The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 84: Face Slapping

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Chapter 84: Face Slapping

All the students who heard the commotion went outside to see what was going on.

Someone asked, “Who’s Ms. Jiang? Why are Bro Yang and our English teacher both so emotional?”

Someone else hit his elbow, “Have you gone dumb? That’s the number one ranked teacher on the Honorable Teachers’ Roll. It’s a legendary level teacher from our school. You don’t know?”

“Oh my god! It’s actually Ms. Jiang! I heard about her often from my dad. I cannot believe there would come a day when I get to see her in real life!”

In the City of Brisk High School, there were two legendary existences.

One was a student, the other was a teacher.

The student was the Qiao Zibo during his student days.

The teacher was his English teacher at the time, Jiang Huixun.

During the time Jiang Huixun taught, her class would end up in the number one spot regardless of the student composition of the class, or the size of the exam.

No matter how difficult the test was, the class average had never gone below 120 points – way above the school average of 50 or 60 points.

Schools from the Capital City had tried more than once to recruit her and used all sorts of tactics.

Everyone’s made the claim that if it weren’t for her attachment to her students, there was no way the City of Brisk High School would be able to keep this national treasure of a teacher.

Despite the fact that she’s been retired for years, she remained a legend with many stories in this school.

As for Liang Min, though she was able to get her voice somewhat heard in this high school, it was because her students score better than students taught by other English teachers.

Her classes were far away from achieving the scores Ms. Jiang’s classes were able to achieve.

“Our English teacher sure changes face quickly. Before, she was looking like Hade, and now, she’s looking like a brainless fan who just met her idol.”

“Oh, don’t you know? Our English teacher was Ms. Jiang’s student once!”

“No wonder! But my dad was her student too! He always told me how great it would’ve been if I were to get Ms. Jiang as my teacher. Who knew that Ms. Jiang would retire.”

“Teach you? That’s a fantasy tale. Ms. Jiang turned down the principal position!”

All the students’ chatters began to boil due to Jiang Huixun’s arrival.

Outside, Jiang Huixun had ignored Liang Min’s kiss a$$ and only quietly asked, “Why are you standing by the door instead of teaching?”

Liang Min was a little embarrassed and she stuttered, “There’s a student in this class that is far too rebellious! I am furious! The critical thing is that Mr. Yang favors her and all the other students are speaking on her behalf! They caused me to look inhumane. Ms. Jiang, don’t think of me as capricious, I really cannot teach this class!”

Jiang Huixun looked over to Lin Xiyan, who was also standing by the door, “She doesn’t look like a rebellious one.”

“No her!” Liang Min pointed at Qiao Qing, who sat in the third row, “It’s her! She’s unbelievable! Everything she does is to piss me off. She fights on school property, she leaves classes early, she refuses to turn in her homework, and she studies everything but school subjects.”

“I want to expel her but Mr. Yang refuses. All the other students were also arguing against me. What’s the point of me teaching this class?”

The moment Qiao Qing was brought up, Liang Min began to talk non-stop and kept on scolding her. She didn’t at all notice Jiang Huixun’s darkening expression.

Only when she finished, did Jiang Huixun speak up, “You cannot judge a book by its cover. To be that girls’ teacher is a blessing for you. I suggest you stop your irrational behaviour and teach them until they graduate.”

Liang Min, “...”

After a long while of awe, she finally laughed dryly,” Ms. Jiang, are you joking? I’m not sure how you see surpass her appearance and observed her special qualities as a person. However... it’s my blessing to be able to teach her? It’s more like my bad luck! To tell me that student is a blessing is a humiliation!”

Though Liang Min respected Jiang Huixun, her tone was not gentle.

She straight up ignored her and turned to look at Yang Lianfeng.

“Mr. Yang, I don’t want to talk more. If you agree to expel Qiao Qing, I will continue to teach class 22. If not, then don’t even talk to me!”

“Ah, Ms. Liang, we can talk about this calmly.” Yang Lianfeng was doing his best to save this situation.

The students, upon seeing how firm Liang Min was being, were all flustered.

Just then, Jiang Huixun’s voice rose without much emotions, “Mr. Yang, do you want to partner up with me?”

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