The Anarchic Consort - Chapter 43

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Chapter 43: Apologize With Palms And Mouths

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As for Su Jia Cheng, he regretted it so much he wished he could immediately find a crack on the ground that he could dive into.

He had lived for so many years, and within the Dragon War Empire, he’d always held a pivotal position. This was the first time that he was talked down by someone until his face and ears turned red.

Even if he didn’t know what kind of good luck that vile spawn had to make Grandmaster take a fancy to her.

He now only hoped that everyone’s attention could be continuously centered around that vile spawn, and that what had happened just now wouldn’t be brought up again.

Unfortunately, Helian Mei’s fierce and unruly nature had been well developed since very early on. She charged to arrive in front of Wei Wei and shouted herself hoarse, “You did it on purpose! You purposefully made a fool of me and Second Sister!”

“Oh?” Wei Wei raised her eyebrow and smiled, “From beginning to end, it was Third Sister and Second Sister who were making false charges against me. How did it become me purposefully making a fool you guys?”

Being looked down upon made Helian Mei completely lost her senses, “From beginning to end you were totally pretending, you…..”

“Shut up!” Su Jia Cheng strong-handedly dragged Helian Mei back, immediately pushed away the guard following behind, and fiercely glared at her while secretly scolding her. Once this girl got upset, she was no longer able to analyze the situation. Couldn’t she learn even half of Jiao Er’s thoughtful bearing! From now on, having this situation go away by sleight of hand will be difficult…..

Wei Wei didn’t need to think to know what he was planning, wanting to have the matter settled by leaving it unsettled? In this world, where would one find such a convenient thing!

“Allegedly, Su Jia Cheng has always been known to be righteous and just. Now that your two granddaughters have accused me wrongly and insulted me like this, don’t know how Su Prime Minister will handle this?”

Wei Wei unhurriedly obstructed the minister’s guard who was going to take Helian Mei away, then indolently and leisurely stood on the path, making anyone who wanted to leave unable to do so.

The teachers didn’t speak again. Even Tusu Feng and Grandmaster’s manner was also calm and quiet. However, their gazes were thoroughly fixed on Su Jia Cheng’s body, creating an oppression difficult to describe with words.

Su Jia Cheng knew that he couldn’t continue to feign ignorance. In his heart he wished he could take this little vile spawn and skin her.

One sentence from this vile spawn and he was pushed into the most violent area of the storm.

As it was, if he didn’t really pay with something, he’s afraid even his reputation would also suffer damage.

He was a minister at court, and what’s most damaging for a minister was to lose prestige.

He didn’t know how Wei Wei was capable of grabbing onto this point to start the discussion. However, Su Jia Cheng understood. This time, even if he was unwilling, in front of everybody, he still needed to put on an act.

Thinking about how he’d been at court for so many years, yet unexpectedly was forced to this extent by a little vile spawn, Su Jia Cheng bit at the thin flesh at his lip. Nevertheless, the expression on his face didn’t change as he considered all options.

With a deep voice he said, “Jiao Er, Little Mei, Grandpa knows you guys didn’t really plan to frame your eldest sister. However, you guys are stubborn by nature and simply didn’t consider how serious this matter is, therefore you spoke irresponsibly, making your oldest sister feel wronged. If Grandpa didn’t give Wei Wei a response today, I will go against human convention in regards to both public sentiment as well as proprietary…..since it was the mouth that made a mistake, then use your own palm to give yourself twenty slaps and properly admit your mistake!”

“Grandfather…..” In an instant, even Helian Jiao Er became dumb and her whole body shook. She looked at Su Jia Cheng, yet didn’t want to believe grandfather unexpectedly made this kind of decision. How could she continue to stay at White Academy in the future!

How could Su Jia Cheng not know the consequences? Yet in the end, he even forcibly shouted to get things started, “Still not moving?”

Helian Jiao Er was stupefied. Her half open delicate eyelashes were like a rose which still contained water droplets. The empress always doted on her, when was she ever treated this way before.

