The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 76: I’m Here to Find my Woman

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Chapter 76: I’m Here to Find my Woman

“Don’t move! Ah, ah, don’t move!” Li Gan cried out and looked to the manager, “Why aren’t you getting her the loan repayment receipt!”

He was now utterly scared. He never should’ve been greedy for money and butted heads with this person.

He thought this person was just a normal high schooler. Who knew he would end up kicking something made out of metal?! He angered a killer!

“Yes, sir!”

The manager took his order and quickly returned with a receipt.

After Qiao Qing took the receipt, she let Li Gan go and walked to Shen Yu.

The people who laid on the ground showed much fear toward Qiao Qing. The way they looked at her was like they were looking at a monster. All of them covered their chest and retreated.

Shen Yun and Lin Xiyan stared at Qiao Qing blankly – they still haven’t figured out what just happened with the fight.

Qiao Qing stuffed the receipt into Shen Yun’s hand. Then, she took her jacket that Lin Xiyan had held onto and slung it over her shoulder, “Let’s go.”

However, she didn’t get to walk many steps when someone walked in.

“Sixth Lord, young master Feng is here. He wants to see you.”

When the words “young master Feng” were spoken, Qiao Qing’s eyelashes quivered, and she slowed down her steps.

Li Gan violently trembled at this news, “What did you say? Young master Feng? Which Feng?”

This person made a fist with one hand and cupped it with the other, “The Jing Sect Leader, Feng Hen.”

Li Gan was so shocked his hat almost fell off. He quickly stabilized it.

“Why did that forefather of a man come? Why aren’t you inviting him in?!”

In the City of Brisk, the Luo family was number one. The family was extremely wealthy and it gained all of its glamors cleanly.

Those who pace around the grey area knew that the person nobody should provoke was Feng Hen.

Not only the City of Brisk, even in the Capital City, very few people were unaware of Feng Hen.

That man was equal to third young master Jun and first young master Qi!

As he thought about it, he noticed the chaos this room was in and his eyelids twitched.

“You useless trash! Get off the ground! Clean up the room!”

“There’s no need. I’m already here.”

A low and magnetic male voice spread. Next, a group of men wearing black suits came in and a god-like figure followed.

The moment Feng Hen walked in, he locked his gaze onto Qiao Qing.

Only after he looked her up and down and determined her to be unharmed, did he sigh in relief.

Li Gan had no energy to deal with Qiao Qing. He quickly brushed himself off and then greeted with a smile to suck up.

“Young master Feng, how come you found the time to personally visit? I am just dealing with something right now, so I apologize. Please, come have a seat and drink some tea.

Then, he glared at the manager, “Why aren’t you making tea?”

“There’s no need. I’m not a fan of using other people’s cups.” Feng Hen sat down, “I’m here to find my woman.”

Those words made Qiao Qing’s lips twitch.

“Ah, I see. Huh?”

Li Gan aggressively looked up, “Young master Feng, what did you say?”

Feng Hen’s fingers tapped on the table gently, “I said, I’m here to find my woman.”

A person who never repeats himself just repeated himself to a pig head. Just what was happening today?

Li Gan was now completely dumbfounded. He turned his neck and scanned the entire room to only find Qiao Qing, Shen Yun, and Lin Xiyan, those three women.

He wasn’t sure who the woman he was referring to was.

But at the same time, he realized that today, he had done more than kicking something made from metal.

If one of those three was Feng Hen’s woman, then he sure just slapped a tiger’s butt!

This realization had caused Li Gan’s brain to go blank.

“Young... young master Feng, which... which one is your woman?”

Feng Hen ignored him. His dark and profound eyes, however, were fixated on Qiao Qing with much amorousness.

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