The Anarchic Consort - Chapter 77

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Chapter 77: His Highness In Disguise Again

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Outside of White Academy, after Su Jia Cheng heard the news that Helian Jiao Er was disgraced, he and and Helian Guang Yao dashed over together.

“Grandfather, Daddy, I really can’t stand that good-for-nothing anymore.” Heilian Jiao Er had thoroughly lost her patience. Her eyes filled with maliciousness fixed at a corner of her handkerchief. “I want her name removed from the Helian Clan’s family register.”

After he heard his granddaughter’s words, Su Jia Cheng answered, “Originally, I thought that this good-for-nothing wouldn’t be able to withstand anything that happens. I didn’t expect that she’d destroy the relationships that I’ve established for so many years! Since she’s like this, unable to tell what’s good from bad, then let’s make sure she taste some suffering. Guang Yao, you go take care of this matter. Those family members with ambitions remaining in the Helian family, I reckon that they already don’t want to allow a good-for-nothing to stay within the clan and hinder their ambitions.”

Helian Guang Yao nodded his head. However, as devious as he was, he already discovered something suspicious, “That evil spawn and Third Prince both can’t use qi. How in the world did they run from such a dangerous area within Spirit Forest and escape out here? Could it be possible that the evil spawn has hidden something from me?”

“What could she possibly have!” Helian Mei covered her head that was bumped and cut, and disdainfully screamed, “She was just lucky and saved the White Fen Clan’s Prince, so he lead them out of the forest. Otherwise, based on her three legged cat kung fu*, she would’ve died inside Spirit Forest early on!”

(*Translator’s note: Three legged cat kung fu meant that her martial arts skills are terrible.)

“Mei Er, pay attention to your tone of voice and your status for me!” Helian Guang Yao was already angry with her previously. Today, precisely because of this daughter of his, he completely lost all face. Everyone in the capitol now knew that he, Helian Guang Yao, raised a rude and vulgar juvenile. You haven’t improved at all after so many years. Also today at the academy, it’s enough that you humiliated yourself, yet you even dragged your Second Sister out. If that brain of yours doesn’t get any brighter, this father of yours is going to write a letter to have you quit school and get married!”

At the moment, Helian Mei felt wronged for being scolded, yet dared not retort at all. Everybody within the capital knew that a girl who withdrew from the academy simply wouldn’t be wanted by anyone, unless she married those men old enough to be granddads. As arrogant as she was, how could she accept that!

Just thinking about that possibility was enough for her to feel nauseated.

Habitually in the past, by this time, Helian Jiao Er would’ve already helped her smooth things out. But now, Helian Jiao Er only sat by the side, expression unchanged as she drank her tea. In her eyes, she was already fed up with Helian Mei’s stupidity.

Helian Mei wasn’t aware of it yet, and was only focused on wanting to soothe Helian Guang Yao’s temper.

Nobody was aware of the objective that Wei Wei most wanted to achieve in doing what she did today. However, she already successfully accomplished the first step.

If one wanted to destroy an organization, it’s necessary to first sow discord from the inside.

Wei Wei didn’t need to see this scene within the horse carriage to know that, without exception, we shouldn’t keep by her side someone with an ‘unsafe’ disposition who knew all about her weaknesses.

Previously, when Helian Mei and Helian Jiao Er lived at the Defense Division together, they weren’t noticeable. However, they’ve now both arrived at White Academy.

All of their conflicts will be clearly exposed little by little. One was at the Superior Compound and was lavished with adoration endlessly.

Even though the other one wasn’t treated badly, however, the treatment she received was far from being as good as the former.

Helian Mei wasn’t some goody two shoes. It’d be strange if she wasn’t jealous of Helian Jiao Er.

And Helian Jiao Er wasn’t aware of the danger, yet. Wait until she came into contact with the real world, she’d find out at once that having this kind of sister knowing all of her secrets sometimes wasn’t a good thing at all.

“When that time comes, I won’t need to make a move, they’ll be dog-eat-dog soon enough.” Wei Wei whistled leisurely and carefreely. Her mood was absolutely wonderful as she returned to her own living quarters at the Inferior Compound.

Too many things had happened in the last couple of days. It wasn’t easy to have arrived at her own place at last, so Wei Wei relaxed right away, simply tossing her shoes and outer garment, and just like that, lazily rested her upper body face down on top of the desk, taking out the Dragon Pill that she previously earned from Baili Jia Jue and swallowing it. She wanted to try to wake Yuan Ming, but discovered signs of a kind of excitement emerging within his entire mental state.

That’s how Wei Wei realized that Yuan Ming’s deep sleep might not be a bad thing.

Let’s allow him to sleep then.

Who knows, maybe when he woke up there might be some kind of happy surprise.

Wei Wei exerted force from her palms. All of the essence within the Dragon Pill was absorbed into her body instantly. The air around her immediately swirled up. In addition, the ancient scroll on the desktop also rotated continuously and made sounds for a period of time.

The white cat that was crouching by the side basking in the sunlight sat up. Within its eyes flashed a light of surprise.

From the beginning, it knew that she wasn’t simple, but it didn’t think that she would be a cultivator who could manipulate nature.

As a matter of fact, within not just merely the Dragon War Empire, even counting the sea territories, a second cultivator who could manipulate nature would not be found.

This kind of cultivator was either a good-for-nothing who was unable to do anything, or they’d be an earth shaking genius who was in control of all qi!

Very obviously, its master belonged to the latter category!

Previously, his clansmen was even questioning why he chose someone infamous throughout the capitol as a trash to be his master.

Because he’s keeping her secret, he simply couldn’t tell them the real reason, and only said it’s to repay a debt of gratitude. After a while, he’d return to the clan.

And the people here at White Academy still didn’t even know that she already had her own spirit beast!

In addition, he’d just heard people at the Superior Compound say, “At the martial qi competition not far from now, that person from the Helian family will lose especially miserably for sure. Don’t even think about it being possible to be chosen as a consort. Third Prince generally liked clean and pure women, yet she even went through a divorce before. She basically had no chance already. In addition, Retired Emperor certainly won’t let a good-for-nothing marry into the imperial family.”


He wondered what kind of thoughts those girls talking behind her back would have after they saw this scene.

The white cat’s gaze narrowed, its expression profound.

What’s more, after having entered into the contract, it also already sensed that besides her original qi, there was a portion of an extremely dense ancient qi also inside her body.

If it didn’t guess wrongly, that must be her contracted demon!

When all was said and done, who could possibly possess a contracted demon from ancient times?

Just when the white cat was going to open its mouth and ask Wei Wei about it, a figure as pure and cold as the moon appeared by the door. That young man was incredibly handsome. His hair hung down upon his white clothes and black robe like an ink painting, making people feel a kind of restraint incapable of profanity.

This was obviously the first time it had seen this young man, yet it generally felt that there was an indescribable feeling of familiarity.

What’s going on here?

The white cat twitched its whiskers and subconsciously became alert.

“Little White, be good. He is my little brother.” Wei Wei stroked the white cat’s head, and indolently propped up her chin, turned towards Baili Jia Jue and raised her brow. “Why are you here? There’s no money to give today.”

This was the first time that Baili Jia Jue, with his mask removed, felt that White Academy’s uniform of white clothes and black robe wasn’t bad. It concealed all of the smells and aura on his body. What’s more, the image he presented in front of the world, could be controlled as he wished.

So, for example, Baili Jia Jue now increased a trace of demonic aura without misgivings, straightforwardly placed a hand on the desktop, and little by little, pressed down towards her…

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