The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 73: Qiao Qing is Angered and is Standing up for the Mother and Daughter Pair

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Chapter 73: Qiao Qing is Angered and is Standing up for the Mother and Daughter Pair

“Qingqing, where did you get so much money?”

The young girl didn’t know what Zhou Ye meant when he said “black card”. The fact that Qiao Qing just paid off the astronomical number of $300,000 for her was enough for her to find unbelievable.

Qiao Qing hesitated, “You forgot my last name is Qiao? I’m the granddaughter of Qiao. The Qiao family can afford $300,000.”

Lin Xiyan blinked, “But how did you know I was here? And you just happened to carry $300,000 with you?”

Qiao Qing pursed her lips, “Why do you talk so much?”

Lin Xiyan, “...”

“My mom and I will get all the money and return it to you ASAP!”

Lin Xiyan announced in a serious tone after she recollected her thoughts.

Qiao Qing had no reason to decline. But because of her words, she frowned, “Why haven’t you been at school for the last two days?”

Lin Xiyan’s eyes darkened. Before she could respond, they heard fast sounding footsteps.

“Yanyan, why are you here? Mom managed to borrow the money. Where’s your dad?”

Both girls turned their heads and saw Lin Xiyan’s mom, Shen Yun, rush over with a suitcase.

“Dad’s in surgery.” Lin Xiyan looked at the suitcase in her hand and asked, “Mom, where did you get the money?”

Shen Yun had a look of astonishment, “Didn’t they say they refuse to do the surgery until we pay?”

Lin Xiyan gave Qiao Qing a look and said, “Mom, my desk mate at school lent us the money.”

Shen Yun looked over to Qiao Qing. She failed to hold it in, and her eyes turned red.

Her husband got sick and needed money, yet none of her close friends or family would pick up the phone. Those who picked up told her they had no money.

She had originally given up on the world, yet a child extended her arm to help her out.

She dabbed away her tears and pushed the suitcase to Qiao Qing.

“Thank you. But we cannot owe you so much money. Here’s $300,000. Count it, it’s the right amount, right?”

Qiao Qing looked down and saw the 30 bundles of cash. All of them were new bills.

She also saw the symbol on the suitcase...

She shut the suitcase aggressively and stared at Shen Yun in awe, “Where did you borrow this money from?”

Shen Yun lowered her head at the question. She looked a little embarrassed and ashamed.

“Take the money and go. I didn’t steal the money. It’s clean. I’ll think of it like I paid for the surgery. I will slowly pay back the lender. Nobody will track you down.”

“That’s not what I asked.” Qiao Qing frowned deeply and looked almost violent, “I asked, where did you get this money from!”

“Mom, tell her! You didn’t get this money from our relatives?” Lin Xiyan turned anxious as well.

Shen Yun stuttered out with much fear, “Usury.”

Lin Xiyan gasped at those words.

Qiao Qing showed no sign of shock and merely nodded.

“Usury... from shark loans... Auntie, isn’t it common sense that loan sharks are vampires? Once you get yourself involved, you will never be able to get back on your feet again! They won’t track me down, but what about you and your husband? What about Xiyan? How will you three live?!”

“I... I had no other options.” Shen Yun could no longer endure this. Her tears fell down like pearls and splattered onto the ground.

“Her father got cancer and needed surgery. We don’t have that much money and none of our friends or relative were willing to lend us anything. I cannot just watch her father die.”

Qiao Qing rubbed the space between her brows. Then, she picked up the suitcase and headed out the door. Without turning around, she ordered, “Follow me.”

Lin Xiyan and Shen Yun rushed to keep up, “Qingqing, what are you going to do?”

Qiao Qing gave Shen Yun a glance, “I’m going to find the loan shark who gave you this money.”

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