The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 81: I can Explain

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Chapter 81: I can Explain

Qiao Nian looked up. Though she didn’t show it, she was ecstatic on the inside.

Even if she doesn’t make a move, someone ought to teach her lesson.

Then, she took out her cell and sent Qin Yongmei a message.

Only after a long time since Liang Min spoke up, did Qiao Qing close her book, “The reason for my expulsion?”

“You have the audacity to ask for a reason?” Liang Min snickered, “Last time, you claimed you were ill. Then soon after, you showed me disrespect and left my class early! Count how many classes you missed this semester already!”

Qiao Qing chuckled, “The school has a written rule that states skipping class results in expulsion?”

“Exactly!” Some of the students thought this was unfair.

“I have skipped classes as well but nobody said anything about it. How come our English teacher is targeting big sis Qiao?”

Luo Chen said, “The number of times Qingqing skipped does not exceed how many times I’ve skipped. Based on your logic, I should be expelled too?”

“This is none of your business!” Liang Min scolded Luo Chen then went back to Qiao Qing, “You think I can get the principal to expel you without sufficient reasoning?”

“The school regulation is that students are not allowed to engage in physical encounters. If it happens once, the student can be considered for expulsion. Just how many times have you gotten into a fight lately?”

“Once at the school’s main entrance, you hurt Liao Shanshan’s hand. In the alley by the school’s east entrance, you, again, engaged in a group fight.”

“You think just because nobody was there to witness it, there was no surveillance?!”

Luo Chen’s heart dropped. He had the desire to slap himself in the face.

“The fight that happened by the east entrance alley was because I brought a group of people to beat her up. Even if she fought back, it was for self-defence. How was that at all exchanging blows with someone? If all participants should get punished, then shouldn’t I, the one who started it, be more in the wrong?”

His words garnered all the students’ stares.

A group of students gawked at him in awe. So there was a love and hate story in big bro Luo and big sis Qing’s past?

Liang Min was infuriated at his statement, “If you want to talk about what you’ve done wrong so badly, then you can leave with her! You really think the school cannot operate without you?!”

Just then, Yang Lianfeng walked into the room with a cup of water and his textbook, “What’s happening over here, Ms. Liang? This isn’t your class.”

“Bro Yang, the English teacher wants to expel big sis Qiao.” Hou Zibin howled out, “You don’t know yet?”

His tone sounded like a kid tattle-tailing on someone to his parent.

The image of Yang Lianfeng confiscating Hou Zibin’s book a while ago was still clear in everyone’s mind.

They looked at those two and couldn’t help but exclaim.

Hou Zibin must truly love big bro Yang! He didn’t at all hold that event against him!

Yang Lianfeng looked at Qiao Qing and then looked at Liang Min, “Ms. Liang?”

Liang Min then said, “Mr. Yang, there’s no need to prioritize protecting the students. It’s good that you have the intention, but you need to first determine if that student is worthy of your protection or not!”

“She never hands in her homework and is bottom three on every exam. If I was the homeroom teacher, I would hand a student like that over to whoever wants her! I would never want that student in my class!”

Yang Lianfeng replied, “But that isn’t enough to expel her.”

“That isn’t enough, but she had fights on campus. That’s enough to expel her!”

“A while ago, she injured Liao Shanshan from class 11’s hand. I still have her medical note!”

“Expelling her is a small punishment! If the student sues, that girl may even need to go to the juvenile detention center!”

Yang Lianfeng paused. “All things have a cause and affect. Why don’t you ask why she hurt that girl’s hand?”

He then looked over to Qiao Qing, “You can explain. If there’s a valid reason, the school can forgive you. It’s not like the school doesn’t give out any opportunities.”

Qiao Qing’s lips were sealed.

Liang Min smiled at this. But her smile didn’t last even two seconds when a sticky sweet and weak voice arrived from the door.

“I can explain!”

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