The Anarchic Consort - Chapter 35

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Chapter 35: Master and Disciple

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Was she mistaken? That slut’s face seemed to be a little fairer?

Helian Mei was totally in a bad mood since the good-for-nothing had snatched away her limelight. A cold light passed over her eyes, “Don’t know how in the world that good-for-nothing was able to get someone’s teaching. She unexpectedly seems a bit different.”

“Don’t worry, Younger Sister.” Helian Jiao Er looked left and right, only when seeing no one around, did she clap her hand and said in a soft voice, “Older Sister already helped you arrange it. You and that good-for-nothing will be placed in the same group. Even if you don’t do anything, when test time comes later, you can still make her totally lose face. She actually can’t light the crystal ball at all.”

Thinking of this scene, the ends of Helian Mei’s mouth also lifted up, her eyes overflowed with poisonous thoughts…..

“Let the Qi testing officially begin!”

Right after these words were uttered, white haired grey elders and Murong Chang Feng stood up from their wooden chairs at the same time as their revered white gowns floated up.

The winds from all four directions also seemed stand still, permeating the air with a profoundness that made people unconsciously moderate their state of mind.

Something similar to a transparent cylinder rose upward from the middle of the arena, its body was entirely silver colored, dispersing gentle rays of light. Also, on top of it, a not very big nor small crystal sphere that was being supported was perched on it. The crystal sphere was unbelievably clear and transparent.

Everybody, as if they were faced with a physical examination, one by one went up on stage. They only needed to place their hand on top of the crystal sphere, awaken the power within their own bodies and pour that into it. The special material within the crystal would react in a way that corresponded to the person facing it. If the person’s attribute was metal, the sphere would change into a dazzling yellow color, but one was of a fire attribute, the crystal sphere would change into a fiery red sphere. Whether the attribute was at a high or low level would be decided by how intense the level of brightness emitted by the sphere was. The more intense the brightness was, the higher the corresponding qi level was. The darker the sphere was, the less the corresponding qi level was.

Helian Wei Wei looked at the crystal sphere that was at times bright and and at times dark, it emitted a brightness which radiated all around the surrounding areas. There was only one thought in her heart. When time came for her to leave White Academy, she’s got to to take this crystal sphere with her. A crystal sphere with more perfect facets would not be easy to come by.…..

Sitting at a distance not far away, Baili Jia Jue turned towards her direction and looked, those deep and profound eyes seemed to be able to see through anybody.

Helian Wei Wei didn’t care that he saw through her thoughts, the ends of her mouth curved upwards, the light in her eyes was sparkling.

Baili Jia Jue took note of her movements, his eyebrows lifted a bit, didn’t say anything, only leisurely turned and turned the teacup in his hand, thin lips a little contemplative…..

“Next group, Defense Division’s Helian Mei battles Helian Wei Wei!”

Murong Chang Feng’s chilly voice sounded out, neither too high nor too low, as if conducting some sacred event, only, it was obvious that the sound of his voice this time carried a faint trace of disdain.

Helian Wei Wei stood up from her own seat, leisurely smoothed out her left sleeve, expression indifferent, lazily stretched her waist.

Everybody’s gaze once again swung over, they looked at the sole person possessing Helian clan’s bloodline, this willful girl without a shred of qi. Their eyes were filled with derision.

Helian Mei turned all around and laughed, on her face was a complacency that was difficult to hide, waited until she arrived in front of Wei Wei and coldly laughed, “Slut, you didn’t turn stupid looking at Lord Murong again, did you? I urge you to stop daydreaming. Do you know who is the Grandmaster up there?”

Wei Wei glanced at the old one standing by the crystal sphere. It was very obvious that she was not very interested in the topic Helian Mei brought up.

Helian Mei couldn’t stand this attitude of hers and looked condescendingly, “He is actually Dragon War Empire’s most outstanding Grandmaster. He has a strength that you have no way to attain even if you drain all of your life. However, this kind of person actually treats Second Sister differently. It’s simply laughable that you still want to compare with Second Sister in vain!”

Wei Wei’s finger paused a bit.

This slight movement of course didn’t escape Helian Mei’s notice, she lifted her chin, her voice triumphantly said, “Aah, so you know how to be afraid now. Allegedly, that Grandmaster usually hides his identity very carefully and has never showed himself easily. This time he must’ve appeared because of Second Sister. Hey, hey, you don’t need to use this kind of gaze on me. You probably haven’t even had a chance to glimpse at this Grandmaster before.”

Wei Wei didn’t speak and only lifted her eyes to glance at the old one looking at her. The ends of her mouth curved slightly upwards. What, should she tell Helian Mei, the Grandmaster that Helian Mei said she wouldn’t even have had a chance to glimpse before, actually is her own Master…

Helian Mei saw Wei Wei’s head lower and grew even more satisfied in her heart. It turned out that there were still times when this girl can get scared. Then it’s all the better!

It’s just that she didn’t get to see the smile on Wei Wei’s lowered face. The curve of her smile was expanding, it contained derision, pointlessness, profoundness, not the least bit of caring; the only thing it didn’t contain was fear.

At this time, the two of them already arrived beside the crystal sphere. Helian Mei accepted it first with a mocking face. She turned towards two elders and smiled very innocently as she bowed most politely, “Greetings to the two elders.”

Compared to Helian Mei, Helian Wei Wei obviously was absentminded and a bit casual.

Grandmaster almost foamed at the mouth, appearing aggrieved. He had thought that his good disciple would be so very happy to see him appear here that she would jump for joy and embrace him, making others jealous to death!

But how could Disciple… could she be so coldly indifferent.

Could it be that she didn’t like his coming over personally to see her take the test?

That could be it. This disciple of his had consistently been low key and even warned him previously to not reveal their master and disciple relationship.

Ai… really wasn’t easy to accept a disciple, yet they couldn’t acknowledge one another.

“Cough!” Wei Wei placed her hand beside her mouth and ignored the old one’s bitter gaze as much as possible as she said indifferently, “Before the test, I would like to speak a few words with Grandmaster privately.”

Very obviously, Murong Chang Feng didn’t expect that Wei Wei would make this kind of request. After a slight daze, his eyes filled up with disgust.

Everybody followed in turning down the corners of their mouth in disdain due to Wei Wei’s current action, which in their eyes undoubtedly was an attempt to fawn over someone again. They saw her gaze and became even more disdainful. Heh, just wait until this good-for-nothing to make a fool of herself. One should know that this person, Grandmaster, had a very strange temper. In his belief, there’s no concept of doting on the younger generation, and despised the most this kind of total kiss up. Watch how Grandmaster was going to deal with her in a while!

Sitting on a wood chair, Baili Jia Jue, changed his posture slightly; the fingers which propped up his chin started to tap his chin while his eyes looked up slightly, and seemed like he finally became aware of something. Within his eyes streaked an unknown light…..

Murong Chang Feng, who looked like he didn’t even want to say anything to Wei Wei, furrowed his thick brows and was going to open his mouth.

Then he heard the Grandmaster’s deep voice, “Alright.”

One word blocked all of Murong Chang Feng’s words. However, the Grandmaster’s expression was so unsightly that it must be due to the anger that’s coming at the good-for-nothing.

Murong Chang Feng again was glad that he broke the engagement.

Because this kind of ingratiating girl, who anyone would want to get rid of after meeting, really didn’t deserve him!

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