The Anarchic Consort - Chapter 51

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Chapter 51: His Highness’ Thoughts

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Nangong Lie also subconsciously thought that Wei Wei’s words were directed at Baili Jia Jue, and was stunned as he turned and glanced in his direction.

He was drinking tea while reading an ancient scroll that even a martial arts master would have trouble studying. The dull colored tea, when it moistened his thin lips, floated and became a smooth and lustrous sheen. His concentration and conscientious expression caused people to be captivated.

This kind of brilliant and elegant man born of the royal family unexpectedly, after hearing the other person’s words, answered, “sure,” as the corners of his lips lightly curved up.

Nangong Lie was astonished, “Ah Jue, what the heck are you up to again?”

His voice was very soft, in order to avoid other people hearing them.

Baili Jia Jue didn’t speak. Instead, he swirled the teacup in his hand and glanced over sideways. On his fair and handsome face hung a slightly suppressed smile, on which appeared a bit of something very abnormal.

Nangong Lie looked and goosebumps appeared again all over his body. When that guy was little, Retired Emperor would ask him to pour boiling water into the tea. He always decided if he would to it based on his mood. When his mood was good, he would steep one or two pots of tea. When his mood was bad, he’d leave the Retired Emperor to drink unboiled water on his own. Being so delighted to be ordered around by a person like this, for sure must be the response of a hunter who’s addicted, while the “prey” was still dreaming, completely unaware.

Thinking up to this point, he rejoiced once again. Between the four big clans and the imperial family, he had chosen the imperial family. Otherwise, just the thought of being this guy’s opponent, and he couldn’t control his scalp from feeling numb.

When he returned to his seat and sat down, Baili Jia Jue already stopped reading the old book. He leaned against the back of the chair, his arm on the armrest, his fingers tapping to a beat as if he’s pondering over something important.

After that, he suddenly tilted his body, moved next to Wei Wei’s ear and laughed deeply, “For waking you up, am I going to get paid?”

Wei Wei only felt a coolness beside her ear. Limp and numb and slightly tickled, she opened her eyes sluggishly, then discovered that because of Yuan Ming, she had again made a stupid mistake.

“No money.” Wei Wei yawned, “But there’s free lunch, want to go now?”

All along, the corners of Baili Jia Jue’s mouth was curved upward. Within his faint smile moved an incomprehensible shadow, “Good, it just so happens I don’t have money to eat lunch.”

“Cough, cough cough!” A mouthful of tea spurted from Nangong Lie’s mouth. Your Highness, how could you say these words without your face turning red, or your heart jumping out!

However, Baili Jia Jue actually didn’t lie. He really didn’t carry any money on his body. Of course, a single little ring on his finger alone was enough to buy a piece of land at the border and build a city.

Everybody knew. Even though the Third Prince lost his qi, he was still Retired Emperor’s most beloved prince, the Dragon War Empire’s imperial son.

Generally, when people mentioned him, it would always be in the context of him being elevated on high, holy and pure, like a deity who had descended. Wait, wait, wait wait.

The main point is, when was he ever short on money!

Nangong Lie really couldn’t listen any longer and simply turned his head around, pretending to be deaf and dumb.

Baili Jia Jue only extended a hand and brushed his black gown and white clothes on which there wasn’t even a speck of dust. He spoke in a voice as gentle and mellow as wine, seemingly able to cause others to be drunk from the smell, “Let’s go.”

Wei Wei didn’t think much of it as the tip of her tongue licked her thin lips. Right now, she’s thinking of eating roast lamb with cumin on top, along with some added sauce, crispy outside, juicy meat inside, its melted fat spurting out, savory and tasty.

White Academy’s cafeteria was very clean. A chef was even appointed to give it special attention.

Wei Wei would never short change herself in this regard. Her table was full of meat, and also the freshest watermelon, coupled with good Chinese wine.

When it’s being eaten, an incomparable happiness would burst forth.

