The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 71: How Much?

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Chapter 71: How Much?

Liang Min was just about to start class when this commotion caught her attention. She immediately became angry.

“Qiao Qing, you are targeting me aren’t you?! Did you not hear the class bell? Who allowed you stand up?!”

Everyone looked over her way.

Qiao Qing paused, “Something happened to Xiyan and I have to go find her. I ask to take time off for this class.”

Liang Min laughed at this, “You think you can take time off whenever you want? You think this is your home?! Something happened to your desk mate? Why would that concern you?!”

“There are so many people here yet you are the only person who wants special treatment. I say, you are just looking for excuses to skip my class. You sure can think of all sorts of excuses!”

Qiao Qing knew that this woman was unreasonable, so she ignored her.

Coldly, she left her seat. With her hands in her pocket, she headed for the door.

“Qiao Qing, stay right where you are!” Liang Min threw her book down, “You are addicted to provoking me aren’t you! I dare you to try and walk out of the door!”

Qiao Qing responded by slamming the door.

“What a rebel! What a rebel! Who does she think she is!” Liang Min acted like she had gone crazy.

“I have been teaching for so many years and I’ve never met a student so arrogant! I don’t believe she wants to study here anymore!”


The City of Brisk Class A Hospital.

When Qiao Qing arrived, she saw that small-looking silhouette standing helplessly by the first floor great hall.

“Please, can you please perform the surgery for my dad first? He cannot wait anymore. My mom is gathering the money now. We will for sure be able to pay for it!”

“Then we will wait for your mom to gather all the money before we do the surgery.”

The doctor she was begging responded emotionlessly.

“This is a hospital, not a not-for-profit. If we do the surgery and you don’t end up paying us, who do we go to, to cover the loss?”

“Doctor! I’m begging you...”

“Enough! It’s useless for you to bother me. If you don’t have money, go home. There are a lot more people who are more pitiful than you. If we set a precedent with you, then that would mean we need to tend to every patient who comes here without money. How do we keep this hospital open then?!”

Suddenly, a cold voice interrupted.

“How much?”

Lin Xiyan’s body quivered and she turned around to find Qiao Qing. Then, her already pale face lost all color.

Nobody wanted to be seen at their worst. Lin Xiyan was no exception.

Plus, this was her second time being seen like this.

Looking at Qiao Qing’s emotionless face, Lin Xiyan felt dizzy and almost collapsed.

Qiao Qing lent out an arm and pulled her in into a hug.

She asked the doctor again, “How much?”

The doctor checked Qiao Qing out from head to toe and saw that she was wearing a school uniform. Other than her pretty face, there was nothing special about her.

Immediately, his face turned cold, “You kids surely do not know how high the sky is. You shamelessly ask me how much money is needed? Is surgery something a student can afford?”

Qiao Qing chuckled. Her eyes were full of disdain, “New here, aren’t you?”

This doctor’s face swelled with redness when he heard this.

He was naturally sensitive and had made some wrong diagnosis in the past.

What he hated the most was to be called new. It made him look inexperienced and unskilled.

“If you have no money to see a doctor, then leave. I’m busy. There are patients for me to see and I have no time to waste with you!”

“What’s wrong? What’s happening here?” A male doctor who was half a century old heard the noise and walked over.

When the doctor saw him, the expression on the doctor’s face turned extremely toady.

“Director Tan, it’s still that girl. She doesn’t have the money but she keeps on bugging us. Today, she even brought over a classmate. I’m sorry they disturbed you. Don’t be angry. I will ask them to leave right away.”

After hearing this, Tan Qiu looked over to the two girls.

When he saw Qiao Qing, his lazy expression disappeared off of his face. In a respectful voice, he said, “Ms. Qiao, how come you are here today?”

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