The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 70: She Wanted to Choke the man Beside her to Death

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Chapter 70: She Wanted to Choke the man Beside her to Death

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Before the meal was done, Chen Ming brought someone in.

Towards He Wanqing, he said, “Madam, this person is recommended by Mr... Yexuan.”

He Wanqing looked up in confusion, “Huh?”

The man by the door introduced himself politely, “Madame, hello, I am a world class nutritionist. Here’s my certificate. From today on, I will be responsible for Ms. Qiao’s diet. It is my goal to help her get her health back as soon as possible.”

As he spoke, his eyes widened and like the wind, he dashed towards Qiao Qing and snatched away the chicken wing she just took.

“Eating fried food during your period cycle is a big no, Ms. Qiao!”

Qiao Qing, “...”

Just as she was about to get angry, He Wanqing’s voice arose.

“You came at the perfect time! I don’t know anything and the chef doesn’t know that much. From today on, this family’s meals will be in your hands!”

Qiao Qing, “..”

She wanted to choke the man beside her to death. What was she going to do?


Because Qiao Qing didn’t feel well, He Wanqing grounded her for two days so she could rest at home.

Of course, a lot of this was caused by Jun Yexuan.

On Thursday, Qiao Qing was finally allowed to go back to school.

The moment she entered the classroom, all gazes were upon her.

“Big sis Qiao, are you feeling better now?”

“Big sis Qiao, are you okay now?”

“Big sis Qiao...”

Qiao Qing was a little bewildered by the sudden concern expressed by everyone. Uncomfortably, she nodded and then went back to her seat.

Hou Zibin was sitting at Zhu Anan’s seat and talking to Luo Chen.

When Qiao Qing showed up, he quickly turned around and held up an expression that mimicked an obedient Samoyed.

“Big sis Qiao, you came back!”

Qiao Qing responded with a “yeah”.

Hou Zibin looked to the right and then to the left. He covered his mouth slightly and got in closer, “I have great news for you. Our English teacher was asked to step down from her department director position. Now she’s just a regular teacher.”

The hand holding her backpack froze. She remembered Jun Yexuan’s sudden attack from that day and nodded, “Alright.”

“Big sis Qiao is a big sister after all. How calm! If it were me, I would be dancing on the table in celebration!”

Then, he looked over to Luo Chen, “Big bro Luo, why aren’t you talking? Didn’t you see that Qiao Qing is here?”

Luo Chen smiled and turned his head around, “Qingqing, the man who came the other day, is he your friend?”

Hou Zibin instantly shut his lips. When he saw that Zhu Anan was walking over, he stood up to leave.

Qiao Qing shook her head, “No.”

Luo Chen froze for a second and then felt much happier.

Then he scratched his head and acted as if he had nothing better to do, “How are you feeling now? That day... you really scared us all.”

Qiao Qing shook her head again, “It was nothing.”

Luo Chen wanted to say something more but the class bell rang.

Next, Liang Min walked in.

The moment she walked into the room, she eyed Qiao Qing’s spot and gave her a death stare. Her puffy eyes were full of thick red veins.

Qiao Qing seemed to have not sensed her presence – she didn’t even lift her head.

Just as she was about to take out her medical book, she noticed something.

She looked at the empty spot beside her and then tapped on Luo Chen’s back, “Why isn’t she here?”

“Not sure.” Luo Chen turned around, “She hasn’t been here for two days. Ever since you got sick, she hasn’t come to class.”

Luo Chen frowned and fell into deep thoughts.

Suddenly, she remembered the scene of Lin Xiyan being bulled by a group of girls.

She took out her cellphone and found a grey profile picture from her contact list. She typed, “Lang Yin, go search up where my desk mate, Lin Xiyan, is. See if anything has happened.”

Before long, her phone vibrated and a message arrived.

Qiao Qing peeked at it and then shot up out of her seat.

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