The Anarchic Consort - Chapter 64

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Chapter 64: Ancient Spirit Beast

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Helian Wei Wei kindly closed her eyes and smirked. “Don’t be shy, I won’t pounce on you or anything.”

The silver-haired man slipped, but his expression didn’t change, his voice cold and distant: “Woman, you can open your eyes now.”

Helian Wei Wei turned around with a smile, to see that the beautiful man was dressed. The sleeves swayed in the wind, like a celestial being.

What he was wearing belonged to her, though the clothes fit him well. It’s just that the length of the sleeves and the bottom were too short, and those sexy abs were exposed with a sheen of sweat.

His long hair swayed with his every movement, showing those light silver eyes, with a hint of a alluring glow, the moonlight shone upon his face, highlighting his perfectly sculpted face, a lot like those young boys from a manga.

“Very nice.” Helian Wei Wei rubbed her chin while she devilishly smiled : ” Have you ever thought that women’s clothing suits you more.”

The beautiful man slightly squinted his eyes, then slowly turned around, his eyes filled with menace: ” Keep talking like that, and this lord will eat you whole!”

Helian Wei Wei smiled even more brightly: “Eat me? Are you sure? A cat with a blood phobia, even if you turned into a human, you’ll still have it.” With that said, she twirled her finger: “I just need to bite my hand, lose only two drops of blood, and wait for you to faint. Can you resist what I will do to you?

The beautiful man tensed up, as if he’d never met a woman this shameless. He pointed at her and stubbornly said: “This lord will not bother arguing with the likes of you!”

With that said, he planned to just leave, but he never thought that when he’d just lifted his leg, his body became small again. He wasn’t even given a chance to struggle!

Damn it!

“Hey, even if you turned back, you’re still pretty, there’s absolutely no need to lie on the floor and act dead.” Helian Wei Wei chuckled while looking at the glum face of the cat. No matter how she looked at it, it was really hilarious.

The white cat walked over, and lay down in front of Helian Wei Wei. He’d decided that before he completely recovered his true self, he would stay with this woman.

Even though he didn’t know how strong she was, she’s still much better than those greedy humans!

Moreover, he had this feeling that something was dormant within her body.

He was just checking when he was stopped by an unknown source. He’d never met such a situation before.

Helian Wei Wei looked at the spaced out cat in front of her and raised one of her eyebrows.

“Why can’t you control your own body?”

The white cat glanced at her. “This lord is in the middle of going through a trial. You cunning humans schemed against me when I was at my weakest! Trying to form a contract with me while I was undergoing my tribulation trial. I just fought those people in the west and I’m tired, thus showing my true self. Do you think that people normally can see this lord’s true self? Not possible!” After he finished speaking, he ‘humphed’ once.

Helian Wei Wei crossed her arms in front of her chest as she sized him up. “Then why are you casually showing your true self right now?”

The white cat immediately felt its cheeks heat up, but soon realized that even if a cat was blushing, she wouldn’t be able to see it. With that in mind, he felt much better: “If I turn into a human, who knows what you will do to me. Hey, pervert, this is the first time someone other than my Mother who saw my naked body! You have to take responsibility!”

Hearing what he said, Helian Wei Wei glanced away. “You can go now.”

The cat was stunned, not expecting her to reject him.

A weird feeling appeared within his heart.

He continued with his cold and noble tone: “If it weren’t for the fact that we, the White Fen¹ Clan are devoted to repaying favors, do you that this lord will let you take responsibility?”

“White Fen clan?” Helian Wei Wei looked at the white cat: “The descendant of the ancient spirit beast?”

The cat nodded as an answer.

“Since you want to repay me, repay me then.” Helian Wei Wei took a bite out of the fish, noticed that the cat tensed up, smiled again: “Don’t worry, I won’t ask you to do anything too difficult. Just help me contract a normal divine spirit beast, and lead me out of the weird place. I tried to walk out but found out that there’s something to the place, is it a magical formation?

Hearing her observation, the cat eyes gleamed with astonishment.

Humans rarely were able to find out about the magical formation in such a short time.

This woman was quite smart.

“That’s right, it’s a magical formation, going by what you are wearing, you’re a student from the White Academy.” The white cat coldly smiled: “If it wasn’t for you people, these lower spirit beasts wouldn’t have needed to set up this magical formation. Spirit beasts don’t like humans, and yet they pretend they were injured to lure out those kind-hearted spirit beasts, then commence massacre, using the spirit beasts’ blood to cultivate martial qi.”

Helian Wei Wei frowned: “Such a thing happened?” According to Elder Huan, even though spirit beasts and humans have contracts, but since long ago, everyone got along as protectors. Between protectors, how can a massacre happen?

“You don’t know?” the white cat’s whisker twitched: “That means someone was doing this against the principal’s will.”

Helian Wei Wei wanted to say something.

A lot of unknown creatures appeared in the surroundings, they were different from the usual animals, their fur was glossy, as if it was glowing, with a glance one could tell it was abnormal.

Though, what were they doing…

Mushrooms? And they’re poisonous.

Goldfish? And they were jumping around?

Helian Wei Wei looked at these spirit beasts putting stuffs in front of her, then quickly ran away, raised one of her eyes and asked: “For me?”

The little beasts all nodded their little heads.

Helian Wei Wei randomly poked around the non-human consumable food, and smiled: “Thank you.”

Hearing her thanking them, made them really so happy that they were making a lot noises.

The white cat leisurely stood in between them, glanced at Helian Wei Wei, his expression as if saying ‘look at these innocent children, you humans still dare to hurt them, how despicable.’

Helian Wei Wei stayed silent. Within her knowledge, to tame spirit beasts, was basically looking for a fight with the beasts, whoever lost listened to whatever the winner says.

Because in this world, the strong ruled.

But to use these kind little spirit beasts, and to hurt them?

It really was downright despicable.

Before Helian Wei Wei could recall all of the information, she was stunned.

Because not far away, the huge body of a black demonic beast toward in front, with glowing red eyes, and saliva dripping from its mouth, fixed its gaze upon her, clearly viewing her as an after dinner dessert…

¹White Fen is a twist from the literal translation from the chinese 白泽 which is White Marsh, but it doesn’t seem to flow so I changed the word to make it look a lil fancier… It’s a chinese mythical beast that came out on wikipedia if you search Baí Zé or 白泽… If you check out the images… some are really amazing and drool worthy..hahaha

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