The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - :Chapter 92 Did an Honor Student miss the Last Practice Exam?

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:Chapter 92 Did an Honor Student miss the Last Practice Exam?

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The two of them went out to eat dinner then returned to class for their night study session.

There weren’t many people who were calmly studying. Almost everyone was talking about the exam.

Jiang Yi left Qiao Nian’s seat and went to Lin Xiyan.

Intentionally or accidentally, he gave Qiao Qing a glare, then asked, “Lin Xiyan, did you finish the math exam?”

Lin Xiyan rubbed her swollen face. Without much enthusiasm, she said, “No. I completely guessed the last two multiple choices. For fill in the blanks, I wasn’t sure about three of them. Then, for long answers, I only answered part 1 for the last two questions.”

Jiang Yi sighed in relief upon hearing this.

After all, only Qiao Nian and Lin Xiyan were up to his intelligence level in this class.

After the exam, he questioned his life.

But after asking those two, he realized that he wasn’t the problem. It was that the exam questions were too hard.

Then, he asked again, “What about the other subjects? How did you do?”

Lin Xiyan shook her head, “Not well.”

The rock in Jiang Yi’s heart finally dropped. He said, “We all feel the same”. Then, he went back to his seat.

Luo Chen rolled his eyes at Jiang Yi. “Fake.”

Right after he vented, Yang Lianfeng entered the classroom and caused everyone to quiet down.

“How do you all feel? Do you feel like cursing your own mother?”

Yang Lianfeng’s words caused an explosive reaction. Everyone in the room began to groan and moan.

“Quiet.” Yang Lianfeng gestured for everyone to stop, “The English exams have been sent to the academic affairs office. As for the other ones, all of our teachers are rushing to mark them.”

“The school authorities have sent some tea and snacks to the teacher’s office so the teachers can work to get those done. If nothing out of the ordinary happens, you will get your scores tomorrow.”


Sharp inhales were heard from below.

The students’ reaction made Yang Lianfeng laugh. “Have you not heard of the saying, the earlier you die, the faster you can be reborn?”

Then, he thought that was inappropriate so he added, “Let’s just wait for the results first. You should go back to reviewing and comparing answers. Remember, don’t be too loud! All the school authorities are a little angry right now.”

Then, Yang Lianfeng went back to his office without another word.

When he returned, he looked at all the teachers who were working hard to mark the exams.

He picked up a cup of tea that was placed on the table and sipped it as he walked over to Zhang Dejun’s desk.

“Mr. Zhang, how are the math exams coming along?”

Zhang Dejun said, “Let’s not talk about it. I get to mark the last few exam centers’ tests. These people, other than guessing, left their exams blank. I’m basically drawing out ovals on top of these tests at this point. This is an easy job.”

Just then, he flipped to the next test paper and froze.

He chuckled, “Finally, someone who wrote something.”

“So what they wrote something?” Another teacher’s voice shot across the room.

“I have some average students’ test answers. They all wrote lots and lots but they barely got any marks from those responses.”

“Our bosses sure saw this coming. They sent us tea to help us calm our fury.”

However, her words received no response from Zhang Dejun.

After five to six minutes, the office became filled with Zhang Dejun’s extremely excited voice, “Did an honor student miss our last practice exam?”

Yang Lianfeng was playing on his phone. Upon hearing this, he turned around, “What do you mean?”

Zhang Dejun was shaking as he held onto the exam paper in his hand, “This student got everything right! Even the long answers! Not a single point was lost!”

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