Since she’s brought someone here to eat, Wei Wei wouldn’t forget to also give Baili Jia Jue chopsticks and a spread of dishes.

If it weren’t for so many people watching, this meal would be even more perfect.

Wei Wei bit on her chopsticks and discreetly observed the guy in front of her. This very young man was simply exceptionally cultured. His every single movement carried an intense masculine charm. Every single person in the cafeteria likely would soon be unable to resist his hormones.

The young ladies from prestigious families who originally came to dine, all looked at her with a look of wishing they could eat her, while their faces were actually extremely flirtatious.

Wei Wei also wondered. Could it be that every time this person came to eat, a crowd of girls would bat their eyelashes at him. Wouldn’t he get indigestion?

Wei Wei couldn’t have known. A certain Highness had never come to the cafeteria before. Ever since he entered the academy, all of his needs had been taken care of by Shadow. Water was brought in from the mountain springs. The meals were made by the best chefs from the palace, kept warm by a special method, and delivered to White Academy every night.

So the instant Baili Jia Jue entered the cafeteria, his dense brows had been knitted.

Yet contrary to expectations, someone actually, at this moment, recklessly moved on ahead.

“She really came. A bootlicking insect has accomplished so much, we have no choice but to admire her. Don’t you guys think so?”

The person talking was no other than Helian Mei. Standing by her side were several other young girls from influential families. Apart from her, the rest were all from the Superior Compound. Helian Jiao Er was also among them, her long skirt fluttering. As dainty as a drop of water, even when speaking, her voice was muted and appeared soft, “Third Sister, don’t say anymore.”

“Why shouldn’t I speak. Second Sister is just too kind, that’s why you’ve been bullied by that evil girl!” No matter what, Helian Mei couldn’t forget the matter of having to slap her own mouth. The look she gave Wei Wei was chock full of anger!

Helian Jiao Er also didn’t really want to hold back Helian Mei, because, since earlier, she also wanted to make a good show of Wei Wei.

Not to mention that when she saw Wei Wei with Baili Jia Jue together, ill feelings bubbled up in her heart.

What kind of *******luck did this slut run into, to even make friends with this young lord like this?

However…while his looks were out of the ordinary, he’s still only a poor and pedantic student from the Inferior Compound. It’s been said that he couldn’t even afford to buy a student’s hat.

Unlike Lord Murong’s high and noble birth, still young yet already so accomplished.

When thinking of this, Helian Jiao Er’s eyes rolled and she instantly acted as if she hesitated a little, before she said, “Third Sister, Oldest Sister’s friends are still here. It wouldn’t be good if they misunderstand.” After having said that, she looked at Baili Jia Jue, the corners of her mouth carried a bashful and innocent smile, “Young Sir, we meet again.”

“Huh?” Baili Jia Jue lifted his eyes. The deep pupils carried fine veined patterns within, so deep that it could make people fall into them instantly.

Helian Jiao Er’s heartstrings trembled indescribably. At the Superior Compound previously, this young man had only stood there, yet she easily felt as if his body contained a magic spell. And now, hearing his voice close up, a clear and cold, penetrating deep and sonorous voice, yet cool and bright like a spring wind in March, gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind, with a special kind of comfortable feeling.

Helian Jiao Er once again stabilized her heart, the smiling expression on the corners of her mouth intensified, “Last time, after having separated from Young Sir, I have yet to see Sir again. I wonder for what reason did you come to the Superior Compound to look for me that day?”

Since she was able to make Lord Murong hate that slut, if it was another man, she could still do it again like before!

Moreover, this young lord clearly had his eyes on her first.

If it weren’t for Wei Wei, this ugly girl, paying him compensation, she reckoned this young lord wouldn’t even bother taking a glance at her, not to mention going to lunch together. It simply would be a fairy tale.

Helian Jiao Er was confident in her beauty. After all, in this world, there hadn’t been a man who could reject her…

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