The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 80: Expelled

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Chapter 80: Expelled

Qiao Qing grabbed her earbud back, “You have a problem?”

Jun Yexuan was still dumbfounded so Qiao Qing didn’t pay any more attention to him. She walked on forward and within seconds, left him far behind.

Mu Jinghang was driving the car and stopped it right beside Jun Yexuan, “Third brother, why aren’t you walking? Hmm? Why’s your face red?”

Jun Yexuan muttered beside Mu Jinghang’s ear cheerily, then, he went to chase after Qiao Qing.

It took Mu Jinghang some time to realize Jun Yexuan just told him that Qiao Qing was a fan of his.

Instantly, wind blew.

Based on the attitude Qiao Qing had towards him, if she was a fan, she was an anti-fan.

However, Jun Yexuan didn’t know Mu Jinghang’s thoughts. When he caught up to Qiao Qing, he snatched over her phone.

He scrolled through her playlist and the smile on his face deepened.

“You only listen to xj’s songs? What is it, you like him?”

Qiao Qing snatched her phone back right away and punched him, “Don’t assume I will keep on tolerating you!”

“AH!” Jun Yexuan rubbed his chest as he expressed agony, “Qingqing, my gunshot wound hasn’t healed. It hurts!”

Qiao Qing’s eyes shook a little. Straight away, she began to unbutton his shirt.

Jun Yexuan scanned the surroundings and his face turned even more red. It was like he was a big pure boy who was being touched for the first time.

After Qiao Qing unbuttoned the top few buttons, she saw that his wound had completely scabbed over. There was no sign of additional damage. She turned enraged.

“Jun Yexuan!”

“Here!” Jung Yexuan lowered his head and laughed as if he was a fox who just stole some meat, “Qingqing, so you care about me that much.”

Qiao Qing’s face turned dark. She shoved his clothes away and began to walk.

Who knew her hand would be grabbed onto.

Jun Yexuan placed her palm against his chest and looked deeply into her eyes.

“Doctor Qiao, please help me out. Why is my heart beating so fast? Am I sick?”

Qiao Qing’s became angrier as she pulled her hand away, “Screw off!”

“Ahhahahahaha...” Mu Jinghang was laughing as he steered the car, “My bro, your old-fashioned pick-up lines aren’t working?”

Jun Yexuan glared at him and watched as Qiao Qing left. His gaze turned heated.

When Qiao Qing returned to school after lunch, she found the way everyone looked at her was weird.

Before she got to the classroom, Luo Chen dashed over with a concerned look.

“Qingqing, you are finally here! Did you get my message?”

Qiao Qing took out her cell, “I didn’t. It’s on silent. What happened?”

Luo Chen sighed and then pointed to the billboard everyone crowded over, “The school wants to expel you. They even posted the notice!”

Qiao Qing’s face showed not the slightest change in expression. She simply said, “Oh”.

“Oh? Qingqing, aren’t you concerned? I’m so worried. You don’t know how furious the English teacher was after you left this morning.”

“She left before the class was done and she kept on saying she was going to find her boss. Oh, right, where did you go this morning? What happened to your deskmate?”

Qiao Qing didn’t say anything and walked into the classroom.

After she got there, everyone looked her way. It seemed like they wanted to say something but instead suppressed themselves.

Qiao Qing acted as if she didn’t notice this and headed straight to her own seat. As per usual, she took out a medical book and flipped through it calmly.

Luo Chen looked at Qiao Qing, then looked at everyone else. He returned to his seat and prepared for the tornado to come.

As expected, before the bell even rang, Liang Min showed up to class.

She pointed at Qiao Qing and yelled, “Didn’t you see the notice? Why are you still sitting there? Clean out your stuff and get the hell out of here!”

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