The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 72: Trust, Okay?

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Chapter 72: Trust, Okay?

“W... What...” The doctor was dumbfounded, “Director Tan, you know this girl?”

Tan Qiu ignored him and bent his body lower, “Ms. Qiao, you are here because...?”

Qiao Qing responded, “Are all the doctors you hire such low quality?”

The doctor exploded again upon hearing this, “Who are you cursing at?!”

“You, shut up!”

Tan Qiu scolded and then smiled alongside Qiao Qing, “Ms. Qiao, Dr. Zhou is young and doesn’t know how to talk nicely. But to pay before any surgery is performed is the hospital’s rule.”

“There wouldn’t be an exception made no matter which hospital you visit. As doctors, we are only responsible to treat patients. We have no power to make exceptions.”

Qiao Qing snickered, “That’s why I asked how much money. Why didn’t he answer?!”

“How much? Why, you are going to pay for her? You think you are just treating someone out for lunch? This is a big surgery! You’re a student who’s never left the school gate... where do you get the money to act like a hero?!”

“I told you to shut up!”

Tan Qiu was tempted to slap Zhou Ye to death. He’s never met someone so socially challenged. Though he was always good at sucking up to the directors.

Lin Xiyan got herself together and wiped the tears off her face. She grabbed onto Qiao Qing’s arm, “Qingqing, why are you here? It’s still school hours and I know it’s Ms. Liang’s class right now. Go back. Don’t let Ms. Liang have something else on you.”

Qiao Qing’s heart was warmed by this, “After I deal with this, I will go back.”

“But the surgery my dad needs is very expensive. It’s not a small number. Even my mom hasn’t found a way to get all of it... You...”

“Trust, okay?” One phrase comforted Lin Xiyan’s anxious heart.

For some reason, this thing sounded very ridiculous. But Qiao Qing’s tone allowed no doubt and her gaze was extremely at ease. Everything about her made people trust her.

Tan Qiu waited for them to finish their conversation before responding respectfully, “Ms. Qiao, this girl’s father has liver cancer. Surgery costs $300,000.”

Qiao Qing’s gaze turned even colder, “For $300,000, you disregard a life?”

“For $300,000? You talk like you have money or something. Can you hand over $300,000?” Zhou Ye couldn’t help but shout.

Tan Qiu was speechless as he stared into the sky. He had given up on saving that guy.

He also had no plans on accepting any more suck up actions from that guy.

This man’s pig brain will hurt him sooner or later.

Qiao Qing didn’t say anything more. She took out a black credit card and threw it at the receptionist.

“Find me the cancer specialist, Director Qi. This guy here is underqualified.”

Zhou Ye froze the moment she took out the black card.

He held onto Tan Qiu’s hand and trembled. As if to make sure, he said, “Director... Director Tan, that girl... handed over a black card?”

Though he just witnessed it himself, he still found it hard to believe.

Globally, that black card was a limited edition. What it represented wasn’t just the wealth of the cardholder, but also the status of the cardholder.

He went to the Capital City once and that was where he had the chance to see what the black card looked like.

He originally thought that nobody in the City of Brisk would have the right to own a black card.

Yet, a girl just handed it over?

Tan Qiu sighed. “You should first learn how to read people before becoming a doctor.”

For a patient’s family member to request the hospital to get him off the case, Zhou Ye’s career as a doctor was pretty much done. He was so stupid that he hadn’t even realized the severity.

Even Tan Qiu will be affected by this!

After Qiao Qing paid up, the efficiency of the hospital shot up.

Lin Xiyan’s father was immediately pushed into the surgery room.

Lin Xiyan stared at Qiao Qing in a daze. It was as if her entire brain had shut down.

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