The Anarchic Consort - Chapter 75

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Chapter 75: Losing One’s Standing

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“Have me make a ruling?” Baili Jia Jue looked at her as apathy streaked through his long and narrow devilish eyes. He appeared as if the matter was of no concern to him at all. “Then just let it be a capital offense.”

Capital offense? Helian Wei Wei’s hands clenched. What a great Third Prince, kicking a benefactor in the teeth like this!

All of those rabbit meat that she roasted within the Spirit Forest were, without exception, all fed to a dog after all!

Truly, he didn’t have one bit of a conscience!

Wait a minute.

Wei Wei’s eyebrows jumped. He said it was a capital offense, so why was he extending his hand?

He’s not thinking that his hand was so good-looking that she would forgive him…

The light in Wei Wei’s eyes radiated determination as she lifted her head and originally was going to give him a slap on the face, but her entire body fell into that man’s pair of eyes which were as deep as an ancient well and as dark as black ink. That pair of eyes seemed to possess magic, as if they could suck her into them.

Wei Wei blanked out. Huh? Didn’t he want to give her a death sentence? Why did he still want to take her by the arm before she died?

She thought that Third Prince knew how to conduct himself too well, giving her sweets to eat before having her face death’s door, so as to properly have her not resent him when she arrived in hell!

Forget that she truly could still be a bit soft hearted like that…

However, he really underestimated her too much. Did he think that he could casually use his masculine charms to seduce her and she would just surrender?

Eunuch Sun was simply going insane because of this girl from the Helian family. He lowered his voice and anxiously urged her. “Miss Helian, Master is helping you, uh, shouldn’t you hurry and take his hand. How much longer do you intend for him to stoop down!”

Wei Wei actually didn’t think that Third Prince would help her. She extended her hand and placed it on top of his fingertips. The touch unexpectedly made her feel limp and numb.

As if avoiding the dirt on her hand, he only held her a short while before loosening his hand. On his upright yet evil handsome face was a gracefulness that wasn’t touched by anything profane. One couldn’t tell his state of mind from his picturesque appearance.

She discovered that she truly was unable to see through this Third Prince.

After that, she heard him say. “He is the academy’s acting principal, yet he took the lead to entrap a loyal and righteous person from the younger generation. Naturally, this is a capital offense.”

His voice wasn’t loud, yet was so ice-cold that it seemed as if it could compress other people’s throat.

Everybody could feel a chill from the bottom of their hearts. Their blood felt as if it was freezing. It was so quiet that they could hear the sound of their blood circulating…

It was so quiet that it’s scary.

Even the air seemed to have stagnated.

Jing Wu Wang’s face paled all at once. He stood there rigid from head to toe. A ‘putt’ sounded out when he kneeled on the ground!

Probably it’s because that power was too great, so great that it made Helian Jiao Er also immediately shiver all over from the cold while perspiration drenched the handkerchief in the palm of her hand. As she watched Baili Jia Jue, her mouth opened to speak, yet she also didn’t dare to speak.

Murong Chang Feng didn’t anticipate that things would develop this way. A trace of astonishment clearly streaked across his face.

He never thought that the always single-mindedly apathetic Third Prince surprisingly would get involved in this matter. Furthermore, once he took control, he was so overwhelming.

Such that Murong Chang Feng, who wanted to refute him, entirely couldn’t find a pretext for it.

“Entrapping a loyal and righteous person from the younger generation.” With such a big net having been released, no matter how many people were involved, they would’ve all committed a capital offense!

Only Helian Mei wasn’t able to properly perceive the mood.

Rather than say she couldn’t perceive the mood.

Let’s say instead that she just simply didn’t believe that such a high and aloof third prince would extend his hand to help a good-for-nothing!

“Your Highness, did you say it incorrectly? How could the person who was sentenced with the death penalty be Jing Wu Wang!”

