The Anarchic Consort - Chapter 61

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Chapter 61: Struck By Lightning

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When Helian Wei Wei opened her eyes, what she saw was this scene.

She lazily stretched her back, just as cunning and graceful as a fox.

She was thinking that this consort selection banquet was really the quickest that she’d ever seen.

When she read novels in the past, didn’t such a selection require screening round by round?

How about the music, chess, calligraphy, and painting performances that were mentioned?

How come when she awoke from her sleep, Third Prince had already decided on Helian Jiao Er?

Apparently, the rumored world’s most eligible bachelor’s taste was also not up to much.

Thinking that this matter was of no concern to her, she yawned and planned to tidy up some things before leaving, when she saw everybody around her stare with their eyes wide opened. They appeared as if they’ve seen a ghost!

In contrast, Helian Jiao Er’s little face was pale and lifeless, looking at her with a gaze filled with both hatred and maliciousness, the kind that was simply just wishing to choke her to death!

Wait wait…

Why did a hand appear in front of her eyes.

Moreover, it was distinctly good looking. It was slender, yet absolutely strong, even the fingernails were all trimmed and clean.

She felt that this kind of hand should be very beautiful and agile when holding a gun to kill.

“On the face.” The quality of the deep male voice which sounded by her ear was demonically cold, so ice-cold it made jolted her awake.

Wei Wei followed along with the direction of his finger and wiped her own face on it. When she looked again, the finger was stained with a few pastry bits…

“Wipe it off.” One couldn’t tell whether the man’s eyes concealed behind the silver mask was happy or angry. She only followed the hand that threw a pure white handkerchief to her.

Wei Wei was stunned.

She thought that only girls would use handkerchiefs. She’d never thought that Third Prince also used them?

Could a man who used handkerchiefs…really be determined to have no problem with his orientation?

It seemed that what she’d thought previously indeed wasn’t wrong.

Sure enough, Third Prince was fond of males.

It’s just that what she truly didn’t anticipate was that Third Prince surprisingly would be the one underneath.

Wait until things were finished here. She must take this secret and share it with her ‘little brother,’ so that he knew.

However, since there’s already a handkerchief, not using it would be a waste.

Wei Wei followed her inclination and dabbed at the corners of her mouth. In a moment, within her breathing, she could smell the mild fragrance of a man’s body, enough to see that this person lived a very refined and luxurious life.

After she finished using it, she then returned the handkerchief, “Thank you Third Prince for your handkerchief.”

Baili Jia Jue looked at the yellow handkerchief stained with crumbs and lightly knitted his dense eyebrows.

Wei Wei continued to make the return.

“Miss Wei Wei!” Watching by the side with his heart startled and trembling in fear, Eunuch Sun gnawed at his gums, “How could you straightforwardly return a dirty handkerchief to His Highness!”

This allowed Wei Wei to respond again. Her astute eyes turned as she smilingly said, “Then after I wash it well later, I will return it to Third Prince again?”

Generally, based on these kinds of circumstances, this man should decline the offer. Since he didn’t take the handkerchief just now, it proved that he had severe automysophobia. A person with automysophobia would worry and absolutely wouldn’t accept things that another person had used….hurry and refuse, hurry and refuse, I actually didn’t have the time to wash some handkerchief for you!

“Mm hmm.” Baili Jia Jue looked at her for a moment, as if the intent of a smile quickly streaked across the depths of his eyes, and answered in a deep voice.



Wei Wei blanked out. He surprisingly didn’t refuse?

How could he not act based upon her script?

This was the first time since birth that there was a problem with her logic.

This guy apparently was even more difficult to predict than what she had imagined…

Wei Wei’s brows jumped, then gradually also became indifferent. It’s but a handkerchief, she didn’t have to argue with the guy. In any case, it’s convenient enough to wash.

She straightforwardly took the handkerchief and randomly stashed it away. One couldn’t perceive the slightest bit of value placed on it.

Eunuch Sun once again gasped in anger!

Subconsciously, he looked at Baili Jia Jue’s face, the man’s expression was very cool. It’s just that the pair of eyes was even a few degrees colder that it was recently.

Everybody blankly watched this scene. They somewhat didn’t understand what Third Prince’s intention was?

After all, no matter how someone thought about it, it was impossible for them to put these two people together.

Wei Wei’s figure is certainly good, but it’s precisely that dark face that caused people to be less than impressed. Her whole face was one black egg-shaped charcoal briquette!

It’s only right that Third Prince shouldn’t be thinking of choosing this person.

Then what was his intention behind his actions right now anyway?

