The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 96: A Hard Slap!

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Chapter 96: A Hard Slap!

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The physics teacher went next, “I am good at designing questions. Along with Mr. Lei and Mr. Qin, we spent three hours to come up with five questions. These definitely are harder than the practice exam. I am sorry.”

After the chemistry and biology teachers all said similar things, Liang Min could no longer contain her happiness.

She originally was worried the others would let her go easy, but now, she was relieved.

She handed the questions she designed with the other teachers to Qiao Qing.

When Qiao Qing got all her questions, Liang Min added, “She should have a time limit for answering these right? She shouldn’t take a whole day and a whole night and make us wait. We have our lives to live. Plus, exams have time limits.”

Yang Lianfeng gave his watch another look, “The teachers took three hours to come up with questions, extremely difficult ones at that, so we shouldn’t expect her to solve all of these within a short period of time. Let’s just set the time limit to be at three hours.”

“Since we had already asked the kid to do this, I’m sure nobody here would accept any result unless you see it with your own eyes. So, I ask everyone to stay as witnesses. I will, like I said before, pay for your meal.”

His words were logical. Nobody objected.

As Yang Lianfeng set the start time, Qiao Qing began to answer the questions while sitting at his desk.

It was boring to supervise, but worried that Qiao Qing would have other tricks up her sleeves, Liang Min stared at her the entire time.

She observed that Qiao Qing basically would only scan over the questions, then without pausing to think, she would begin to write the answers. She did the same with all the subjects.

When it was her turn for the English questions, she wrote so fast Liang Min couldn’t even read what answers she came up with.

Before she could comprehend what had happened, Qiao Qing had ditched her pen, “I’m done.”

All the teachers couldn’t help but look over to the watch. When they saw the time, they all gasped.

Only 26 minutes had passed!

As a team, they spent 3 hours designing questions and she completed them under 30 minutes?

That meant she averaged less than a minute per question!

All the teachers went up to her to compare her answers to the solutions.

Liang Min’s face was on the verge of collapsing. “Speed doesn’t matter! The answers need to be correct!”

When she took over the English answers, her face froze.

After scanning over Qiao Qing’s answers, Liang Min had a look of disbelief. Her hands and feet once again felt cold, “How’s this possible?”

Yang Lianfeng realized right away that Qiao Qing scored perfect again.

He sighed in relief and looked over to Qiao Qing while deep in thought.

After all, these were freshly cooked questions so everyone was familiar with the solutions.

The answers were soon marked and all the teachers ended up looking at Qiao Qing in awe. It was like they were looking at a monster.

“I’m finding it hard not to curse. This is the incapable-good-for-nothing girl that everyone in this city talks about? Her IQ is probably higher than her father’s!” Zhang Dejun said.

“I originally thought Ye Fan from my class was a genius. Now that these two have been compared, I realize what a real genius is. Mr. Yang, I’m starting to get jealous of you. What do I do?” Zou Haiyan’s voice was sour.

Yang Lianfeng straightened his back. He now finally understood what Jiang Huixun meant when she said he was “lucky”.

He had good luck? His luck was heaven-defying!

All the teachers then posed their question, “If she’s so smart, why did she purposely score poorly in the past?”

This statement once again ignited Liang Min, “Exactly! She’s not an idiot yet she pretended to be one! Why did you stop faking it now? You think it’s funny to play your teachers?!”

Before Qiao Qing could react, Jiang Huixun’s face dropped.

“Liang Min, enough is enough. I know that this isn’t the first time you gave this kid a hard time. If it weren’t for you humiliating her mother publicly during the last parent-teacher meeting, she wouldn’t have chosen to expose herself.”

“As a nearly 40 year-old woman, you nitpick Qiao Zibo’s daughter over everything she does just because you failed to get with him in the past. Aren’t you embarrassed of yourself?”

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