Helian Mei furiously pointed at Wei Wei. “Clearly, this girl was harboring unfathomable motives. She’d already saved the cat clan’s prince and didn’t say anything until the last minute in order to entrap the teacher!”

Once Helian Jiao Er heard these words, she knew ‘damn it!’ as she stepped forward and hurriedly berated. “Younger Sister, shut up!”

“Why should I shut up, Older Sister, look at this girl. Is she the same as she was before? Not at all! She’s a downright crafty little snake. We only strayed a little yet she bit firmly without letting go. I also wonder where she’s recently learned some methods to charm and deceive. Even His Highness who you like the most is…”


Helian Jiao Er saw the surrounding people gradually show looks of comprehension and that man’s eyes becoming as ice cold as a deep pool. Unable to stand it anymore, using the palm of her hand, she fiercely slapped Helian Mei on the face!

This slap didn’t merely stun Helian Mei at that moment, even Wei Wei didn’t expect it as she raised her eyebrows, following which she stroked the white cat. The corners of her mouth hooked into a devilish smiling expression.

Helian Jiao Er’s chest moved up and down and seemed as if she was suppressing her anger.

She knew clearly what kind of man he was. The number of women he’d already rejected were innumerable. What a high and aloof person like him hated most was to have people set him up.

That’s why for the past many years she’d always been silent before him. Even if she heard news having to do with him, she also only smiled demurely. So much so that when she learned about Third Prince choosing a consort, she didn’t disclose her feelings to anyone at all.

She pretended that she didn’t care much for him. Even when other girls from prestigious families asked her, she also suppressed her complacency and delight as much as possible.

But how about now? In but a moment, Helian Mei exposed all of the secrets within the depths of her heart in front of everyone!

She could almost imagine how those girls who normally had good relations with her and dragged her to talk about Third Prince must look at her now!

It’s enough that her Third Sister was stupid on her own, but she had to also drag her down as well. How could this not make Helian Jiao Er angry!

“You hit me? Second Sister, you went so far as to hit me!” Helian Mei’s shrieks were indescribably ear-piercing. As hot-tempered as she was, she glared and was going to pounce and grab Helian Jiao Er’s hair. She couldn’t accept being slapped on the face in front of so many people!

Helian Jiao Er perceived that she didn’t know how to exercise restraint and became truly angry. She grabbed Helian Mei’s wrist and said in a hushed voice. “You stop now. Helian Mei, do you intend for everybody to make a joke of us sisters? !”

“If they’re making a joke then let them!” Helian Mei had been incited into a belly full of fiery anger. Helian Jiao Er didn’t want people to know, but she instead was determined, either the fish dies or the net splits (she’d stake even her life). “In any case, from childhood until now, I’ve been nothing but a joke to you!”

Helian Jiao Er paused. “How could you think that?”

“Don’t tell me otherwise. Isn’t it so?” Helian Mei shouted loudly. Compared to her usual self, this was apparently even more reckless, completely unrestrained. She basically took her ugly side and totally exposed it to the world. “No matter what the misdeed, you prompted me to go do it. I was only your tool. Wherever you say to strike, I must strike there! And the result was that you gained a good name for yourself, but I haven’t gained anything. Even Father loves you more! They should see properly that you’re actually nothing!”

“Helian Mei!” Helian Jiao Er trembled all over and reprimanded with hushed tones. “What in the world is the matter with you today?”

Helian Mei coldly smiled. Her pair of eyes were red. “Me? I’ve only been awakened by the slap from your palm, you malicious whore!”

Everyone was stunned by this scene.

One ought to know that this pair of beautiful sisters ordinarily was well liked by everyone who’d seen them. The older one was sweet-tempered and beautiful. The younger one had a lively temperament. Even when they spoke they attracted people’s affection.

But look at today, what was this? She was just like a street shrew, my God!

While everyone’s mouths were opened wide in shock, only Baili Jia Jue glanced at Wei Wei beside him, his gaze was emotionless, cold and deeply hidden like an ancient well…

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