Helian Mei’s appearance changed even more drastically, didn’t want to believe it, and turned around. What she received was her grandfather’s cold expression.

The person she was most afraid of was maternal Grandfather. Whatever Grandfather wanted her to do, she didn’t dare not do it. Therefore, she straightened her neck and withdrew.

Helian Jiao Er’s thin lips was chewed on until it turned bright red. Her eyes contained trickling tears and wanted to weep. Since the time she was born, she had never received this kind of humiliation. In order for her to be a winner, she had entered White Academy, and received praises everywhere. Having to slap her own mouth in front of everybody like this now, this is all because of that little slut!

If…..If it wasn’t for her!

How could she fall this low!

“Get moving.” Su Jia Cheng’s soft voice spoke, yet couldn’t bear it after all, and turned his back around. He didn’t want to look.

Helian Jiao Er and Helian Mei had no other option. They could only grit their teeth, and with everybody watching, slowly raised their hand. Once…..and again, slapped their own faces while gazing at Wei Wei, full of poisonous thoughts.





Hearing the sound of the palms by her ear, Wei Wei only stood there calm and composed. From start to finish, she didn’t change her posture.

Only after twenty slaps did Helian Jiao Er stopped her hand, and felt her face on fire with burning pain. It seemed like everyone was looking at her. She strongly felt humiliated, yet her complexion barely changed. Right now, she only wished to shred Wei Wei to bits with her own hands!

Su Jia Cheng restrained her hand, secretly exerting himself, “Jiao Er, you and Wei Wei are sisters by blood. How would sisters become enemies overnight. Your character had always been kind hearted; Grandfather had always known. Hurry and go apologize to your Oldest Sister. Let this matter pass and forget about it.”

“Grandfather…..” Helian Jiao Er’s lowered eyes held back tears. She knew Grandfather was making her go and apologize now for the sake of preserving her reputation. However, making her bow her head to Wei Wei, she really could not do it!

Su Jia Cheng deepened his tone of voice, “Hurry and go.”

“Yes.” Helian Jiao Er slowly inhaled, moved as elegantly as a water lily, and arrived in front of Wei Wei. She wanted to maintain her own lovely and pitiable image in front of people, but discovered that the corners of her mouth hurt too much to move, and couldn’t help but hate even more, “It’s us who misunderstood Oldest Sister.”

Wei Wei looked at her and slowly smiled, “Just like before when I spoke to Prime Minister Su, Sister, allow me to remind you again. It’s not misunderstood, it’s falsely accused!”

“You…..” Helian Jiao Er was so angry her little face entirely changed color. She inhaled one big mouthful of air and stiffly suppressed the maliciousness from coming out of her throat, “What Older Sister said is right.”

This little vile spawn! Su Jia Cheng tensed his hand, yet smiled kindly in front of people, “Seeing you sisters become reconciled, I’m glad.”

Wei Wei smiled and turned in his direction, “What Prime Minister Su said is right, this indeed does make people glad.”

Don’t worry, everything was only just getting started.

In the future, there would be more and more occasions to make you guys “glad”!

What you guys took from me, and all that you snatched away from my mother, I will use my own hands to take back bit by bit!

Su Jia Cheng also didn’t know why, but when facing that pair of eyes, he unexpectedly felt that in there, threads of darkness overflowed. However, he didn’t forget his own status as he stiffly laughed, “Grandmaster, you’re fortunate. You’ve really accepted a fine disciple.”

Grandmaster didn’t even give him half a face and in a cold voice said, “Following this, there will be more tests at the academy, people with no assigned duties can already leave. Those who were called people with no assigned duties waited for Su Jia Cheng with stiff smiles. The expressions that were already unsightly became even more unsightly.

Grandmaster didn’t care about these things and brought his own disciple to go to another courtyard. He was going to see what result the Superior Compound’s testing would produce. According to his speculation, that little stinker living at the Ghost Palace should’ve appeared earlier. During this time, he should be making a huge show of his skill at the Superior Compound!

He must point him out for his disciple to have a good look, so that once she recognized him, she could hide better a bit farther away from that little stinker.

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