The Anarchic Consort - Chapter 39

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Chapter 39: Expel From the Academy

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Yet Helian Wei Wei only laughed lightly, the depths of her eyes slowly caught her foot playing with a blade of Silver Grass.

Yuan Ming exclaimed, “These two younger sisters of yours were stupid for trying to harm you with a poisonous bee, so they received an eye for an eye. This Lord could be considered knowledgeable about their capacity for shamelessness. To actually still believe in this kind of stupid people’s character, those people are really dumb!”

Helian Jiao Er naturally couldn’t hear Yuan Ming’s words. She extended her hand to support the seriously hurt Helian Mei, and cried to the point of making people heartbroken, “Oldest Sister, at the Defense Department, Third Sister and I have always let you have your way. You bullied me, yet I’ve never said anything. No matter what, the Helian Clan’s blood flows through your body. However, this matter cannot once again be overlooked this way. In this world, we have to also abide by the country’s law!”

Wei Wei coldly looked at her, the corners of her mouth curved slightly, “It looks like Second Sister and I think alike. This matter indeed could not be overlooked this way.”

If the previous Wei Wei was here instead and encountered this kind of matter today, she was bound to be framed by them. Words spoken by people were scary, and what Helian Jiao Er exploited was one point. Each time that Wei Wei got caught in an unfair trap, Wei Wei had never known how to argue logically.

But she wasn’t that previous Wei Wei who allowed them to frame her. Want to make her pay? A girl as green as Helian Jiao Er, such methods were much too feeble!

She didn’t know why seeing the side of Wei Wei’s undisturbed face, Helian Jiao Er actually faintly felt a bit of a chill in her heart.

However, things have already progressed to this point, so she didn’t believe that this good-for-nothing could still have any opportunity to turn things around!

Everybody was already saying the same thing. What could she do about it?

Helian Jiao Er laughed coldly in her heart, on the surface, her face was still heartrending, “I know, you couldn’t be bothered with me, regardless of how many times I explain, Oldest Sister would still, because of Lord Murong, again and again find trouble for me. I can take it all, but Third Sister is still young, Oldest Sister, how could you have the heart?”

The more she spoke, the sadder she got, she persuaded to the point that the surrounding sentiments were moved. Her tears were like a string of broken beads, unendingly sliding down, she really was acting out a great show, making all the surrounding males who witnessed it can’t help but want to stand up for her!

“I already heard early on of a certain young miss who was wanton and unreasonable, having met her today, she’s too conniving.I wouldn’t want this kind of girl at

all even if she was given to me. Can’t blame Lord Murong for not being able to stand her!”

“Don’t say that, wasn’t it all for Lord Murong that she did so much.”

“That depends on whether Lord Murong is willing for her to do this or not!”

Having heard that, Murong Chang Feng’s movement became slightly sluggish. His cold face turned and faced Wei Wei, “I’ve said many times over, your brutality should be put away already, you obviously didn’t listen, this time, I absolutely will not let you off easily!”

After having heard her words last time, he thought that this girl already gave up on him.

Looking at things now, it surely was her strategy of loosening the line so it would be easier to reel back in.

Merely, he didn’t expect at all that because of him she would become more and more ruthless!

The Helian Mei who originally got bitten by the poisonous bee heard Murong Chang Feng’s words and her eyes flashed a little. Luckily, Second Sister reacted quickly, so she would not have suffered her injury for nothing. In any case, the poisonous bee was raised by her. When no one is around, she could again retrieve her qi. Most importantly, that slut has finally reached the end of the road!

Even though she had won her fight, so what? Didn’t she still receive the entire world’s derision!

Ha Ha, a good-for-nothing little miss who had lost her power dared to fight with them, simply being reckless!

“That’s right, she absolutely can’t be let off easily!”

“This kind of person really doesn’t deserve to stay at White Academy!”

“Expel her! Expel her!”

Actually, one after another, everybody also started to echo each other, all was targeted at Wei Wei.

