The Anarchic Consort - Chapter 55

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Chapter 55: Prior To The Consort Selection

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A smart hunter, when treating his prey with care, always had extraordinary patience.

This point is displayed vividly and thoroughly on Baili Jia Jue’s body.

He absolutely didn’t do anything to Helian Wei Wei. As the two people finished eating, they just simply respectively went and took care of their own business.

The difference was displayed at the time after Wei Wei left.

Baili Jia Jue turned the black jade ring on his finger. The tone of his words was demonically cold as he instructed Shadow kneeling on the ground, “Follow her. See who she comes in contact with for the next couple of days.”

“Yes.” Shadow accepted the order and withdrew.

Nangong Lie rubbed the bridge of his nose as he turned and strode forward. He hadn’t entered the Inferior Compound when he saw that at a remote junction of two walls, Eunuch Sun seemed to be like and ant placed on top of a hot pot. He was walking back and forth while holding a horsetail whisk. Sweat drenched his collar at the back. It’s clear he’d been guarding this place for no short amount of time.

After seeing them, Eunuch Sun’s eyes shined. With a ‘putt’ he kneeled down on the ground, “Your Highness.”

Baili Jia Jue indifferently said, “Eunuch Sun certainly is the brightest shining person before the Third Prince, how can you kneel so easily.”

After hearing that, Eunuch Sun almost broke down, “Your Highness…..” His master must be making fun of him. He’s already almost scared enough to die, ok? !

“Stand up.” Baili Jia Jue casually faced forward and took two steps. Even from far away, one could hear four very cold words, “Not to be repeated.”

The skin on Eunuch Sun’s scalp tightened while he promptly swallowed his saliva and answered respectfully, “Yes.”

Nangong Lie saw that the crisis had been averted, and easily resumed his casual and slovenly appearance, “Eunuch Sun, long time no see. How did you provoke your master again?”

“Young Master Lie.” Eunuch Sun greeted him with proper etiquette, and glanced again at the clothes he was wearing.

Nangong Lie naturally noticed his gaze, and devilishly smiled as he pulled at his own black clothes and white outer robe, “Do I look handsome wearing these clothes? It’s your master’s idea to disguise as regular students. It’s also easier to seduce those young ladies from distinguished families this way.”

“Humph, humph.” Eunuch Sun silently admonished in his heart. The one who wanted to seduce young ladies from distinguished families obviously was you.

Nangong Lie let out a very long sigh, “Being too handsome is also a problem. Ah, I am already dressed like this, yet I still have to repeatedly hold back those ladies who fell in love at first sight everyday.”

The corners of Eunuch Sun’s mouth twitched fiercely. The old face managed to raise a fake smile, “This servant remembered that Retired Emperor said that this year, White Academy’s Vice President should be Young Master Lie, you, right?”

“Cough!” Nangong Lie fiercely coughed, “Nevertheless, I should first get a bit more familiar with the academy’s environment, in addition to protecting your master well. You don’t know at all how much hostility had been provoked ever since Ah Jue came. Those people at the Superior Compound early on already found Ah Jue to be displeasing to their eyes. I’m now putting in quite a bit of effort to rectify the situation. How could I abandon His Highness at a time like this, hmm?”

When Eunuch Sun heard this, he didn’t get worried, but was angry instead, “Who, who dares to look at His Highness unfavorably! I’ll go look for them right now. A bunch of son of a **tches want to rebel, is that right?!”

Nangong Lie rubbed his chin, “That Minister Jing who accompanied you to lunch today is their ring leader.”

Eunuch Sun retracted his neck and observed the gaze His Highness was looking at him with. His forehead was again covered in cold sweat, “Your Highness, this old servant swears, this old servant really am not familiar with him at all!” After speaking, he glanced again at Nangong Lie, [Young Master Lie, mm, you’re actually in the process of pushing me towards the fiery pit of hell.] They’ve been winding around in a big circle like this just for the sake of burying him alive!