No one could understand what Baili Jia Jue was thinking, because after this, he didn’t say anything more to Wei Wei at all. Rather, he indifferently took a stroll. One of his hands half hung by the side of his leg, the other lead Little Bald Head hand-in-hand, turned towards Spirit Forest, and walked away in that direction.

Seemingly, throwing Wei Wei the handkerchief was but an insignificant matter.

In essence, even the person accompanying him by his side, Eunuch Sun, was totally at a loss. Seeing that his master had left, he immediately followed after him soon afterwards.

Helian Jiao Er was just extremely embarrassed and humiliated. She originally thought she was the one Baili Jia Jue wanted to talk to. Even the surrounding people felt this way.

She was already prepared and wanted to stand up, but then the result was!

Helian Jiao Er’s finger, dyed red with cinnabar, mechanically twisted the handkerchief tightly. The more she twisted, the tighter it became. The more she twisted the tighter it became… tightly that that handkerchief changed shape!

It’s that slut again!

Why was it that slut again!

“Second Sister.” In order to reduce Helian Jiao Er’s embarrassment, when Baili Jia Jue left, Helian Mei also stood up immediately afterwards, pulled at her arm, and spoke with disdain, “Within the capital, who doesn’t know that His Highness likes cleanliness the most. A certain person even stubbornly managed to come here with her slovenly appearance, so as to draw Third Prince’s attention. This Younger Sister have no choice but to say that this really was the display of an effective trick. I am powerless to imitate it.”

Having heard that, those young girls from prestigious families who also disliked Wei Wei followed along and one after another stood up.

“What Sister Mei said was right. The fact that His Highness likes cleanliness is something everybody knew. Based on my observation, His Highness indeed was unable to endure it. That’s why he took out the handkerchief and made a certain person hurry and clean herself a bit, in order to avoid offending his eyes.”

“Ah, I suppose His Highness also didn’t anticipate that a certain person would take the initiative to suggest washing the handkerchief for His Highness.”

“That’s why I said that, heh, the way this ugly person make strange things happen truly is by knowing how to talk. First was Lord Murong, after that was Grandmaster, and now again already being replaced by His Highness.”

Having heard everybody’s mocking voices, Helian Jiao Er immediately revealed the smile of someone who felt wronged, seemingly resisting the tears as she shook her head and turned to Helian Mei, “Don’t talk about these things anymore. I still need to prepare well, so I can enter Spirit Forest properly in a moment.”

Helian Mei, however, didn’t want to let things pass this way. Facing Wei Wei’s direction, she shouted out, “If you think that anybody can be fawned on by you, dream on!”

Wei Wei ignored her, certainly not because of something like she was being magnanimous. Rather, ever since the moment that Baili Jia Jue had left, Yuan Ming had awoken. He was in the middle of speaking to her in her mind, “You need to pay attention when you enter Spirit Forest. Don’t casually use your own qi. When you see a suitable spirit beast, then release your energy. Otherwise, if you meet a spirit beast that’s stronger than you, you could very well be gobbled up.”

“I know.” While she was speaking, Wei Wei stood up.

She had just rose when she saw a group of rich young ladies staring at her in disgust. Even the young masters from influential families who were standing behind the girls had their eyes on her with varying degrees of criticism.

Early on, Wei Wei had already stopped wondering about these kinds of circumstances. Right now, she’s only thinking about those things Yuan little Ming had just told her about.

A good spirit beast’s ring, had the ability to affect martial cultivation.

Because a strong spirit beast wasn’t merely as simple as to be used only for riding.

Wait until the time the real competitions drew near, it could advance to attack while defending. When necessary, it could even go as far as to protect its master’s life!

Wei Wei didn’t anticipate that this was merely an ordinary consort selection, yet would involve the matter of spirit beasts. She wouldn’t be able to rush through the banquet and return as she’d planned. Then how about just going to Spirit Forest to take a look. Maybe she could unexpectedly reap some benefits.

Wei Wei smiled cooly and didn’t even bother taking a glance at those people. She arranged the osmanthus cakes and and left the dinner banquet.

It’s precisely this attitude of hers that made people loathe her. She seemed to think that they simply were not worth conversing with.

Helian Jiao Er tightly bit on the flesh inside her lips and deeply took one long breath. Yet why was she unable to remove the hate that’s surging out from the deepest recesses of the bottom of her heart.

It seemed that she was still too benevolent towards Wei Wei, this slut.

She shouldn’t listen to maternal grandfather and not do anything.

Heh, Spirit Forest, is it? Then she will have that slut enter but not return!

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