The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 63: Little Xuan is far Calmer than you

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Chapter 63: Little Xuan is far Calmer than you

“Why haven’t you left?” Qiao Qing asked straight up.

He Wanqing scolded her, “He’s just staying for lunch. Why would you say something like that?”

Luo Chen replied, “Auntie, don’t lecture her. We are close friends so there’s nothing off-limits. Right, Qingqing?”

With Qiao Qing’s personality, there was no way she would respond to him.

However, she walked over and sat right by his side.

Luo Chen loved her methodology of “speak no words but take all actions”. His lips couldn’t help but curl upwards.

During lunch, He Wanqing watched Luo Chen and Qiao Qing eat. Then, she smiled and nodded, “You two look better together.”

“Uh... ehem, ehem...” Luo Chen was half dead from choking on the rice. His handsome face was completely red.

He peeked at Qiao Qing and saw that she had kept her collected expression as if she was numb from all this.

He Wanqing took two napkins and handed them over to him. “Why are you so uncareful? Auntie is just saying things for fun. Little Xuan is far calmer than you.”

After hearing of “little Xuan”, the chopsticks in Qiao Qing’s hand froze in mid-air. A fuzzy silhouette appeared in her brain.

Originally, she had thought that he would harass her every night.

But the reality was that after that one video call, he hadn’t contacted her at all.

If it weren’t for the mention of his name, she would’ve forgotten that that guy had once appeared in her life.

She thought of what Jun Yexuan had said before he left and it made her frown.

She thought about it carefully but she could not recall what he looked like.

All she could remember was how shameless of a man he was.

Capital city.

Inside a mysterious manor.

Jun Yexuan was lazily lying on top of a recliner on the balcony, enjoying the view. Occasionally, he would toss some fish food into the pond below.

When Mu Jinghang arrived, that was the real-life sleeping beauty scenery he saw.

He rested his arms on top of the railings and turned his head, “Third brother, you have dealt with your business so many days ago. How come you have no intention of returning to the City of Brisk? Was I wrong? Are you not interested in that girl?”

Jun Yexuan ignored him. Nobody knew what he was thinking.

Mu Jinghang gently coughed, “I just saw something online. Qiao Qing’s mom is looking to hire a tutor for her.”

“I say, if Qiao Qing is really a genius, isn’t her mom just too blind? Huh... where are you going?”

Jun Yexuan left the balcony without looking back. He left Mu Jinghang with his graceful backside.


After lunch, Qiao Qing and Luo Chen returned to school together.

At the start of the last class of the day, Qiao Qing started to feel uncomfortable.

Within 20 minutes into class, a shredding pain intensified.

She sensed that her period likely came early and cursed under her breath.

She eyed the English teacher at the front of the room, Liang Min.

She preferred to not make a big deal out of this so she clenched her teeth and planned on enduring until class finished.

Lin Xiyan very quickly noticed the droplets of sweat on Qiao Qing’s forehead. She jumped out in shock, “Qingqing, what’s wrong with you?”

Qiao Qing stretched her pale lips and said softly, “It’s okay. It’s my time of the month.”

“It’s okay? Look at how pale you look!”

“Who’s talking!” Liang Min tapped the blackboard a few times, “You are not allowed to converse with others during class. How many times must I tell you this?!”

Lin Xiyan was worried and so she stood up, “Teacher, Qingqing isn’t feeling well. Please let her take a sick day. I’ll take her to the nurse.”

“Not feeling well? Hmmph! As if I haven’t heard that one. Wait until the end of class! You want to find an excuse to leave my class? I won’t let you!” Liang Min’s tone was stern.

Luo Chen turned around to look at Qiao Qing. Then, he jolted up as well out of shock, “Why would you say she’s just looking for an excuse? Look at how unwell she looks!”

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