The Anarchic Consort - Chapter 1243 - His Highness Meets (2)

Chapter 1243: His Highness Meets (2)

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“Amitabha.” When the eminent monk saw that the man had left, he stood up and pushed the teacup beside him. As the teacup spun, a Buddha’s head the size of a pearl rose from the wooden table. “Ever since the Purple Jade Buddha entered the world, he could not avoid the disturbances. In order to avoid this calamity, I have spread the religion all over the world. Now that I am old and will pass away soon, I should have given this mission to someone with Buddhist affinity, but now it seems that I won’t be able to hold on until that time. Since he has his eyes on me, it should be difficult for me to escape. The young benefactor’s morality is also suitable for this Buddha’s head.”

As he spoke, the eminent monk handed the Purple Jade to Bai Zhun. He put his palms together and chanted, “Amitabha.” After that, he did not speak anymore and sat there meditating.

The value of the Purple Jade Buddha’s head was very high.

Vice Commander Zhang had prepared a large sum of money, but to his surprise, the young master had already gotten what he wanted the moment he entered with the small suitcase.

Bai Zhun glanced at him and said indifferently, “Let’s go. Don’t disturb the eminent monk’s rest.”

Vice Commander Zhang lifted the suitcase and asked, “What about this money?”

“I don’t need it anymore.” Bai Zhun was the first to walk out of the courtyard. His nasal voice was still very strong, and even his head was a little heavy. Every joint of his was aching because of a bad cold.

Haven gotten into the car, the road ahead was still blocked.

Bai Zhun put the Buddha’s head on his wrist. He glanced at Chauffeur Li who was sitting in front and seemed to have thought of something. He asked, “I haven’t passed the car since I entered?”

“Yes,” Chauffeur Li said as he turned the steering wheel. “Young master, don’t be anxious. The road is indeed difficult today. I think it will take some time for us to get out of this road.”

Bai Zhun lowered his eyes and didn’t say anything. He just reached out and pressed on the space between his eyebrows.

How did that man come?

How did he disappear?

“Young master, what’s wrong? Are you not feeling well?” Vice commander Zhang asked from the side.

Bai Zhun put on his mask and looked out of the window. “No, let’s go back as soon as possible.”

“Yes.” Vice Commander Zhang closed the car door.

They didn’t know that on the mountain peak above their heads, a man wearing a black suit was playing with the single rose in his hand. He was looking down at the traffic that was congested into a dragon. The corners of his mouth curved into a devilish arc.

That man wasn’t anyone else. It was precisely what Bai Zhun saw in the high monk’s room. It was also the Devil’s three palaces, Baili Jiajue.

Behind him seemed to be churning countless clouds. What was hidden in those clouds, no one could see clearly.

Only beside his voice, an ancient divine beast, Huo Qilin, that was similar to a lion but was three times bigger than the lion’s head, was swinging its tail. Its mouth opened and closed, “Master, is the Purple Jade Buddha’s head going to be given to this human just like that?”

It was not just something that fell from Mount Tianmi.

When the true Buddha appeared in the human world, he had shone the Buddha’s light on this Purple Jade, which was how the Buddha’s head came into being.

Ever since she sent the little master away, the princess had been looking for this Buddha’s head.

Master wanted to snatch the Buddha’s head from the princess and give her a surprise.

After all, with it, the little master wouldn’t have to wait until the year of reincarnation to return home.

As long as he wore the Buddha’s head, he should be able to live safely with the little master and the others.

Although the little master would be filming outside for a long period of time to earn money to support his family.

But for the past few days, he didn’t know what was going on.

The little master seemed to have a grudge with someone. He tortured some restless demons in the Devil World several times. He wanted to get close to the little master, but he was afraid that the Devil’s aura on his body would be too strong.

In the end, he sat on the stone steps and pressed his phone to deflate. He didn’t know who he was sending wechat messages to.

It was hard on his manager. Recently, he couldn’t wait to knock on the door of his master’s office every day.

Now, he finally found this Buddha’s head.

How could master give up just like that?

This wasn’t like his usual unreasonable style at all!

“His surname is Bai.” Baili Jiajue withdrew his gaze, as if he saw through the thoughts of the Huo Qilin, and looked over with a gaze.

The Huo Qilin seemed to tremble, and then began to work hard to reduce his own sense of existence.

Baili Jiajue continued to speak, “I have always hated the sight of Shi Jia and me. That bit of Buddha’s light that he left behind, in my hands, will only be damaged. Since this child’s surname is Bai, then the Buddha’s head will always be in AJIU’s hands. Wait until he sends the Purple Jade out, then we’ll go to the courtyard…”

When Baili Jiajue said this, he crushed the flower petal in his hand. The floating cloud also began to churn in all directions. “Take Ajiu home.”

The last five words echoed in the valley in a low and deep voice. No one could hear what he said.

Large patches of black feathers flew up and wrapped the man and the Divine Beast together in the center. In the blink of an eye, that was already empty, without any shadow.

Twelve o’clock.

It was also noon, and Bai Zhun’s place had just been cleared.

But in the city’s school, it was the most lively time for the students.

Ajiu originally wanted to go to class, but with a large dog, not to mention the classroom, even the usual shopping malls were not allowed in.

But she could drag it around outside the school.

However, she didn’t know if it was her illusion.

She always felt that the large dog she saw today was much more well-behaved than the day she saw it in the snow. Especially when second brother looked over, little ala’s neck would shrink a little. It was really well-behaved.

Ajiu stretched out her hand and touched the big head of Alaska. The white cat was still on the top of her head.

Helian Qingchen was afraid that his sister would be tired, so he said with a faint smile, “Give me the rope.”

“Okay.” Ajiu thought for a while and added, “But second brother, you have to watch Little Ala. it has a bad temper and likes to bite people.”

Helian Qingchen smiled, “Bad temper?”

“Awoo!” Alaska immediately put away its claws and walked beside Helian Qingchen like a cat. It looked like it wanted to be obedient.

Seeing this, Ajiu felt that her second brother was simply powerful to a certain extent.

She and her big brother both relied on their martial strength to win.

For example, when she first met Little Ala, she directly displayed the imposing manner of wanting to tame a beast and pounced towards Little Ala.

Gu Cheng should not be able to see it, but she was indeed relying on her martial strength to crush Little Ala.

Unlike second brother, who didn’t seem to need to do anything and only had the ability to tame beasts..

“Second Brother didn’t ask you yesterday.” Helian Qingchen stopped and looked at Ajiu with a smile. “Why don’t you want to go back to the Bai family today?”

Ajiu was just about to speak when a familiar smile came from behind her. “Ajiu!”

It was Gu Rou. Behind her were her two sisters. They seemed to have been meticulously dressed up. Their faces were covered with makeup, and they looked very youthful..