The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 93: Mr. Yang, is there a Typo?

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Chapter 93: Mr. Yang, is there a Typo?

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All the teachers ditched their work in hand and came to look.

Even teachers who taught other subjects couldn’t help but go and peek.

Zhang Dejun stared at Yang Lianfeng, who was the first to get there, “Mr. Yang, look, it’s this student. Based on the exams I’ve been marking, she should’ve written in the last exam center.”

“Other than multiple choice, others basically scored 0 on all the other questions. But this kid scored perfect! This kid’s better than me! That’s why I ask if some honor student didn’t write our last practice exam.”

Yang Lianfeng pondered, “Nobody was missing from my class. On the overall ranking last time, I spotted Ye Fan and Qi Rui.”

Then, he looked over to the other teachers, “Did any of your kids miss the last exam?”

Everyone shook their heads.

“How strange.” Zhang Dejun looked down on the test again, “Could it be a black horse emerged?”

“Even if there’s a black horse, it shouldn’t be emerging from the low ranked students.” Someone chimed in, “There aren’t many of us here. Maybe some honor student from some other teacher’s class missed the last exam.”

Everyone agreed and nodded.

Someone, however, was impatient. “Just peel open the hidden part of the exam and see who the test belonged to!”

Yang Lianfeng gave him a look, “Mr. Mo, don’t kid around. There are regulations about this. If authorities find out, who should take responsibility for it?”

That teacher rubbed his nose and didn’t push. “Well, the results are out tomorrow. It’s the same to find out tomorrow.”

After that, everyone else returned to their seats.

The night quickly passed. By morning of the next morning, nobody had the ability to focus and were all staring at the door, waiting for the results.

The teachers were not any less nervous than the students.

Inside the classroom, literature, math, and English teachers were all sighing as they flipped through the exam solutions. Physics, chemistry, and biology teachers were all huddled together, and sighing at the grades.

Suddenly, someone howled, “Homeroom teachers! Go check your computer! The academy affairs office had sent the results!”

Zhang Dejun had spent a whole torturous night wondering over the student who scored perfect. Upon hearing this, he threw his work away and dashed his way to Yang Lianfeng.

Other than Jiang Huixun, all teachers who taught class 22 came over.

Among this group was Liang Min; for reasons none other than wanting to see how poorly Qiao Qing scored so she could get rid of this hatred building in her chest.

The hand Yang Lianfeng had on the mouse was quivering. He smiled bitterly, “Mr. Zhang, I feel weak”

He didn’t even have the courage to look through the literature answer sheets, let alone finding out how poorly everyone scored.

“Aye, you get cut whether you extend your head or retract your head. Why are you nervous? Let me do it!”

Just then, Zhang Dejun snatched over the mouse and clicked on the results.

Just then, a wave of astonished screams echoed throughout the office.

“Ye Fan, the rock solid number 1 from my class only got number 2 this time! Who scored number 1? Which class is the number 1 from?”

Upon hearing this, Yang Lianfeng and Zhang Dejun’s eyes went straight to the column in the sheet that displayed the ranking of the students.

When they saw “1st in class” and “1st in school”, Yang Liancheng cursed, “What the sh$t” and couldn’t help but to grab onto Zhang Dejun’s hand.

Ever since the results came out, Liang Min’s been searching from the bottom upwards. But after looking through the bottom 10 rows, she still couldn’t find Qiao Qing’s name.

She grew impatient and unsettled, “What happened?”

Zhang Dejun slapped away Yang Lianfeng’s hand, “Mr. Yang, you hand is too wet!”

Right after, he rubbed his eyes, “Mr. Yang, is there a typo with the 1st ranked student’s name?”

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