The Anarchic Consort - Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: Having Her as a Disciple

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A slight breeze ruffled the man’s hair, displaying those dim yet there was a glint in them that made it all the more intimidating.

The eunuchs shivered as they felt a chill running down their spines!

[My lord we’re begging you, please stop smiling, it’s not like your normal behaviour.]

[Who in the world offended you, call her out, we promise we won’t bash her to death!]

And right now Tu Lao was standing outside of the palace with his hands behind his back, hastily pacing back and forth, until the Elder came out from the palace. Tu Lao’s eyes glimmered, quickly went up to him, “Grandmaster, you finally came out.”

“Oh it’s you, Tu Lao.” The Grandmaster was also the esteemed Grand Advisor, other than being friendly and amiable towards this friend of his, he was still an almighty figure in the eyes of others. “”How was the Armament Master Assembly?”

Hearing the Elder’s question, Tu Lao remembered the scene at the Phoenix Loft, his aged face excited and flushed. “Truth be told, this old man here found an extraordinary genius during the assembly!”

“Oh? There’s such a thing?” the Grandmaster laughed, not taking it seriously. “The pupil you accepted, Murong Chang Feng, his talent is also pretty good, if you accept another disciple, your life would be perfect, not like me, I’m still alone with no disciple.”

Tu Lao waved his hand “Grandmaster don’t tease me anymore, in the Dragon War Empire, who doesn’t know that you have a ridiculously high standard, if you would lower your standards, your door would be broken by the amount of people knocking on your door who wants to be your pupil.”

The Grandmaster smiled, yet in his heart wasn’t smiling.

He was just showing courtesy, a pupil like Murong Chang Feng, in his eyes was nothing.

It’s just…

Who said that if he lowered his standard, his door would be broken?

Every single day…He came knocking on that person’s door, and yet that punk had no signs of wanting to be his disciple!

Gnashing his teeth….. the more he thought about it, the more he wanted to cry!

“No, no! That’s not what I wanted to say!” Tu Lau suddenly remembered the reason he came here for, as he pulled out a black cloth, his voice trembling “That girl used less than an hour to assemble this weapon, compared to her, the difference between my disciple and her is simply heaven and earth!”

The Grandmaster only saw a flash of light passed his eyes, then when his gaze finally rested on the shining weapon, he quickly grabbed the whip, and stared at Tu Lao with wide eyes: “The person you mentioned, where is she now?!”

“I also do not know her whereabouts!” Tu Lao had never seen the Grandmaster made this expression before, he gulped and continue to say “When I got there, she already took the money and left.”

This didn’t dampen the Grandmaster’s excitement “What’s her name? Where did she come from?”

When Tu Lao heard his question, he hit his head with his palm. “Ah! I was in a rush, and even forgot to ask her name!” Tu Lao sighed heavily.

The Grandmaster was stunned, as he bitterly smiled while shaking his head,” Tu Lao, how can you be this stupid at the most important moment!”

Even without his old friend reminding him, he was also very regretful that he felt like dying, using his fist to repeatedly hitting his palm, while pacing around the palace.

The Grandmaster’s eyes drooped down, it was not known whether was he saying something to Tu Lao, or he was just talking to himself. “Nine Tunes Silver Snake, other than that punk who can make it, it’s very rare for someone to have such a meticulous mind anymore, this old man here really wants to meet this young brat, and ask her to be my disciple…..”


Tu Lao abruptly looked up and gawked at his best friend!

Who was the Grandmaster?

The most respected Grand Advisor in the Dragon War Empire, any armament that he made, was more precious than any gold or silver, it was what any cultivator dreamt of obtaining.

And yet, he was unconstrained, usually no one knew his whereabouts, even the Emperor can’t do anything to him.

Hordes of people wanted the Grandmaster to be their master, anyone from regular citizens to prestigious prodigies from noble clans, not one didn’t bring luxurious gift, trying to garner his favour.

Yet, they couldn’t even see him in person.

It was just five years ago, he even said “In his whole life, he would only have one disciple, and that’s Baili Jia Jue!”

Unfortunately after that, the third prince lost his profound qi, even though he still had the aura, but’s just for show, naturally Baili Jia Jue didn’t have the life to become the Grandmaster’s disciple….

And now he said that he wanted to accept a disciple again!

I wonder if the news went out, will it shock the whole capital…


Helian Wei Wei took a deep breath, feeling the energy flowing in her meridians, from the dantian to her limbs, she didn’t even do anything,when suddenly, a formless jet black gas just smashed into the rock that was by the riverside into dust!

“Woman, the poison in your body is all cleared!” Yuan Ming smiled evilly “Later I will unseal all the meridians that have been blocked, the pain would be a hundred times more painful than this, are you sure you can withstand it?” Saying until here he hesitated, licked his lips ” You know you can choose the second way, if you are willing to give me your soul, you don’t need to do anything, and I will fulfill all your dreams, why do you need to suffer….”

Helian Wei Wei rolled up her sleeves, her pristine forehead had a sheen with a thin layer of sweat, she smirked ” Yuan Ming put away your ruffian tone, I told you I’m not that stupid, I will never sell my soul out, anyway….the most important thing is, I have to personally return what they have done to me, and it’s the best feeling ever!”

Yuan Ming was stunned, suddenly smiled, “Woman, you’re very interesting.”

He has met several humans, not many people can withstand his temptation, and they all become his delicious food.

Yet this woman…Hehe, she’s worth awhile to watch.

“Since you have decided, then I’ll start unblocking your meridians now.” Yuan Ming curved up his lips. “Though I wasn’t lying about the pain.”

As soon as he finished his sentence, Helian Wei Wei felt as if all her muscles were like sliced by a sharp knife, she could feel the coldness in her whole body, the pain made her lips lose it’s color.

And despite the excruciating pain, she didn’t tell Yuan Ming to stop, but clenched her fists tightly, as she scrunched up her face, bearing with it all!

Until finally when the torment had passed, she felt waves of warmth. One layer after another layer enveloped her, and this made her feel very comfortable, it was like her whole body was submerged in a huge warm bathtub, it was so comfortable that she relaxed…

“My Master, congratulations, you’ve succeeded!”

This was the first sentence she heard after her whole body had been tampered. She could sense endless power circulating throughout her body, it was complicated and yet it was simply improving her body every moment, it was an intricate yet rejuvenating process..

A golden light glimmered around her body, she looks like a star about to burst with life, emitting a blinding light.

All this, other than herself, no one was able to see it….

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