The Anarchic Consort - Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Ghost Highness’s Interest

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Because the place where Helian Wei Wei was currently cultivating in, was the very gift that Yuan Ming gave her when they first met…..the Celestial Boundary Spatial Space!

In here, it wasn’t noisy at all. It was all surreal, just the peaceful sound of the river flowing and the slight breeze blowing against the luscious green grass.

For cultivators, the surroundings were very imperative, training at the Celestial Boundary Spatial Space was a lot better than training at the high mountains, and it was much faster at increasing her Qi!

There was a saying that Spiritual Energy nourishes Qi.

Naturally Helian Wei Wei noticed it, squinted her eyes and contemplated for awhile, then she planted a dying strawberry seedling in the ground….

Actually she was just experimenting, but then what she saw next, astonished her!

She saw the wilting seedling was recovering absurdly, as if the seedling was absorbing something very nutritious as its weak tender green stems started growing out and spreading open it’s leaves, moreover the plant even grew some small white flowers…

Even Yuan Ming who was standing at the side was also bewildered, though the space belonged to him, he didn’t know that the space had properties like this! He only knew that it could benefit the people who trained in here. This new discovery that the space could also work with plants…. holy sh*t, now fruits are growing!

Yuan Ming blinked a few times, those white furry ears on top of his head twitched. “There’s so much strawberries.”

Helian Wei Wei squinted her eyes, rubbing her chin for quite some time, as if she thought of something marvelous, her eyes gleamed so brightly that it scared people!

Yuan Ming shuddered, didn’t even have time to rub his arms, Helian Wei Wei already took out a silver teal, and planted it in the ground…She literally just planted it in the ground!!

Yuan Ming widened his silver eyes, what the hell was this woman doing!

Helian Wei Wei didn’t say anything, her eyes staring intently at the spot where she buried the money…

A minute passed by, two minute passed by, three…not even three minutes, Helian Wei Wei unhappily said “So it can’t grow money, this space is not so special after all.”

Yuan Ming was speechless, please tell me, who uses the Celestial Boundary Spatial Space to plant money!

“Though the strawberry tastes pretty good.” Wei Wei picked a strawberry and ate it, while she threw another at Yuan Ming.

Yuan Ming didn’t argue with her about the way she fed him as if he was a dog, his white ears twitched, caught the strawberry with his mouth naturally, as he savoured the sweet flavour of the fresh strawberry inside his mouth….

“These strawberries seems to be different from the ones that are from outside!” Helian Wei Wei’s eyes glittered, as she nimbly picked another strawberry, noticing there’s a spiritual air around the strawberry, there is no question that it’s a benefit for cultivators!

So to say, the fruits that are grown here, are actually unique, it’s existences are like Snow Lotus.

With them, even if she goes to the White Academy, and even if it was inconvenient to train in the Celestial Boundary Spatial Space, she could still train with half the amount of effort!


At the same time at another location where layers of rose grew on top of the whole palace, looking at it, it looked like the old castles in the seventeenth century.

Underneath all of those layers of roses, were low-key luxury silver carved stone pillars, the pillars were placed strategically at the four directions – north, south, east, and west. As if supporting the whole palace.

At the main seat in the palace, a man was leisurely lying on his side, dressed in a luxurious black robe which was loosely tied, with long black hair, the shade of black as if the darkness of the night was imbued as they fell casually to his side and his contrasting ivory fair skin with defined features. His long fingers covered with black sleeves, only showing an inch of his porcelain skin, making anyone can’t help but want to look more.

He seems to be asleep from his posture, one of his hand lazily supporting his head, one of his hand just resting on the armrest, with his phoenix eyes closed, he looks very indifferent. When a black shadow suddenly appeared in the room, he opened his eyes, there was a glint in them and it was as if he could see through everything in the world.

“Your Highness, the High Priest has just came out from closed meditation. After hearing what happened between you and Miss Helian, he’s very…..” can’t seem to find a word to describe it, Shadow changed the subject “He’s walking in this direction right now.”

The man squinted his cat like eyes, emitting a dangerous aura ” Hah, the matter between her and this Lord? What can happen between this Lord and her?”

Shadow seem to think his master forgot, respectfully replied: “Last time, when Your Highness passed by the General’s residence, and came to Miss Helian’s rescue.”

“Rescue?” The man stretched out his last word, the coldness in the man’s eyes hit straight at Shadow “Are you reminding this Lord about the fact a girl dallianced me?”

Shadow’s whole body stiffened, painfuly gulped “Subordinate…..Subordinate…”

“Ah Jue, your bullying our young Shadow again, you shouldn’t do that.”

Suddenly, the palace door swung open, and a man wearing a bright red robe strode in. his lips curved into a bright smile, above the pristine fox fur neckline, was a face that could captivate any living thing, the blood red robe worn on his figure wasn’t flashy, but made his whole figure even more alluring.

He looked at Baili Jia Jue, teasingly said: “I’ve heard that you’ve found an interesting kitten?”

Baili Jia Jue lazily raised his head, with no change of facial expression, turned the black jade ring on his finger, coldly ordered the servants “Go prepare hot water.”

“Yes!” Shadow lowered his head and accepted the order, in a few moments, a thick layer of steam was floating around in the palace.

The dissipated and unrestrained man didn’t give up on the subject about ‘Kitten’, his lips curved up, randomly put his arm around Baili Jia Jue’s shoulder “I’ve also heard that the little kitten took advantage of you?”

Hearing this, Shadow sucked in a breath, not for any other reason, but for the recklessness of this man!

Baili Jia Jue coldly smiled and pushed away his hand, took a napkin and wiped the place where the man touched, his lips curved into an arc “Nangong Lie, do you not want to keep your arm anymore?”

“Hey, don’t act rash, as the High Priest, I have to worry about the Prince’s love life!” Nangong Lie took a step back, raised both of his hands showing his innocence.

He looked at Baili Jia Jue’s handsome face, also the robe’s elegant neckline that had designs that were very low-key …..

The man in front of his eyes, was like finely carved jade, most of the time his expression was of indifference, even when he lost his Qi. Yet he still has this influential aura like it’s has been with him since he was born, he still could oppress the other Princes.

Baili Jia Jue, truly a man born for the darkness.

Even he couldn’t tell what his capabilities are, moreover, till now he wasn’t able to ascertain if Baili Jia Jue really lost his Qi…

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