The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 97: You have Good Grades, you can be Impetuous

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Chapter 97: You have Good Grades, you can be Impetuous

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Jiang Huixun’s words acted like a bomb that exploded inside the office.

Qiao Qing couldn’t help but raise her eyebrows.

Liang Min’s face turned white immediately, “Ms. Jiang, you...”

“What about me? Aren’t I speaking the truth?” Jiang Huixun’s tone was harsh and demanding.

“Since we were student and teacher once, I tried to talk to you and I even warned you. However, you refused to listen to me and continued to give this kid a hard time. I’ve done my part – don’t blame me for blowing your cover.”

A female teacher screamed, “Oh my god! Ms. Liang had such a past? I cannot even imagine someone as tough as Ms. Liang pursuing someone herself!”

“Though I was never in the same class as Qiao Zibo when I was young, I was lucky enough to meet him once. He was handsome and expressed himself well as well. He was the God to so many girls. It doesn’t surprise me that Ms. Liang fancied him.”

They were all adults after all, and colleagues at that. Not many people were going to make a big fuss out of this and ruin their relationships. Many male teachers began to take Liang Min’s side.

“There’s nothing wrong with liking someone. But to keep the hatred inside and bully someone’s young daughter by abusing her position as a teacher is not something I can accept.”

Due to everyone’s position as a teacher, nobody answered to this statement. However, the way they all looked at Liang Min was a little reflective.

Her biggest secret had been revealed and she was being discussed by others. Liang Min felt she had been slapped in the face by someone and she wanted to find a hole to crawl into.

She glared at the teachers who made sarcastic comments towards her, took her purse, and left speechlessly.

“Ok, ok, ok, let’s end this discussion here.” The physics teacher tried to mend the awkward atmosphere and changed the subject, “Mr. Yang, congratulation!”

Everyone knew what he meant by this.

Now that Qiao Qing’s true skill level has been revealed, she had replaced Ye Fan and was now the top pick for getting the highest score on the university entrance exam.

With her genius IQ, it will be a piece of cake to get into the University of Capital City.

Such an unbeatable student... as long as she takes the exams seriously, she will for sure shine.

What the homeroom teacher of the best students gets was more than just a big bonus. There would be a chance at promotion and endless glory.

Yang Lianfeng felt lightheaded upon hearing this. However, he had to be calm.

Lifting the corner of his lips, he coughed and looked over to Qiao Qing, “Are you still going to hide your real capability when it’s time for the entrance exams?”

Qiao Qing answered, “I’m going to UCC*, so I won’t.”

After she made this promise, the suspended heart in Yang Lianfeng’s body finally dropped back down.

“Hey, hey, good students are always confident! Others say they want to go to UCC, but she straight up said she’s going to UCC.”

“Ah, I’m so salty. I didn’t’ even get to teach my bastard students all morning. I won’t ask for pain here. I’m leaving and posting those grades.”

One teacher grabbed the freshly printed lists of grades and left the office.

With him in the lead, everyone else went back to class or went home.

Yang Lianfeng smiled as he watched this. Suddenly, he remembered something and took out Qiao Qing’s answer sheet for the literature exam.

He frowned, and with a tone like he had been insanely wronged, he whined, “Qingqing, do you have objections towards me?”

Qiao Qing shook her head, “No.”

“Then why didn’t you write the essay? If you did, then you would’ve scored above 700 points and you’d be leading the second placer by a landslide.”

Qiao Qing responded with a, “I didn’t want to.”

Yang Lianfeng, “...”

Alright, you have good grades, you can be impetuous.

In order to get Qiao Qing out of the habit of not writing essays, Yang Lianfeng thought about it and threatened, “This exam is only written within our school, so you were only compared to students from here. When it’s time for the entrance exams, that won’t be the case.”

“Su Qi from the Eighth High School and Si Yu from Nan Ying high school are all competing for first place...”

*UCC – University of Capital City

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