The Anarchic Consort - Chapter 74

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Chapter 74: Counterattack

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Who was she talking to?

Everyone didn’t understand as they looked at each other.

Seeing Wei Wei this calm and composed, uneasiness suddenly bubbled forth from the depths of Helian Jiao Er’s heart.

However, before she opened her mouth again, from Wei Wei’s shoulder, there rose a cloud of mist, slowly transforming into a white cat.

When they saw that white cat, the students from the academy still didn’t understand, but those imperial bodyguards from the White Fen Clan standing by the side one by one opened their eyes wide as disbelief filled all of their faces!

They simultaneously shouted. “Your Highness? !”

What? This little cat surprisingly was the White Fen clan’s Prince?

How’s that possible? !

How was it so little? Apparently, it seemed as if it didn’t even have the ability to transform into a human figure. How could it be the White Fen Clan’s Prince!

After Helian Mei heard the voices addressing it, she clearly somewhat couldn’t believe it. “Imperial bodyguards, you can’t be mistaken, right?”

“Certainly not!” Those imperial bodyguards excitedly turned towards Helian Wei Wei and walked over.

Helian Jiao Er wanted to block them, but discovered that there’s already not enough time.

Because those imperial bodyguards already stood in front of Wei Wei. They looked at that white cat in fear and trepidation. “Your Highness, how did you turn into this appearance?” Even his true body was exposed!

The white cat scanned the group of people all around him, its voice purely cold. “Who told you to dispatch the troops, and again, who told you that she was chasing to kill me! If it wasn’t for Wei Wei, this Prince would’ve lost his life to a demonic beast. You guys even allowed people to exploit you, to come and arrest our White Fen Clan’s benefactor. You guys are simply too foolish.”

The imperial guards were rebuked until their faces and heads hung dejectedly, not even daring to refute. Once the white cat’s voice came out of its mouth, it also thoroughly purged any suspicions on Wei Wei. Not only was she blameless in chasing him to kill, she even protected the White Fen clan’s imperial descendant.

This fact was the same as a slap from the palm ‘slap slap slap’ to everyone’s face!

During that instant, Helian Jiao Er’s pale face became extremely confused. No matter what, it was hard for her to imagine that because of their actions behind the scenes, Wei Wei saved the White Fen Clan’s Prince’s life.

Jing Wu Wang’s expression was even more flustered. He didn’t know how to confront those questioning gazes thrown at him.

“Since Master Jing wants to punish me for the crime, then go ahead and punish me.” Wei Wei smiled indifferently as she stood with her spine very straight. Even though she wore dirty clothes made of coarse cloth and that little face was so dark that it was ash black in color, she nevertheless gave everyone a kind of indescribable feeling of oppression. “I, Helian Wei Wei, according to everyone’s wish, will go on to accompany the Helian family’s tens of thousands of souls departed in battle!”

After hearing this, there was an uproar at the scene.

They never thought that Wei Wei would speak in such a resolute way.

So that even though Jing Wu Wang wanted to compromise, he couldn’t find any pretext for it.

What she was doing was to have him mete out her punishment. She was clearly doing this to force his hand!

Right now, he was the academy’s acting principal. If he made any mistakes, he would lose his position.

It was very difficult for the elders from the four great clans to have joined hands to get rid of Tusu Feng.

Giving him the opportunity to climb upwards.

Right now, such a noisy matter was already enough to give people from the Imperial Family justification to recall Tusu Feng.

If Wei Wei continued down this path of no mercy, it’s very possible that he’d be pushed to fall into the crime of committing an injustice against a student. When that time comes, not to mention his position as acting principal, even his title as the head of the Superior Compound would probably be lost as well!

When Murong Chang Feng rushed over and saw precisely this scene, his gaze turned to the female standing in the middle of the crowd, and felt that the unbending lonesome view of her back was somewhat dazzling.

His previously apathetic heart seemed to suddenly skip a beat at that moment.

However, this didn’t affect his judgment of the current political situation at all.

Jing Wu Wang was the Murong Prince’s Mansion and the Su family’s cooperative chess piece, planted within White Academy since ten plus years ago.

With great difficulty, he now finally was put to use. At this crucial point in time, how could Jing Wu Wang, because of such a trivial matter, be arrested and possibly be used against them!

However, Jing Wu Wang truly indeed had nothing to say. Currently, he’d already been caught in a quandary. No matter how he replied, it’d be wrong. This was just like holding onto a hot potato.

Wei Wei faintly smiled. This time, she should be able to thoroughly shut up the people who took part in ridiculing her all these years!

The atmosphere instantly fell into an impasse.

All of the students were apparently waiting for the outcome.

“Wei Wei, right now, the truth of the matter has already been revealed. Third Prince is also here and naturally has formed a judgment in his mind. Master Jing certainly doesn’t have the qualifications to make this decision.”

The gorgeous and steady tone of voice interrupted the brief silence.

Wei Wei glanced back and only saw Murong Chang Feng standing behind her with an indifferent expression as his gaze fell on Helian Jiao Er and Jing Wu Wang. After that, he looked away without exposing any trace of partiality. A short sentence was enough to expel all of the pressure that Jing Wu Wang had been subjected to.

Wei Wei’s gaze fiercely fixed on him. The second time. This was already the second time that he cut off her plans.

When Lord Murong spoke, naturally everyone would listen.

This was the network of friends within the crowd of aristocrats.

When anything happened, it seemed as if the actual facts wasn’t important at all.

He previously swore an oath at the main hall of a Buddhist temple to stand by her with steadfast loyalty.

Everyone in court, from top to bottom knew that she, Wei Wei, was to be Lord Murong Chang Feng’s future consort.

Yet now, not only did he not support her, on the contrary, over time, he’d been sharpened into a sharp sword directly stabbing into her back from behind, killing her without reservation.

Everyone said that she wrapped herself around him, that she didn’t deserve him, yet no one remembered who it was that originally repeatedly visited the Defense Division just so he could play together with her.

Actually, at that time, it was he who carried her to a hilltop and promised to give her a view of the most beautiful scenery.

Yet now, he’d let go and thrown her down the hill disregarding the blood flowing from her head.

For the sake of consolidating his own power, Murong Chang Feng chose to protect Jing Wu Wang, defend Helian Jiao Er, and abandon her…

Wei Wei felt a profound disdain and loathing.

However, Murong Chang Feng misunderstood and even thought that she was reminiscing, so his gaze softened somewhat.

Standing by the side, Jing Wu Wang knew that Murong Chang Feng was giving him a way out so he immediately responded. “Lord’s right. I’m only a teacher of martial qi. How could I know what was punishable or not in this matter.”

Having said that, he turned towards Baili Jia Jue. “How about we let Third Prince make the ruling.”

Once Wei Wei heard this, she felt that everything was hopeless. People from the Imperial Family was best at feigning ignorance. In regards to a trivial matter like this, Third Prince would naturally stand on the side of Jing Wu Wang and the others, especially when the imperial consort he’d selected behind closed doors was on that side.

And those aristocratic young lads and ladies understood these rules the most. There also would be no one who would help by speaking up for her.

Upon careful examination, she was simply fighting on her own…

Wei Wei’s thoughts hadn’t fully taken shape, when she saw Baili Jia Jue jump down from the horse. His face wearing the silver mask, dressed in gorgeous and opulent clothes appeared exceptionally handsome, the dense eyebrows and eyelashes, deeply hidden black pupils bewitchingly caused people to be captivated…

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