The corners of Wei Wei’s mouth curled up. Each and everyone of them were so fierce as if they were going to gobble her up. It seemed like she really wasn’t very popular, she was capable of making them unite so solidly like this.

The old one observing from the side was really anxious, He wanted to help yet discovered he didn’t know how he should help.

He really didn’t believe that his disciple would use what poisonous bee to bite people.

That girl’s character had always been level-headed. Therefore, she wouldn’t do such a shameless thing!

However…..that poisonous bee’s existence was sufficient to make his dear disciple be at a loss for words.

He was indeed afraid, afraid that these people wouldn’t be able to distinguish right from wrong and expel her.

However, was it really this way?

Would Wei Wei be at a loss for words?

Definitely not!

She wasn’t talking only because she was still reflecting. Of course she wouldn’t uselessly waste her breath to explain.

Because Yuan Ming’s existence could not be told to anyone, and no matter who they were, they wouldn’t believe Helian Mei would release a poisonous bee in order to bite herself.

Therefore, instead of wasting time to talk, she might as well directly throw out the proof for them to see.

She believed that the proof…..would be on Helian Mei’s own body!

And Helian Jiao Er still didn’t know anything as she extended her hand to obstruct Murong Chang Feng, “Lord, I ask that to give me face and let my Oldest Sister off this time. As long as she’s willing to face Third Sister and kneel to offer tea and apologize, then let’s forget about this matter. We are after all sisters, watching her get expelled this way, I couldn’t bear it.”

After she finished speaking, Helian Jiao Er’s eyes drooped down, her long eyelashes concealing her overflowing complacency.

She certainly didn’t forget how that slut almost made her kneel a few days ago. Now, she wanted everything to be repaid in full!

“Miss Jiao Er, you are being too kind, this evil girl simply did not deserve your pity, this time, don’t fault Lord Murong for not forgiving her, even all of us wouldn’t look on with folded arms!” Everyone’s face was indignant, “The Principal is also here, we want to unite and present a petition to request that she be banished from the academy!”

Facing these kinds of overbearing people, would make everyone lose their confidence and become flustered to some extent.

Yet, Wei Wei only laughed a bit and absentmindedly played with the leaf in her hand, “Who did or did not release the poisonous bee, would be the one who had to move out from the academy?”

From a distance, Baili Jia Jue, who’d just intended to appear, having heard these words of hers, slightly raised his eyes, within his deep profound eyes, overflowed with a thoughtful and bewitching coolness…..

And at this moment, Tusu Feng and them also hurried over, accompanying him by his side was Little Bald Head holding a meat bun.

“Who was it that let this out?” Tusu Feng looked at the poisonous bee filled with qi, slightly frowned, a pair of eyes that saw everything clearly, one by one swept over everyone with an anger that made it difficult for people to breathe. Never did he expect that at White Academy, there was someone that had such audacity and actually dared to use this kind of poisonous substance!

Helian Mei cried as she followed along, “Principal, you have to act on my behalf, I only said a few things to Oldest Sister, to have her stop running to Lord Murong and coiling around him. She then released this poisonous bee to bite me!”

Tusu Feng listened calmly, suddenly glared fiercely at Helian Mei, “Was it truly like this?”

Helian Mei being looked at burst with a fear of being found out, but still stuck to her statement, “Yes!”

Academy Principal, just now, we all observed from the side, it absolutely was this new student from the Inferior Compound who displayed such a devious act! Even though she won, this behavior is unacceptable and have to be punished severely!” The teachers also stood by the venerable one’s side also chimed in, within their voices also contained aggrievement (indignant)!

Helian Jiao Er followed and held on to Helian Mei’s shoulder to stop her, within her voice was the sound of crying, “Oldest Sister was only momentarily impulsive and did a wrong thing. Third Sister and I definitely merely wanted to defend ourselves.”

These words sounded like they wanted to help Wei Wei plea for leniency, but in reality, they actually blocked all of ways of retreat for Wei Wei, made it difficult for Tusu Feng to help Wei Wei even if he wanted to…..

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