The Anarchic Consort - Chapter 1374 - Xiao Qi, It’s Me, Your Third Sister-in-law

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Chapter 1374: Xiao Qi, It’s Me, Your Third Sister-in-law

The Japanese Yin Yang master was unable to move. His entire body froze on the spot. He looked at the evil spirits who were supposed to be under his command. They turned their heads and looked at him.

The Japanese Yin Yang master was so scared that his face turned pale. He kept begging for mercy, “No, don’t come over!”

However, it was too late.

A group of evil spirits surged over, even his soul wasn’t left behind.

Previously he ridiculed the fact that there was no one on this piece of land, now he was torn into pieces.

His wooden dolls became a pile of debris the moment Baili Jiajue approached them.

The Japanese Yin Yang Master thought that he was invincible in the world. Before he died, he only regretted that his idea of wanted something from this ancient tomb. However, all of this was too late.

The pain spread to his entire body, and even his spirit was completely devoured.

He was suffering the consequences of all the bad things he had done previously.

When Bai Zhun and the others arrived, they saw this scene. He did not look at the ghosts. Instead, he pulled Ajiu into his arms, and his trembling fingers turned into a thousand words, his voice was still hoarse. “Everyone, listen up. Enter the cave and rescue the hostages.”

Bai Zhun had always been so righteous.

The decision he made was not wrong.

No matter how handsome a Highness was, it was not suitable for him to go rescue the hostages.

Who knows, he might even want to kill whoever he saw enter the tomb.

After all, in his heart, there had never been anyone else.

Now that Bai Zhun had come, he gave up on the idea of exterminating everyone. He lifted his eyelids and looked at the violent sky-devouring not far away. With a flash, he disappeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

Little Yama was still sitting on the rock, with a mischievous smile on his face. The matter was basically settled with the Bai family and the Great Devil.

His mission of taking a look was considered completed. In this case, he could withdraw in a while. It’s just that he didn’t know how much consciousness sky-devouring beast had at this moment…

Helian Weiwei was still on sky-devouring beast’s back within the clouds.

At this moment, sky-devouring beast was completely different from when it was carrying Little Ajiu. Its eyes were filled with murderous intent.

It slapped its claws and knocked down trees one after another. It was about to head towards the mausoleum.

From a certain perspective, sky-devouring was indeed a divine beast guarding the tomb.

Anyone who approached the master’s tomb, it would let them know that this path was impassable, and death was the only option!

In sky-devouring’s eyes, there was no distinction between Chinese and Japanese. The sound of gunfire was the trigger, and the Yin Yang Master’s curse made it lose its clarity completely.

Right now, it only had one thought in its mind — it wanted to kill all the humans that got close to the tomb!

Initially, Poison Fang and the others were able to hold the fire, but after the hundred ghosts retreated, every single member of the ghost organization was better than them in terms of gun skills.

More than half of the people around them had died. Poison Fang even wanted everyone to return to the tomb and take a few hostages!

What they didn’t expect was the escape route had been blocked.

They recognized the clothes of the Huaxia soldiers.

The problem troops and the ghost organization had formed an encirclement, forcing Poison Fang and the others to surrender.

Without the assault of gunfire, Helian Weiwei was finally able to free her hands and stop sky-devouring.

Just like Ajiu, Helian Weiwei did not want sky-devouring to get hurt.

But it was obvious that sky-devouring could no longer control itself. It shook its head and wanted to throw Helian Weiwei away.

Helian Weiwei propped up her arms and turned around handsomely. With this turn, she stood in front of sky-devouring. The northern wind blew at her clothes and fluttered in the wind. She did not dodge when she faced sky-devouring’s claws. Her eyes were as clear as a spring and her voice was not loud, however, every word was heard. “Xiao Qi it’s me, your third sister-in-law.”

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