The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 82: Does big sis Qiao need a Girlfriend? I Volunteer!!

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Chapter 82: Does big sis Qiao need a Girlfriend? I Volunteer!!

Everyone turned their head to look and found Lin Xiyan to be standing by the door with her backpack on.

Qiao Qing frowned. “Shut up!”

“Qingqing, I know you are being considerate on my behalf, but I don’t want you to face all the consequences alone after I benefit from your kindness!”

Lin Xiyan inhaled deeply and faced the class, “The time by the school entrance, Qiao Qing hurt someone because Liao Shanshan brought a group of people to bully me. If you don’t believe me, you can watch the surveillance video.”

“Qiao Qing might have to go to Juvenile detention center? Bullies from this school should be the ones who go! If anyone should be expelled, it should be Liao Shanshan! Qiao Qing was merely passing by and chose to help me!”

After those words, Liang Min was a little stunned while the entire class broke into clamor.

Lin Xiyan continued, “This morning, Qingqing also left class early to help me. My dad...”

“Lin Xiyan.” Qiao Qing’s voice was cold.

To her, this child had gone crazy.

“Qingqing, you have seen me at my worst. Why would I care how others see me?”

Lin Xiyan ignored Qiao Qing’s objection and fastened her speech, “My dad is very ill and my family couldn’t take out $300,000 for surgery so the doctor refused to treat my dad. It was Qingqing who arrived on time and lent us the money!”

After that statement, the chitchats in the class grew louder.

“Oh my god, big sis Qiao is far too kind!”

“I thought Qiao Qing was a cold person but she’s actually so warm inside! She has max boyfriend energy!”

“When she gave us the books last time, I already knew she was a person who only appears cold but is actually very warm inside!”

“Does big sis Qiao need a girlfriend? I volunteer!”

Yang Lianfeng pointed at these girls who laughing, “The school disallows relationships at such a young age! The school definitely doesn’t allow girl love!”

The entire class of students began to laugh, Hou Zibin teased, “Bro Yang sure knows a lot!”

Yang Lianfeng didn’t respond to him and instead, looked at Qiao Qing kindly, “You did a great thing and deserve recognition. Don’t mind the expulsion notice. I will go take that down.”

Then, he peered in Liang Min’s direction, “Ms. Liang, you heard everything. Since it was all a misunderstanding, it would be best if we all take a step back. Don’t let the kid who did a great thing feel unappreciated.”

Liang Min couldn’t really stand still. She made such a big fuss out of what happened today. She wasn’t willing to end it like this even if this was the end result.

Therefore, she crossed her arms.

“Teachers will deal with school bullying! If teachers cannot handle it, then there’s the police! Why was it her turn to use violence and play the hero!”

“Plus, her desk mate is completely unharmed but she broke the other girl’s arm! If you put it that way, then those who think they are acting righteous and end up killing people shouldn’t have to take responsibility.”

“Plus, why wouldn’t she explain before leaving this morning? If she told me, wouldn’t I have let her go?”

“She said nothing and straight up left. Do I owe you?! She isn’t just a bad person with awful qualities, she’s targeting me!”

Luo Chen slammed his desk, “Who’s targeting whom? You sure make yourself sound royal. Last time, Qingqing wasn’t feeling well. It wasn’t like you didn’t know the reason, but did you let her leave?!”

“Today, this concerned someone else’s privacy. You want Qingqing to spread it all around the class?!”

“Exactly! Liao Shanshan bullied someone. No matter what, she was the one who did wrong first. Just because Lin Xiyan wasn’t hurt as badly as Liao Shanshan, you punish the person who stopped her bullying? What kind values do you have?”

“Hmm, don’t you know? I heard Liao Shanshan took after her mother’s last name. Her dad’s last name is actually Liang. Our English teacher is her blood-related aunt.”

“No wonder! Wow, so she’s just looping around and avenging her niece!”

“An adult, who is actually a teacher, meddles with students’ business! She uses her professionally position to deal with private matters! How rotten!”

The students’ chitchats got louder and louder. Even the way Yang Lianfeng looked at Liang Min was full of disapproval.

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