“How could that be.” Nangong Lie extended one of his hands and placed it on his shoulder, full of wickedness as he winked his left eye,”You should relax. Your master’s heart knows everything very clearly. He doesn’t need anyone to push him.”

Eunuch Sun’s entire body became rigid!

His master’s pair of eyes were mystical and unfathomable. They really, truly make a person’s pair of legs go weak.

“All right. Don’t waste anymore time. Your master still needs you do do some things.” Nangong Lie wantonly and unrestrainedly withdrew his hand.

Baili Jia Jue’s tone was as before, nonchalant and indifferent, “Under what pretext did you come from the Superior Compound?”

“I said that I’ve eaten much and needs to go to the toilet.” Eunuch Sun hastily answered, “Please rest assured, Your Highness. Even if I’ve been given a hundred gallbladders, I still wouldn’t reveal your identity!”

Baili Jia Jue glanced at him, “The time it took for you to go to the toilet has been long enough. You can return.”

Eunuch Sun opened and reopened his mouth. Finally, he clenched his teeth, “Your Highness, the consort selection matter, you…you.” He originally was going to say you and Retired Emperor played hide and seek for such a long time, when are you going to end it. The royal troops already waited at the base of the mountain for two days. If they keep waiting, sooner or later, people will discover them.”

Ah, hello! Please forgive him, but he really didn’t have the courage to open his mouth!

“At dusk, I’ll go down the mountain.”

After he heard that, Eunuch Sun unbelievably managed to raise his head, but only had enough time to see the sleeves fluttering away in the wind…

The sun is setting the west. At the same old place; at the sparsely populated compound. Arranged on top of the bookshelf were many ancient scrolls.

An elderly man sat upright aloft, contentedly looking at Wei Wei completing her meditation. He extended his hand and stroked his beard.

Since her qi channels were previously damaged, everytime Wei Wei advanced, she would feel so much pain that her face turned pale. This time was no different. Her forehead was covered in sweat.

“Girl, if you’re too tired, then rest a bit.” Huan Ming Xiang had never seen any family’s daughter like this child, intelligent, and so willing to bear hardships.

Wei Wei smiled a bit, then jumped up and reclined on an imperial concubine chair as she lazily stretched her waist “I’ll take a nap here, so I can have energy to cadge a free meal when night comes.”

“Cadge a free meal.” Huan Ming Xiang’s white brows creased. He then seemingly unintentionally asked, “I heard that Third Prince will be coming to White Academy. The girls from other families are all thinking about how to succeed in the selection. What, are you not on the namelist for the consort selection?

Wei Wei yawned and answered vaguely, “I am. However, I’m not very interested in getting married. Moreover, the kind of person that the Third Prince is, is also totally not my cup of tea.”

“Good. Girl, if you can think this way, then it can’t be any better!” Huan Ming Xiang immediately stood up and as if he’d found his lifetime’s one true friend and said, “That person of his is actually quite good looking, but he is just too hard to argue with! You certainly can forget about counting on him having any logic in the way he thinks. No matter what you say, he could still treat it as if he didn’t hear a thing. After staying with him for awhile, he’s going to make you angry enough to die!”

After Wei Wei heard this, she touched her chin and sighed with emotion as she declared, “So it seems that the Third Prince, apart from a good looking face, really has no other redeeming qualities.”

“It’s good that you understand.” Huan Ming Xiang was rather gratified as he patted her shoulder, “Be sure not to let that face of his confuse your senses.”

Wei Wei smiled, “One really couldn’t tell that Third Prince is a pretty boy.”

After having heard these last few words, Shadow’s foot, more or less almost slipped from the tree branch. He simply didn’t dare to believe his own ears. What the heck did he just hear!

Pretty boy?

They said that His Highness was a pretty boy! ! ! !

Not good. He needed to fly back and report to His Highness!

After a period of time…

At a corner of the Inferior Compound. The smell of sandalwood lingered in the room. One could only make out a blurry figure in the middle of getting dressed by a servant.

It seemed like he’d just woken up. His voice carried a distinctive magnetism and was husky, “Pretty boy?”

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