The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 660: Update 42

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Chapter 660: Update 42

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Just then, she felt someone squeeze her wrist. The next thing she knew, she was pulled into a hug.

Qiao Qing originally thought it was Jun Yexuan. But she then denied the thought. The aura felt different.

She thought the man made a mistake and didn’t want to give him a hard time. She simply turned to leave.

The man, however, grabbed onto her waist and pulled her in closer.

Qiao Qing was furious and she said in a low voice, “I’m Qiao Qing. I’m not who you’re looking for. If you don’t want to get injured, let me go.”

A magnetic chuckle snuck into her ear, “You want me hurt this badly, hmm?”

Qiao Qing froze up, “Gong Yi?”

“I’m looking for you.” Gong Yi continued to hold her waist with one hand while his other hand grabbed hers.

Qiao Qing said, “I’m only warning you once - let me go!”

Gong Yi sensed the fury in her voice and knew that if he doesn’t let go now, he’d get taught a bloody lesson.

So he said, “Answer me one question and I’ll let you go.”

The boat swayed again. Qiao Qing’s high heels caused her to fall against his chest.

Gong Yi welcomed this with a smile and whispered into her ear, “Three years ago, July 28th, at Camel Mountain, were you the one who saved me?”

Qiao Qing was a little stunned. After some time, she said, “No. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“You don’t need to admit it.” Gong Yi smiled, “I’ll look it up myself.”

Qiao Qing didn’t express much, “Can you let me go now?”

Gong Yi said, “Since you’re pressed against me, let’s dance?”

The next sound was the sound of a fist hitting flesh.

Gong Yi tasted metal in his mouth and then slowly inched away.

After getting Gong Yi out of the way, Qiao Qing stumbled into another cold embrace.

She saw what she thought was white and when she smelled the familiar scent, she was again surprised, “Brother?”

“It’s me.” Qi Yusen grabbed onto Qiao Qing and the boat stopped swaying.

Music started to play and the MC said, “All the boys have found a dance partner by now, correct? Next, the ball officially starts! Let’s all dance!”

Jun Yexuan didn’t find Qiao Qing and was nervous and anxious. He ignored the rules and shouted out loud, “Qingqing?”

Qiao Qing was about to answer when Qi Yusen asked, “Can you dance with me?”

Qiao Qing didn’t know how to respond. Qi Yusen took this chance to grab her hand and place his other hand on her waist. As the music started, they started to waltz.

Qiao Qing followed his steps but she felt this to be very strange.

Those who failed to find a dance partner went back to their seats. Gong Yi left as well. On the dance floor now were only couples.

Jun Yexuan glanced around anxiously and then finally saw a white silhouette in the middle of the dance floor.

Nothing was more eye-catching in this darkness than white.

Only Qi Yusen wore all-white today.

Qi Yusen was dancing with someone?

Jun Yexuan was suspicious and walked over.

When he went up to him and saw Qiao Qing in his arms, he exploded.

“Brother! What’s the meaning of this?! I was going insane looking for her! But here you are, dancing with her?! Don’t you know she’s your sister?!”

Qi Yusen showed no sign of shyness. He turned and glared at him, “You are useless. You can’t even find the person you’re looking for.”

Jun Yexuan, “…”

Why was he the one being scolded?!


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