The Anarchic Consort - Chapter 52

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Chapter 52: Dressed As A Pig, Eating A Tiger

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As she dropped her head, her pretty, lightly blushed face seemed like a lotus bud that was just about to blossom. Her pretty eyes were bright as they looked at Baili Jia Jue. Her eyelashes were as dark as ink.

It’s just that Helian Jiao Er didn’t know that the person in front of her wasn’t any other person, but was instead His Highness the imperial son who had never been interested in beautiful women before.

Any attractive woman facing him basically would be totally ignored by him.

Using Nangong Lie’s words, “If a certain highness wanted to look at a beautiful face, he just needs to look at a mirror everyday. Anyone else really can’t compare, be it male or female.”

However, strangely, this time Baili Jia Jue surprisingly looked at Helian Jiao Er’s face and lingered for quite a while.

Helian Wei Wei knitted her shapely eyebrows. She didn’t think that this guy would be someone who looked at the face and not the heart. If he was just like other people, then this rice didn’t need to continue to be eaten. In other words, their relationship didn’t need to continue.

The longer Baili Jia Jue looked at Helian Jiao Er, the more satisfied Helian Jiao Er’s face appeared. A nice looking pink surfaced on her pair of cheeks while her heart pounded. She was going to open her mouth again.

When she noticed Baili Jia Jue supporting his chin with his palm. He earnestly knitted his brow and spoke neither hastily nor slowly, “Who are you?”

His tone sounded nice, mildly cool and indolent, and carried a distinctive gracefulness.

Making everyone who heard it feel that it was a delight.


Who are you?

Who are you!

Who are you ! ! ? ?

Having heard these three words, Helian Jiao Er’s little face ‘swish’ was instantly drained of all color as her pair of hands rigidly gripped and wrung her handkerchief. The bashful eyes which were gazing in Baili Jia Jue’s direction now became dumbfounded. Finally unable to bear it, she wished that she could just turn and leave!

Wei Wei was also stunned. She turned her head and looked at Baili Jia Jue’s wickedly smiling face.

This guy must still remember Helian Jiao Er. It’s because he remembered her that he purposefully asked that way!

Amazing, too impressive!

If there weren’t so many people around, Wei Wei would’ve really wanted to give him a thumbs up and some praise.

Such beguilement and shrewdness was not easily seen whether in ancient or modern times!

Baili Jia Jue naturally noticed the way Wei Wei looked at him. He turned towards her and curved his lips as bewitching coldness radiated from him.

For a minute, Wei Wei wondered if she had better distance herself a bit further from this guy.

Afterall, he being too clever was dangerous.

Baili Jia Jue was very high leveled. He only glanced at that ‘little fox’s appearance and already knew what she was thinking. He withdrew the smiling expression and filled his eyes instead with a completely clueless look, “What’s going on?”

“Nothing.” Wei Wei felt she must be thinking too much. It was probably because during the first time she met this guy, the sense of a crises was too strong. That’s why she was constantly on guard against him. After careful consideration, this guy still seemed to be not bad. She should not have ideas about people, “Eat a bit more. If you don’t know her, then don’t worry about it.”

“Alright.” Baili Jia Jue replied indifferently. Within his lowered gaze was a bit of surprise. He didn’t expect that he’d already pretended to this extent, yet this ‘little thing’ still had doubts about him.

Abandon it?

Heh, how’s that possible.

The more cunning the prey was, the more satisfaction one would feel when taming it.

Baili Jia Jue curved his thin lips. On his face hung a shining smiling expression. He intended to be like a marshal who sat in a command tent to dictate and be in control of everything. Therefore, he had enough patience to wait.

No one had so much difficulty enduring as Helian Jiao Er. She only felt that everyone in the cafeteria was staring at her, including her friends from the Superior Compound, those girls from influential families. Helian Jiao Er had grown up to this age, yet this was the first time she’d lost so much face!

This made Helian Jiao Er so angry even her hands were shaking. She absolutely had no idea how to vent her anger!

