The Anarchic Consort - Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Rebirth

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What made Helian Wei Wei want to cry was that there were no historical records of this world she knew of…it was totally foreign to her… from the memories that invaded her mind, she learned that she was now in The War Dragon Empire!

And this body that she now resided in, held a prestigious name, as the Eldest Miss of one of the Great Four War Dragon Empire Family clans. With such a powerful background, one should be able to strut around with her head held high.

However, after the death of her grandfather, her father took a concubine as his second wife, forgetting the promise he made when he married into the Helian family. He had sworn an oath and promised that no one would ever replace her mother’s place, or he would be struck by lightning.

The concubine had tearfully told everyone that Helian Wei Wei’s mother was too domineering and she could not tolerate her. But later that year, her mother’s illness took a turn for the worse and she was unable to leave her bed. Finally, depression took hold of her and she passed away.

And thus, generations of the Helian family empire fell into the hands of an outsider.

She, the rightful heir of the family was too young to tell good and evil apart, let alone having the wisdom to see the deception that lay within the household.

She felt that the concubine had her interests at heart because she never hit nor scolded her. Not knowing the most insidious plan of all……was to kill her!

After the concubine took over the household, she brought Helian Wei Wei up to become an arrogant and witless lady. Wei Wei got into trouble all the time, but the concubine never intervened. Finally, anyone who took one look at her, were only ever disgusted by her temper and her hateful face. They said that she was not worthy to be the heir and that she sought something that she was not worthy of.

Wei Wei’s marriage plans were in jeopardy because everyone believed that she bullied her younger half sister Helian Jiao Er who now may be married before her.

That scheming couple! Both her father and that cheap Mistress, what a show they had both!

If it weren’t for her vicious stepmother and half sister, she would have not lost her standing in society and become a despised lovestruck good-for-nothing person.

Lovestruck? Good-for-nothing? This was not who she was.

“I’m fine.” said Helian Wei Wei as she held onto the elderly woman, the sound of her voice concealed her true feelings. Over the years, she had learned to quickly calm her thoughts wherever she was, and assess the situation at hand.

Even though the power of the Helian family was in the hands of an outsider, her father had spared Wei Wei’s life. He had to keep up the pretense of a court minister from a prestigious family, and not be known as ungrateful and ruthless one who would not even spare his own flesh and blood.

On the contrary, because he was a hypocrite, he had to watch his actions and could not overstep the boundaries. Wei Wei knew that in a household where she held no power, she brought shame to her family name. Hence, many chose to be on her younger half sister Helian Jiao Er’s side.

She didn’t even have the right to attend family functions.

How ridiculous, considering she was the only living heir of the Helian family! If she weren’t the heir, she would have killed herself ages ago. Wei Wei truly had no one she could count on.

It seems, her situation was indeed quite precarious…

Pursing her lips, Wei Wei’s eyes narrowed as she analysed her current situation. She was a good-for-nothing with no one she could trust, with her stepmother and half sister’s watchful eyes on her all the time, this was really a pickle she was in.

“Since Young Miss is alright, then you should get up quickly. We have honoured guests in the house, if those rich young heirs saw the state you are in, your reputation would be …”

Mei Gu’s words was interrupted by sounds of footsteps nearby and Helian Jiao Er cried out “I remember the jade was still on my hand when I left, how could it be missing now?”

“Sister, do not worry, when we left, the good-for-nothing was still here. Now that the jade is missing, she must have taken it. Let’s go and confront her now, we can’t have her bullying you all the time.” said Helian Mei. She turned around, with a group of ladies from influential families following her in her stride as they walked towards the pond, staring fiercely at Helian Wei Wei. If it weren’t for the servants who reported back, she would not have known that the good-for-nothing was so blessed with life, that she couldn’t even drown!

All the ladies looked at Helian Wei Wei dripping from head to toe, they covered their smirks with their fans and asked mockingly “What’s the matter Wei Wei? Even if no one in the world wished to marry you, you didn’t need to try to take your life and make yourself so miserable.”

Even though she was ridiculed by the ladies, she did not make the slightest effort to get up. With her left leg slightly curved, she stretched out her hand to sweep her drenched long locks of hair behind her ears. An ordinary action, but made by her seemed almost arrogant with an indescribably dignified air to it. Staring firmly at Helian Jiao Er, she asked “Is this what you want?”

“Elder sis, I don’t know what you mean. I only came here to look for my jade.” said Helian Jiao Er pitifully, biting at her lips, eyes brimming full of tears.

Helian Wei Wei felt a burst of sneer through her heart. What a master actress she was, everyone knew that in ancient times, chaste was more important than your life.

For her failed betrothment, Helian Wei Wei had already became the laughing stock of the Capital. Now that she’s wet through and surrounded by so many people, it will no doubt cause a commotion and the young heirs in the study will be disturbed.

Not only did Helian Jiao Er want to rob her of her marriage proposal, she wanted to destroy her life thoroughly!

Helian Jiao Er felt a burst of guilty conscience upon her elder sister’s questioning. However, she looked at Wei Wei with pitiful eyes and her voice holding back tears as she answered “Elder sister, you…you can vent your frustration, but…but why do you have to accuse me?” Helian Mei embraced Jiao Er as she burst into tears.

Helian Mei shouted angrily “This is so unjust, you think that you can bully us just because of your status, are you not afraid to suffer retribution from God?!”

The daughters of the distinguished families looked at Helian Wei Wei, their eyes are filled with disdain and disgust, as if they were looking down at the mud on their shoes that they couldn’t clean off.

Helian Wei Wei crossed her arms and pursed her lips, staring at the pair of sisters acting their hearts out. With her experience, this matter will not be resolved so easily.

Sure enough, just as the mummers around her were fading, Helian Jiao Er cried out “Elder Sister, what is that shiny thing on you?”

Instantly, Helian Mei shouted loudly, her voice filled with contempt, “Could it be the jade? See, I told you she took it. Helian Wei Wei, you knew the jade belongs to Second Sister, and yet you still took it and hid it, this is stealing! I’m going to slap you!” She rushed over to Helian Wei Wei immediately with her hands out ready to slap her. But before she reached Helian Wei Wei’s side, a crisp clap resounded splendidly and stopped her in her tracks!

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