannot satisfy this hungry crowd.”

Then, when Luo Chen wasn’t paying attention, he pushed Luo Chen in through the door.

“This one needs to stay for lunch. He’s closest to sister Qing.”

After pushing him in, Hou Zibin and the others laughed and ran away.

Luo Chen silently cursed. He had to hold onto the door frame to stop himself from falling.

He looked at He Wanqing, embarrassed, then called out, “Auntie.”

He Wanqing smiled, “Even without them telling me, I would ask you to stay for lunch. I never got to thank you for helping Qingqing last time.”

Luo Chen said, “Auntie, you’re being too polite. You don’t know how much Qingqing helped us out.”

“Then, you don’t need to be so polite with me either. Food is ready, you should stay. Chen Ming, go tell Qingqing to come and eat.”

Chen Ming, “Yes, ma’m.”

Qiao Qing’s hand grazed the railings as she walked down. Then she saw Lou Chen at the dining table.

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