The Anarchic Consort - Chapter 44

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Chapter 44: Poisonous Thoughts Born Again

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However, Grandmaster was mistaken about one thing.

And that was that a certain Highness, who came and went like a shadow, simply didn’t test at the Superior Compound at all. Instead, he was at the ‘Inferior Compound’ and ‘Fine Compound’ testing arena where nobody came to watch.

The academy had decided to separate the males and females during the exam in order to make the competition more fair, which virtually gave a certain Highness a very convenient way of concealing his identity.

Also, everybody’s attention was on Wei Wei, wishing to see how shameful she was going to be.

Therefore, very few people knew that there was another test going on at an arena to the side…..

“How, how could it be you?” Zhang Shi Jie, who originally wanted to exhibit his skill at the martial qi competition looked at the man standing there facing him. He couldn’t control himself and retreated a step back.

Baili Jia Jue coldly looked down on him and still didn’t speak while slowly moving his own wrist, as handsome as a deity who’d descended, unable to conceal the killing intent that appeared.

“Wait!” Zhang Shi Jie couldn’t control himself and shrilly cried out. He wouldn’t forget how terrifying his opponent was. This guy was like an extremely poisonous snake. It seemed like he only needed to barely move and immediately his opponent would be swallowed into his belly.

The wound on his leg still hadn’t recovered. The severe fracture was entirely bestowed upon him by this guy in front of his eyes.

Actually, he didn’t dare to say anything.

Because his opponent’s strong oppression unexpectedly made him feel as if he couldn’t breathe.

Not merely this.

Up until now, he still hadn’t been able to uncover what the real identity of the guy in front of him was.

Originally, he thought he could be an expert concealed within the Superior Compound.

However, he didn’t expect that the guy would surprisingly appear here! Could it be that this person was also an agent snuck in by one of the four clans?


It couldn’t be!

He’d met all of the people from the four clans before, yet he’d never even seen the person in front of him before!

Zhang Shi Jie distractedly turned towards the handsome man and increasingly approached closer. The disdainful look in his eyes had already been replaced by shock long ago.

“Who are you actually!?” As if wanting to regurgitate the shock within his heart, he howled insanely. It was difficult to conceal the quivering in that last howl..…..

Yet, Baili Jia Jue only curved his thin lips into an ice cold arc. His disciplined, wildly arrogant bearing seemingly said again that the other party was still unworthy of knowing his identity.

Zhang Shi Jie felt that within the other’s entire body, waves of murderous intent were surging up violently, causing his own pair of legs to uncontrollably tremble. After that, the sword in his hand was tossed away. He ran off from the top of the stage virtually pissing in his own pants, while his mouth still shouted out, “I’m not competing, I want to forfeit. Did you guys hear that, I want to forfeit!”

Baili Jia Jue didn’t pursue him and only stood at the same place, while he raised his hand to flick at the front of his jacket which originally didn’t have any speck of dust to begin with. He had on an indifferent expression, as if the one running away was only a little white mouse.

The two teachers looked at each other, a bit unsatisfied. Ever since they’d started to hold the position of White Academy’s teacher, they had never encountered this kind of situation.

A fire attribute student from the Good Compound who will break through soon unexpectedly fled in defeat in front a student from the Inferior Compound, who up until now still hadn’t even taken any kind of qi exams at all? ! !

If news of this kind of situation spread, those who were teachers, like them, would also be humiliated!

Because this had never happened before, if other people found out, they wouldn’t know how to face them. They then simply directly and immediately announced that Baili Jia Jue won and didn’t even bother to test his qi level.

In any case, in a month’s time, there will naturally be someone else to test him.

Consequently, this matter, when passed on to another person’s ear, became, “that new student from Inferior Compound was lucky and met an opponent who forfeited.”

As far as what the truth was, only Tusu Feng who received the news knew.

After hearing the report from the messenger, the corners of his mouth curved upwards, his voice level, “Didn’t battle yet already subdued the soldier, can be considered a man born to command.”

“Who is the Principal referring to?” Su Jia Cheng hadn’t left yet. He was standing by Tusu Feng’s side, trying hard to gather and warm up the surrounding atmosphere, “A talent to command like that, maybe I could introduce him to Lord Murong and have him take care of him a bit more.”

Tusu Feng glanced at him.

Su Jia Cheng was baffled by what he saw within that look. He didn’t know if he was overthinking it. Why did he unexpectedly see a hint of mockery within Tusu Feng’s eyes?

It shouldn’t be very possible, Tusu Feng’s character had always been gentle…..

“We shouldn’t trouble Prime Minister Su with this. It’s but a youngster behaving a bit arrogantly. They generally wouldn’t want anyone to look after them.” After Tusu Feng finished talking, he also laughed to himself. If he didn’t remember incorrectly, once, before that little stinker even turned ten, he’d already laid waste to all the sons of distinguished families within the entire capital. Now, in front of him, Prime Minister Su suddenly said he wanted to protect him? Hehe, if Su Jia Cheng knew the one he wanted to protect was that Highness, wonder what kind of expression he would have?

Su Jia Cheng couldn’t see through what the other party was thinking, but seeing that he spoke politely, didn’t think more about it, “Since it’s like that, Principal should continue your work. I will take a walk around.”

“Prime Minister Su,” Tusu Feng spoke and stopped Su Jia Feng’s steps as he gently said, “Grandmaster wasn’t wrong in saying that at White Academy, it’s forbidden for any minister to stroll around. Retired Emperor had already established the guidelines. The student’s state of mind will be affected, so if Prime Minister Su doesn’t have any other important matter then please return. I have things to do following this, so I’m no longer able to entertain Prime Minister Su.”

Snagging on two nails at once (meeting two obstacles at once), Su Jia Cheng ground his teeth until sounds came out. He stood under the tree with a darkened face while looking at the shadow of Tusu Feng’s back moving further away. Within his eyes, anger could not be concealed!

“Everyone single one of them, what characters!”

Now that only his own people remained here, Su Jia Cheng no longer restrained himself.

The teachers tried hard to fawn on him, “Minister Su, please calm down, the principal is still young. We also can’t do anything about it. Nobody can to tell what Retired Emperor was thinking, having such a young person be principal, and even be principal for so many years, sigh.”

“Right. Right.” Some of the older teachers also chimed in from the side, appearing grudgingly helpless.

Su Jia Cheng feigned an open-minded appearance, “Forget it, they’re all only juniors, I also won’t bicker with them. However, are there any leads to the news that I’ve asked you to look into?”

“Minister should rest assured. I’m stationed at the Superior Compound.” Among them, a rather smug teacher replied, “As long as Third Prince entered, the first one to receive any news will be me.”

Su Jia Cheng contentedly nodded his head, “Good, very good. Besides that, I also would like to trouble teacher again to watch out for my granddaughter a bit.”

Having said so, he raised his hand and patted Helian Jiao Er’s shoulder. His heart was hating, yet also filled with deep love.

That teacher immediately accepted, “Miss Jiao Er is exceptionally gifted. Even within the Superior Compound, she is a giant among dwarfs. Minister Su don’t have to continue to be bothered about what happened just now. That was merely a little exam. That good-for-nothing is an expert at groveling. It’s difficult for Grandmaster to avoid being muddleheaded for once. He doesn’t know her character well. Wait until the time when Grandmaster finds out, he will be disgusted with her soon enough. After all, that Helian Wei Wei actually doesn’t even have the slightest bit of qi and certainly won’t be able to study armaments. She was merely lucky during this test, that’s all. The good scenes have yet to follow. I will help Miss Helian avenge this insult sooner or later!”

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