The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 83: Just who is that Girl?

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Chapter 83: Just who is that Girl?

Liang Min’s morals were being questioned by a bunch of students. It embarrassed her and eventually enraged her.

“You youngster don’t focus on studying but sure knows how to rope people in. You stand there and do nothing while inviting brainless people to step up and defend you. You dare to disrespect your teacher!”

“Mark my words – in this class, if she’s still here, I won’t be here. If I’m still here, she cannot be here. If all of you continue to act with such noble indignations, then get another English teach to come and teacher you!”

“From today on, I will only teach one class – class 8. Without me teaching you English, let’s wait and see if your grades can remain high!”

She then looked over to Yang Lianfeng, “Mr. Yang, I apologize. It’s not that I don’t like teaching with you, it’s just your group of students do not treat me with any respect.”

“If I teach students like this, then I will die from anger before I retire! If you want to blame someone, then blame the leader of your class!”

After she spoke, Yang Lianfeng’s expression turned serious.

All the students in the class went silent as well.


No matter how much they questioned Liang Min’s character and spoke on behalf of Qiao Qing, they had to admit that Liang Min was a great teacher.

Her classes consistently score higher than other classes.

For every single exam, the two classes she teached ranked first and second in the whole school.

Even though the class Qiao Qing’s in has very poor average scores, they were able to rank first or second in English.

This was why she managed to be promoted to department director at such a young age.

Now that she said she would no longer teach this class, everyone became flustered even though they hated her personality.

Putting aside the question whether or not a substitute teacher would take on this job, there really was no second teacher who had better English skills than Liang Min.

No matter who became their new teacher, they were going to be harmed by this change.

After all, their university entrance exam was soon and nobody was going to throw away their future to be nice to their friends.

At the same time, a handsome young man and a woman so well taken care of it was impossible to tell her age, were walking together side by side before the school building.

“Mom, why did you want to walk around the school today?” The man asked.

The lady smiled, “I taught this place for more than 20 years. I can’t help but miss it sometimes.”

“Oh right, there’s an extremely talented friend who studies here. She’s even smarter than her father. If I can run into her later, I will introduce you.”

The man helplessly grinned, “Mom, here you go again. Just because I’m still not married doesn’t mean you can matchmake me with someone from school. People their age... even if she’s in third year of high school, she would only be 17 or 18, right?”

“What!” The lady shouted, “Don’t blow your own trumpet! The girl likely won’t be into you.”

The man was in shock. At all times, his mother’s been so proud of him that she thought no women was good enough for her son!

He couldn’t help but wonder, just who was that girl?

Just as he was about to ask, his mother said, “Hmm? Isn’t that Qingqing’s class? What’s happening?”

The man squinted his eyes and saw two teachers and one student standing by the door.

Based on the expressions of the two teachers, they were having a disagreement.

“I can’t tell. Why don’t we go check it out?”

“Let’s go.”

The two went up and the moment they reached class 22’s door, they ran into Yang Lianfeng, who was on his way out the door.

“S... sorry.” Yang Lianfeng pushed his glasses up. When he raised his head, he was stunned.

“Ms... Ms. Jiang? Why are you here?”

Liang Min, who was flaunting hard in class, shook at the sound of that. She too, stepped out of the classroom.

The way she looked at the lady was extremely emotional, “Ms. Jiang!”

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