The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 65: Might as Well Drop her and let her Die!

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Chapter 65: Might as Well Drop her and let her Die!

Just then, Xu Yingying suddenly shouted out, “You guys aren’t curious why Jiang Yi called off the engagement with Qiao Qing? It was because there was a rumour that she hid a man in her house!”

What she had said meant Qiao Qing was a promiscuous woman.

“Aye~” One girl chimed in, “Xu Yingying, are you okay? Why are you always targeting our big sis Qiao? Who wouldn’t want to hide and treasure a man like that?”

“Exactly! If a man like that liked me, why would I want Jiang Yi? I would dump him right there.”

Jiang Yi, “...”

Did these people just treat him like he didn’t exist?

“That man is literally the reincarnation of a seductive demon! If I had such a devious being around me, I wouldn’t even come to class!”

“Before, they claimed that Jiang Yi dumped Qiao Qing. Now, it looks like they got it backwards!”

“That’s what I think as well. Have you ever seen big sis Qiao initiate a conversation with Jiang Yi? It has always been Jiang Yi provoking her!”

“Do you think our English teacher will be punished? That man looked like he had power!”


As everyone discussed what just happened, Qiao Huan gripped onto her pen until her fingertips turned white.

She originally thought Qiao Qing had saved some pretty homeless man. But she didn’t expect that man to be this outstanding.

Plus, he looked like he had some influence?

Hou Zibin scratched his head, “What’s happening? I thought big sis Qiao and big bro Luo were a couple?”

After he spoke those words, the class fell into an eerie silence.

Obviously, during lunch, all of these people went to Qiao Qing’s home and also thought they made clear what those two’s relationship was.

Yet suddenly, another man had jumped out of nowhere. The way everyone looked at Luo Chen started to appear sympathetic.

Nobody cared how Jiang Yi felt however. After all, to them, that man was just an ex.

Luo Chen glared at everyone and then hissed in exasperation, “Don’t you all need to study?”

Then, he got up and left.


On the other end, Jun Yexuan held onto Qiao Qing and dashed down the building. He headed towards the nurse’s room.

Qiao Qing felt dizzy from the pain and her entire head was fuzzy.

She just seemingly sensed that the person who was holding her had a voice that she was familiar with.

She squinted her eyes and grabbed Jun Yexuan’s shirt, “Why are you helping me? Do you know me?”

Jun Yexuan, “...”

Might as well drop her to the ground and let her die!

Jun Yexuan seriously thought that. But the arms that held her didn’t loosen their grip at all.

Without another word, Jun Yexuan arrived at the nurse’s room.

“Nruse, please help her.”

He entered the room and threw out one sentence.

Coincidentally, nobody else was there at the time. The school nurse, who wore a white robe, immediately went to them upon hearing this.

“What happened to the girl?”

Jun Yexuan placed Qiao Qing onto the bed with a worried look, “I’m not sure. I think she has a stomach ache.”

The school nurse checked her out and then said to Jun Yexuan, “It’s not a major problem. It’s just her time of the month. You’re her boyfriend, right? Go buy her some feminine hygiene products.”

When Jun Yexuan heard the word “boyfriend”, he was a little stunned. He didn’t deny it but didn’t leave immediately either.

Staring at Qiao Qing, his brows twisted, “Look at how much pain she’s in. How’s that not a major issue? Do all girls hurt like this every month?”

“That’s not the case. The pain level depends on people’s physique. Some people don’t feel pain at all, some people feel so much pain they want to die. But feeding people medicine or giving people shots are not necessarily the best thing for the body.”

She then felt Qiao Qing’s pulse and made a “huh?” noise.

“This girl’s physical health is good but she has a cold womb. Has she been hurt by a cold stimulus before?”

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