The Anarchic Consort - Chapter 66

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Chapter 66: His Highness Was Pretending

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Why was he here?

That’s weird, wasn’t he in front with the advanced students and Helian Jiao Er?

Was the third prince lost too?

Helian Wei Wei looked at the man, squinted her phoenix eyes in confusion.

The cat on her shoulder, exposed his claws, his eyes filled with alert!

Somehow he felt that this human was very dangerous.

Even though he seemed harmless, but something was off.

As a descendant of an ancient spirit beast, he had never felt this way before!

Who was this man?

“Third prince.” Helian Wei Wei gently smiled, breaking the silence, “Have you seen a beast?” Why he was here is not important, what’s important is the inner core.

Baili Jia Jue nodded.

Helian Wei Wei’s eyes shone with excitement: “Where is it now?”

“Didn’t have time to see.” Baili Jia Jue said in a slowly and imperturbed, when lying he didn’t even blush, he even gave off an elegance of a high noble. “You should know that this lord doesn’t have any martial qi, it’s natural to hide if I see a beast, how can I tell where it


Helian Wei Wei “….”

Fine, blame the sense of oppression from His Highness, it made her forget that he didn’t have any martial qi.


“I thought it was just a rumor.” Helian Wei Wei sneakily tested him.

Baili Jia Jue’s expression didn’t change while reached out his hand, summoning his internal energy, but it’s just a ball of mist.

This proved that he didn’t have martial qi.

Because at least when Helian Wei Wei summoned, the surrounding air would change.

And him, he couldn’t even summon any air.

“Are you deliberately looking to see this lords’ inability?” Baili Jia Jue half smirked, unable to determine if he’s angry or not.

Helian Wei Wei knew what it’s like to be treated as a trash and apologetically said: “That’s not what I mean.”

Baili Jia Jue stayed silent.

Helian Wei Wei didn’t even know if he’s angry at her or not. She just walked away and continued to chase down the beast.

“You’re just leaving?” his husky voice came behind her, Baili Jia Jua looked at her: “What’s this lord going to do?”

Hmm? Wait, what did the Third Prince mean?

What did he mean by what was he supposed to do?

Baili Jia Jue slowly walked over, the face covered by the silver mask gradually walked closer, somehow it felt familiar: “You said it yourself that a beast appeared, this lord can’t summon martial qi, and you just plan to leave this lord here, not caring about what happens?”

Then? What was she supposed to do?

Helian Wei Wei blinked with confusion.

Baili Jia Jue gave her two words: “Escort me.”

Helian Wei Wei: ” ….” [How could you, a full grown man say such a thing so naturally!]

Hidden within his spatial space, the fire qilin nearly spit out blood when he heard what his master said, a few years passed, his master was better at acting now!

“We’re getting out first, you can go find your beast another time.” Baili Jia Jue casually twirled his thumb ring, it didn’t seem to matter when you looked at him, he always looked charming like this.

Great, His Highness had planned her schedule already, not giving her any chance to retort!

However, if there’s nothing in it for me, then why must she listen to him?

Helian Wei Wei stood there not moving, reached to pet the white cat on her shoulder.

As if knowing what she was thinking, Baili Jia Jue smirked: “What? You don’t want to? Then this lord can continue to keep the dragon’s inner core.”

Dragon’s inner core?

The saint core was rarer than a normal beast inner core!

It was said that if you ate one, it counted as ten years of cultivation!

No wonder they said even if the Third Prince didn’t have any martial qi, a lot of girls still wanted him.

Aside from his physique, just based on his treasures, all of the distinguished families in the city would run after him.

Helian Wei Wei scoffed, in that moment she felt somewhat off balanced, even though we’re both trash.

How was it possible for there to be such a big difference between two people.

For merely taking him along, it was worth it. Anyways it’s too late to follow that other beast, plus the inner core of a dragon was indeed precious, since you couldn’t really catch any dragons in this continent, usually need to go to the marine areas.

After comparing Helian Wei Wei quickly decided “It’s my pleasure to escort you, Third Prince.”

The dragon’s inner core!

I wonder if Yuan Ming will be excited to see the inner core of a dragon when he wakes up.

Baili Jia Jue didn’t expose her little plan, he just smirked and glanced at the cat who’s full of hostility, and diabolically smiled.

The cat tensed up.

Damn it, why did he have this feeling that this man could see his true self!

Helian Wei Wei also noticed Baili Jia Jue’s gaze, expressionlessly said: “I just picked it up, I gave him some clothes, later we can cook him and eat him.”

Baili Jia Jue who didn’t have any interest in the cat, stopped for a second, glanced at the cat again, with a meaningful gaze: “Don’t need to wait, if tonight we can’t get out, you can cook it.”

The white cat: ….

He wanted to leave, right now!

Helian Wei Wei looked at the cat with pity, her eyes as if saying: ‘Sorry, I was just joking, who knew that the Third Prince really wanted to eat you.’

The white cat: ‘Don’t eat this lord, you’re really going to listen to this man and roast this lord!’

Helian Wei Wei sighed: ‘He’s my employer right now.’

The white cat: ‘…’

He shouldn’t have trusted this human!

However Helian Wei Wei didn’t really roast the cat and observed her surroundings. She needed to wait till the fog dissipate, before she could do anything else.

She started a fire, then took a branch, planned to hunt a rabbit to eat.

The climate within the forest was unpredictable, she didn’t know when the fog will go away, but not getting hungry was her motto.

She didn’t have to tell Baili Jia Jue, since he’s sitting by the fire, nothing would happen. Plus the beast just left, so it won’t come back for quite some time.

Even for the intelligent Helian Wei Wei, she didn’t know that the beast she was thinking of, was already dealt with by the ‘no martial qi’ Baili Jia Jue, who fed the beast to his pet…. fire qilin.

When Baili Jia Jue was alone by the fire, the fire qilin’s satisfied voice appeared from the spatial space, with a husky and alluring tone: “Alone with a woman, Master, are you planning to do something to the woman!”

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