The Anarchic Consort - Chapter 79

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Chapter 79: Older Sister Doesn’t Appreciate It

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After speaking, that elder stood up. But at this time, Yuan Ming, who was concealed within Wei Wei’s body, suddenly opened his eyes.

Suddenly, with a plop, that elder actually inexplicably kneeled on the ground!

Helian Wei Wei naturally was aware that Yuan Ming had finally regained consciousness. The corners of her mouth slightly curved up, looked at that stunned elder and said, “Nie Wu Lin, you’re an elder promoted by my Maternal Grandfather. If it weren’t for Grandfather, you’d merely be a poor old man with no power and no influence. Now you talk to me of disgrace. Do you have the qualifications, hmm?” After saying this, she scanned each of those elders bit by bit while they were huffing from their fury. “And also, you guys. Which one of you haven’t received Grandfather’s favors? Yet now you join hands with outsiders. Because of those insignificant benefits of yours, you want to throw me out. You’re indeed acting out a great play!”

The elders used their hands to press on their chest, so angry that even their fingers were shaking. Wei Wei’s words practically tore open the filthiest disgrace within their hearts.

They truly did receive the Defense Division’s favors.

Indeed these favors made them feel suffocated in their hearts. Everything they wanted to do depended on that Helian old man’s intentions. They’d simply already had enough.

That’s why after that Helian old man passed away, they very quickly stood on the new clan chief’s side.

Even though Helian Guang Yao managed the Helian clan on behalf of Wei Wei, because she’s not an adult yet, still, they’d rather that the clan chief continue to be Helian Guang Yao.

If it’s this way, not only could they be as tyrannical as they want, they also totally didn’t have to care about anyone else’s intentions.

When they were bored, they could even use Wei Wei as a joke for them to make fun of.

She could only blame herself for being a good-for-nothing, humph. The feeling of taking that Helian old man’s precious daughter and stepping her under foot was…very comfortable!

“Heh heh.” Wei Wei had already seen quite a few people before. How could she not know how these people thought. She curved her lips and indifferently smiled, then taunted blatantly, “Sometimes we really shouldn’t promote someone. Who knows, maybe there’ll be a day when the gratefulness becomes hatred. Respected Father, don’t you think so?”

“That’s enough!” Having heard Wei Wei bringing it up, the intense feeling of humiliation made Helian Guang Yao practically wished that he could squeeze her to death!

That elder kneeling on the ground was even more furious, finally at the breaking point, “Some people really are too much, doing someone a little favor, yet talking about it everyday! Going so far as to slander our integrity! Head, you must act on our behalf!”

“Wei Wei!” Having heard that elder’s words, Helian Guang Yao inhaled a deep breath, “If you admit your wrongs now, there’s still time. If not, then don’t blame this father for not holding back!”

He thought these words would scare Wei Wei into exercising some restraint. However, it didn’t do anything. The other person merely smiled mockingly as she looked at him, that kind of smiling expression made him indescribably agitated at heart.

“Fine, insist being stubborn! Helian Guang Yao smiled from extreme anger, “Since it’s like this, from today onwards, you can just get lost! The Helian clan doesn’t want spoiled trash like you!”

Having heard what was said, Wei Wei slowly, slowly laughed, “So this is your aim, right? In order to get revenge for that dear daughter of yours, you actually allied with all of the elders to banish me from home. However, don’t forget the Helian clan’s rules. As long as a descendant possesses Helian blood, even if they are expelled out of the clan, they can go through the test and come back anew, and can even wield power over the entire clan! Helian Guang Yao, you seized my inheritance. I’ll temporarily retreat for the sake of something secret. Heh! But I’ll tell you one thing, there’ll inevitably be a day when I’ll return to squash your left arm, and cut off your right arm!”

Almost without hearing the sound of air being drawn out all around her, Wei Wei didn’t even bother taking a look at that ashen face of Helian Guang Yao’s, and flung the badge that represented the Helian clan on the ground. She confidently turned around and willfully smiled wickedly, completely ignoring those stunned elders.

Bang! Helian Guang Yao sent the chair before him flying with a kick. He seemed to not feel the pain in his hand as his eyes fixedly stared at Wei Wei’s back and clenched his jaw tightly. A good-for-nothing who still had thoughts of controlling the whole clan was simply an imbecile with a pipe dream!

“Elder Nie,” Helian Guang Yao coldly humphed, reached out and helped the elder up, “What happened just now?”

Elder Nie didn’t care and waved his hand, “Don’t know what kind of despicable method that girl used. Unexpectedly, my legs weakened!”

“It can’t be that she’s cultivated qi, right?” After hearing Wei Wei’s speech, some people felt a bit unsettled.

Elder Nie sneered, “Her? Cultivate qi? That kind of good-for-nothing like her? You guys have already seen it. Not even a tiny movement of a qi element is present in her body. What qi can she still cultivate? Besides, Miss Jiao Er is here. Even if that trash has qi, what can she do anyway. Even if she cultivated for a few hundred more years, she still can’t surpass Miss Jiao Er.”

Mentioning Helian Jiao Er, Helian Guang Yao confidently smiled, “I saw Jiao Er two days ago. What’s worth celebrating is that she’s advanced again.”

Yet, yet advanced again?” The elders’ eyes opened wide and stared in disbelief, “It hasn’t even been a year’s time. Miss Jiao Er unexpectedly advanced again! Deserves to be called a genius among geniuses!

Hearing this speech, the elders were even more convinced that they stood on the right side. Compared with that trash, Miss Jiao Er’s future prospects were numerous. What’s more, they already received news, Miss Jiao Er was very possibly the phoenix!* (* a queen is also referred to as the phoenix.)

As long as they can firmly grasp this ‘ship’, their careers will surely take off in the future. As for that good-for-nothing, most likely in the first round of competition, she’d already be forced down, already collapsing after the first blow. She simply was just a joke.

However, they didn’t know at all yet that in this world, there was a kind of cultivator who, even though they didn’t have any bit of qi element, they could still control all the wind, water, and rain in the world.

This kind of cultivator was hard to come by even in a hundred years, and was even more powerful than a metal cultivator.

And Wei Wei was precisely, exactly this kind of cultivator!

Not only that, a demon was also concealed in her body. The invincible terror during those years in the past, Yuan Ming!

“Sooner or later, one day, they’ll regret it.” Yuan Ming finally returned, actually even more overbearing than before. In particular, the skill just now was really beautiful.

The white cat perked up its ears and looked at the figure concealed behind Wei Wei and got excited, that’s him!

“Oh, I forgot to introduce you guys. Little White, this is Yuan Ming. Yuan Ming, this is Little White.” Wei Wei was completely nonchalant as she stretched her body, didn’t look one bit like she’s been driven away from the family clan.

The corners of the white cat’s mouth furiously twitched. He’s already said so many times, he’s called White River!

“White Fen’s descendent?” Yuan Ming took his own hair and pushed it behind, completely exposing his demon appearance. “No wonder when I was sleeping, something broke through. Seems that it was you.”

The white cat’s face froze, completely unexpectedly, it’s speaking with a deity the White Fen clan celebrated during their festivals.

Contrary to expectations, Wei Wei’s fingers brushed over her thin lips and smiled evilly, “Since everyone is already present, then let’s go and draw some blood from those stupid people…”

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