The Anarchic Consort - Chapter 65

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Chapter 65: His Highness Appears

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“Roar~!” A deafening roar came from the beast.

Helian Wei Wei’s expression changed, wanting to sidestep it, but her legs was gripped by an unknown power, no matter how much she struggled, it didn’t seem to work.

Demonic beasts were one of the most savage animals within the Spirit Forest. Its entire body was full of poison. Unless a golden staged cultivator fought it, no other cultivator could defeat it. No matter how bright they were, they would be reduced to becoming its food.

“The scent of a human, tasty, tasty!” The demonic beast’s eyes reddened, and bared its teeth. Like a retard, it kept saying the same thing over and over again.

This made Helian Wei Wei feel uneasy. The difference between a spirit beast and a demonic beast was that spirit beasts were born with spiritual energy, whereas a demonic beast that hadn’t reached the highest stage of development simply were unable to speak.

It could be said that the probability of her death was a bit higher,

Helian Wei Wei tightly gripped onto her dagger, summoning the air surrounding her.

She was a manipulation martial cultivator, if there’s wind, then she could control it.

The demonic beast seemed to notice something. The puny little human in front of him was trying to oppose him. Feeling unhappy, he stomped!

Helian Wei Wei’s body flew back like a broken kite, the force as strong as a lighting bolt hit her, she could only feel that her whole body was in pain, like her body was ripped apart.

Her chest rose, and a mouthful of black blood came out.

This blood was no normal blood, but the combination of her internal energy and qi, which made her spit out one of the most poisonous essence of blood!


She, the queen of munitions, having hunted countless numbers of tigers, how could she be defeated in this kind of place!

Helian Wei Wei abruptly summon up martial qi, not knowing which meridian she accidentally touched, within her body a powerful mysterious power flowed.

This mysterious power made her unable to breathe as her heart suddenly trembled and fear washed through her. This, to the her who’d always been proud was nearly impossible.

Because her body was no longer within her control, her stiffened body directly fell onto the ground.

She couldn’t feel anything, only the sensation of her body being ripped apart, as if a knife was fiercely slashing through every part of her body.

That powerful energy was berserk in her body, flowing towards her dantian, each hit ripping apart the well combined internal energy and inner strength.

What in the world was happening? Where did this strange energy came from? What was it doing?

Feeling the huge energy slowly consuming her inner strength.

Two words suddenly appeared within Helian Wei Wei’s consciousness ….. Bite back.

Why was it like this, she didn’t understand.

But this situation was very dangerous, the energy was powerful and violent.

Soon, problems would appear, if her internal energy was completely consumed, then the next thing it would consume was her.

With that thought, Helian Wei Wei smiled devilishly.

Wanted to consume her?

It would need to ask if she agreed or not!

Helian Wei Wei clenched her palm, immediately faced the power head on.

The two different powers were like two strong opponents, fighting each other.

Gradually, the strange power within her body merged together with her internal energy!

Even the leaves surrounding her seemed to have changed too.


A streak of blinding light appeared, with the intent to destroy.

Bombarded on the front legs of the demonic beast who wanted tear Helian Wei Wei to shreds.

“Ooow!” a painful roar came out of the demonic beast.

The demonic beast took a step back after the pain. not understanding how such a change could happen to Helian Wei Wei, but the aura of an ancient being made him unable to step closer, so he ran away!

Helian Wei Wei also felt the abnormal power within her as she slowly restrained her hand. Before the power the power raging within her had a chance to dissipate.

She saw the white cat look at her with disbelief: “Your rank went up again?”

“Maybe.” Helian Wei Wei moved her wrist. She could tell that her change wasn’t as simple as advancing in rank.

The white cat gazed at her deeply: “You can go and kill the demonic beast. To cultivators, the inner core of the demonic beast is a great supplement.”

Due to its reminder, Helian Wei Wei recalled that Yuan Ming previously wanted her to consume an inner core. For some reason Yuan Ming was dormant. If she fed him the inner core, he might just wake up.

Of course, this was just a speculation.

However, Helian Wei Wei was someone who did things very quickly. Since the inner core was nothing bad, then she’d just take it first!

With this kind of mindset, Helian Wei Wei immediately jumped up, following the trail of the demonic beast.

The white cat also didn’t plan on staying here by itself as it jumped and landed on Helian Wei Wei’s shoulder.

They cooperated very well, they were both also excited to kill a beast.

It’s just that they didn’t expect that the demonic beast that should’ve died didn’t die and instead met other people who just arrived.

The beast seemed to be irritated by the endless numbers humans appearing, furthermore it just received a blow from Helian Wei Wei, now it wasn’t in the mood to kill anymore, and just its hunger remained.

“Eat, eat…” the beast abruptly stopped up in front of a man, a deafening roar echoed in the air.

The man lazily looked at the beast, the sun shining on his white robe and his jet black hair, giving off an alluring aura, his voice without the slightest bit of emotion: “Move.”

The man probably was used to talking in a demanding tone.

This pissed off the beast!

What the hell!

Usually when humans saw him, they all bowed their head, afraid that it would kill them!

And yet he met two people who didn’t care, and the second one was even more annoying than the first!

“Roar!” The beast roared angrily, pouncing to attack the man!

Even facing such a huge beast, the man was unfazed and didn’t even bother to dodge. His pair of eyes were calm and hidden in depth as his slender fair hand slowly raised. His fingers that were as fair as ivory bent and a reddist-gold light slowly enveloped his entire right hand.

The beast immediately felt something was wrong, he started trembling, frightened by this scene, quickly stepped back, his eyes filled with fear!

The beast just realized this was someone he shouldn’t mess with.

It wasn’t because it had just gained wisdom.

Rather, it was because it just hadn’t noticed the shadow behind the man.

It was a fire qilin!

The king of all beasts, the fire qilin!

Who could have enough power to contract with the fire qilin!

The beast felt an immense regret, if it had moved when the man said so, then he wouldn’t get chased by the fire qilin!


Another deafening roar, but this time, it’s obvious that he was regretful.

With a flash, the beast was gone!

All the beasts within the Spirit Forest started to panic after the roar.

Even the cat on Helian Wei Wei’s shoulder tensed up, not knowing why he felt a dangerous presence.

Helian Wei Wei frowned, landed on the ground.

As the trees swayed with the wind, a pair of strong legs appeared from within, then the black rose embroidered golden belt. Lastly the silver mask, and jet black hair behind his back, emoting an alluring and noble feeling, as if a celestial being appeared…..

It’s…. the Third Prince?

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