The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 68: Now that I’ve Decided to Come Back, I have no Plan on Letting you go

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Chapter 68: Now that I’ve Decided to Come Back, I have no Plan on Letting you go

“It’s okay. With me around, I promise to make sure your body recovers well.”

Jun Yexuan’s words were seemingly light but it was like dropping a bomb on Qiao Qing.

“What do you mean by that? You want to keep living at my home?”

Jun Yexuan responded with an “Mmhmm, Qingqing is so smart.”

Qiao Qing inhaled deeply. “What do you want?”

Jun Yexuan’s gaze met hers, “What do you think I want? Hmm?”

That crystal-clear set of eyes were far too hot. It was a look that Qiao Qing had seen from Feng Hang’s eyes more than once.

She immediately lowered her head and pushed her body up from the bed. However, Jun Yexuan pulled her back into his arms.

“Jun Yexuan.”

Qiao Qing called out his name one word at a time through her gritted teeth.

“I’m here.” Jun Yexuan’s head lowered another inch.

His lips were softly parted and his words were a little uneven.

“Now that I’ve decided to come back, I have no plan on letting you go.”

As he spoke, his long and lean fingers ran through her hair. Then, they slid down to her legs and he picked her up and began to walk outside.

“We will rest at home.”

Qiao Qing was extremely exasperated by his words.

She was supposed to simply smile and treat this like a joke. However, strangely, she felt like things were about to spin out of her control.

Jun Yexuan left the room while he held onto Qiao Qing. When he passed the nurse, he nodded at her.

The nurse grinned. “Young man, you have to work hard.”

Jun Yexuan’s steps paused. He lowered his head to look at Qiao Qing and his gaze was a little difficult to explain.

His lips curled up sexily, “I will, auntie.”

Then they walked out.

Mu Jinghang had driven the car here. He got off the car and came to Jun Yexuan and Qiao Qing.

He looked at Qiao Qing, “Qing, do you remember me?”

Qiao Qing gave him a look and then silently looked away.

Mu Jinghang, “...”

“I’m Mu Jinghang! I stayed with you at your home before.”

“Stop talking trash. Open the door!” Jun Yexuan shouted coldly.

“Oh, will do!”

Mu Jinghang opened the door and Jun Yexuan went inside while carrying Qiao Qing.

He placed Qiao Qing on his legs and refused to let her go.

Qiao Qing struggled and tried to get rid of the arms that held onto her, “Have you hugged me enough?”

Jun Yexuan smiled at those words and his eyes turned alluring as he spoke seductively.

“Not enough yet.”

Qiao Qing, “...”

Perhaps he didn’t want her to feel too oppressed, Jun Yexuan went ahead and pinched her fresh-looking face. Then he said calmly, “This guy doesn’t drive that steadily. If you don’t want to feel more pain from the bumps on the road, don’t move.”

Mu Jinghang, who sat in the driver’s seat was speechless.

Everyone else said that good friends helped each other out by stabbing others. When it came to them, he was constantly stabbed by his friend.

How could he make fun of him so casually for a girl?

Perhaps the hatred felt was too heavy, Mu Jinghang managed to drive the high quality car like it was a second-hand runaway.

When the car shook again, Qiao Qing frowned slightly.

Jun Yexuan exploded, “Why are you driving like this?!”

Mu Jinghang, “You just said, I don’t drive steadily.”

The vein in Jun Yexuan’s forehead pulsed, “You wanna die?”

Mu Jinghang immediately shivered and adjusted his hands on the steering wheel. He didn’t dare to act harshly again.

The car drove all the way to the Qiao manor. Jun Yexuan carried Qiao Qing off the car and entered the living room.

He Wanqing was shocked at this, “What happened to Qingqing?”

Jun Yexuan responded on her behalf, “Menstrual cramps. We went to the doctor already. I will carry her upstairs to rest.”

Before He Wanqing could react, he had already gone upstairs.

Up the stairs, Jun Yexuan gently placed Qiao Qing onto her bed.

Just as he was about to get up and leave, she tugged on his sleeves.

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