“Second Sister, what is there to say between you and this guy who can’t even afford a student’s hat.” Helian Mei had stayed at the Defense Department for such a long time. Even if she was stupid, she still knew that she must talk to help rescue Heilian Jiao Er from her predicament at this time. She glanced at Wei Wei with disdain, “They’re just traveling the same road to the grave.”

Helian Jiao Er, having received Helian Mei’s message, immediately changed to appear like someone who felt wronged, “I, I only saw that this young sir dressed so shabbily, that’s all. Nothing else. Our backgrounds are not the same. I was too meddlesome.”


Wei Wei’s elegant eyebrows knitted together. It’s enough that they spoke about her. Now, even the person by her side was sneered at. Did they really think she wouldn’t get angry?

Wei Wei pinched the bamboo chopsticks in a vertical position, as a thread of viciousness streaked across her righteous pupils.

But just then, Master Jing Wu Wang from the Superior Compound arrived at the cafeteria accompanied by Eunuch Sun. When he heard the word “shabby”, he was so spooked he almost threw away the horsetail whisk in his hand!

Jing Wu Wang looked absolutely strange, “Eunuch Sun, what do think? Do you feel that this cafeteria in the academy is not good? In regards to this, Eunuch Sun should rest assured. Wait until the Third Prince arrives.There will be a specialized chef to prepare imperial family quality food for His Highness.” After having spoken, he stroked his white beard and laughed, “Actually, Eunuch Sun, you didn’t have to come up here personally. With me supervising this place, there wouldn’t be any problems.”


Eunuch Sun wanted to cry but had no tears.

[You think I was willing to come here, boo hoo, I’d accompanied the imperial troops at the foot of the mountain and waited one whole day. Waited until now, yet that person had now appeared wearing a black gown made of plain cloth mixed within a crowd of students.]

As soon as he entered the hall, the pit of his stomach totally shivered, ok? After swallowing two pills at once to steady his heart, only then did he not lose control and scream out loud!

How did His Highness, who should be staying inside the palace, appear here? How come he couldn’t even send a greeting. Hey, hello!

He wasn’t even prepared in the least. He hadn’t finished seeing academy’s layout, and also hadn’t gone to where the President was. The Retired Emperor still had time….in short, how come f*cking d*mn it that no one reported to him that Third Prince already entered White Academy. And even came as an “ordinary student” ! ! !

So could he now return to the palace and report to Retired Emperor that he already found Third Prince? !

After thinking to this point, Eunuch Sun’s entire body became excited and was just about to advance when he was stopped in his tracks by a single casual glance from Baili Jia Jue!

Within that extremely cold gaze, a monstrously chilly and unsympathetic warning fully issued forth.

Eunuch Sun was such a smart person. Sigh, he had spent most of half of his life within the palace, his master’s every word and deed, even if he couldn’t guess 100%, he could still see through 70% of them.

Right now, His Highness’ intention clearly was to want him not to approach…

“Eunuch? Eunuch Sun?” Jing Wu Wang saw him blanking out and gazing into the distance. He couldn’t help but fling his gaze over to where Eunuch Sun’s line of sight was, afterwhich he contentedly laughed, “The one Eunuch Sun is looking at is actually the Helian family’s genius young daughter? Right now, she’s already become my official disciple.”

Originally, Eunuch Sun was still worried about how to pretend that he hadn’t seen His Highness when this teacher from the Superior Compound found a good cover for him.

He ha ha, he laughed and nodded his head, forcing himself to retrieve his gaze away from His Highness’ person, and answered along, “I had previously heard about the Helian family’s second daughter who was as beautiful as a deity, and had a lovely disposition, unlike girls from ordinary families. Having seen her today, sure enough, she’s out of the ordinary. Master really is fortunate, having accepted a disciple with boundless prospects.”

“You’re too kind.” Promptly making a gesture of hopelessness, while the smile on his face didn’t reduce in the slightest, “This child is actually very bright. When the time for the consort selection comes around, I’ll still look to Eunuch Sun to keep an eye on her a bit more.”

Hearing the two words ‘consort selection’, everybody within the cafeteria turned and looked over. Among them, Helian Wei Wei was also included..….

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