The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 659: Update 41

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Chapter 659: Update 41

It’s not easy to learn about mixing perfumes. Even if you learn it, you have to have the talent.

Qiao Qing was strong in other skills but she didn’t even know the most fundamental things about perfumes. For her to compete against Xu Pingting made no sense. Of course, unless she simply wanted to one-up her.

Jun Yexuan’s chin quivered and he coldly snickered, “If I want to ruin the Mo family now, will young master Gong still stop me?”

Gong Yi smiled, “No need to dirty your hands. I’ll do it myself.”

Jun Yexuan froze a little. Mu Jinghang also didn’t get this, “Isn’t she your savior?”

Gong Yi didn’t speak. He lit up a cigarette and let the smoke surround his dark face.

The MC awkwardly smiled and gently coughed before she changed the subject, “Alright, we’ve now all seen Ms. Xu’s new product and we all have high expectations for her new product line. I hope Ms. Xu will place well in the fragrance competition.”

She then said to the audience, “Are there anyone else who wants to promote their company’s product or project?”

Nobody answered.

“Alright,” the MC returned to the front, “Then, let us start our third round of entertainment - the dance! Many people who came today are young. So please, everyone, come and stand on the dance floor. Whether you’re single or taken, you all must step in!”

Jun Yexuan grabbed Qiao Qing’s hand and smiled, “Let’s go dancing!”

Gong Yi also stood up and grinned at Qi Yusen, “Young master Qi didn’t bring a partner, how about we find you one here?”

Qi Yusen sat there unmovingly like a mountain.

He glared at him, “You didn’t bring one either.”

Gong Yi rubbed his nose and smiled, “The MC said you need to go whether you’re single or not. Are you sure you don’t want to go?”

Qi Yusen ignored him.

Mu Jinghang lifted the front two paws of the fox, “My wife’s not here. Why don’t you dance with me?”

The fox, “…”

“Ack, ack, ack!”

Who would dance with you?!

“Ack, ack!”


After everyone gathered on the dance floor, the MC mysteriously smiled, “Next, I announce…”

Before she could finish, all the lights on the boat flashed off. The entire place fell into darkness.

The ground started to shake.

“Ah! What’s going on? Is there a tsunami?!”

“Why’s the cruise moving? Ah?!”

“Ah? Who’s this? Don’t touch me!”

A bunch of girls started to scream.

The MC sounded like a troll as she spoke again, “This is the game for our third round of entertainment. Everyone, within this chaos, you can choose a partner of your liking! That person gets to be your dance partner!”

“That’s right! The entire dance will happen in darkness! If you’re a single young man, you may just find the girl of your dreams!”

“As for couples, don’t call out each other’s names. It is time to test your relationship and see if you can find each other in the darkness.”

Nobody could stand still inside the boat and were swayed side to side.

Jun Yexuan and Qiao Qing were originally holding hands. However, they couldn’t predict this turn of events and didn’t hold onto each other very tightly.

When the boat started to sway, they got separated.

Just as Qiao Qing was about to shout for him, the boat turned lopsided and caused her to stumble to the side.


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