The Anarchic Consort - Chapter 80

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Chapter 80: Number one Gold Bucket

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The sky gradually darkened. A variety of lights came on. Looking at them from a distance, they appeared absolutely flourishing, bright and beautiful exquisite well illuminated lamps.

The criss-crossed roads were very beautifully embellished. At a street corner, a beggar who’s curled up was startled awake by the sound of a coin clinking in the bowl.

As he lifted up his head, out of the corner of his eyes, the setting sun set and night fell. He only saw the silhouette of a female standing. On her shoulder snuggled a white cat. A smile floated on her mouth, “I’ll pay you ten taels of silvers. Take off your clothes and sell them to me.”

How could there be such a profitable business transaction? This was simply like picking up a huge meat pie in exchange for nothing!

The beggar got up at once and quickly took off the worn and tattered long robe from his body.

The girl smiled again, and bent her forefinger to flick ten taels of silver into that broken broken bowl of his. After that, her hand hooked onto the robe and draped it on her own shoulders. The movement she used to wear the clothes was unusually quick and extremely elegant.

A moment later, the tattered robe settled in place. A girl turned into a thoroughly authentic little beggar.

She reached out and straightened out the robe’s collar, casually strode with her long legs away from the dark alley. The corners of her mouth smiled as she walked towards the residence of the Nie family, a distinguished military family, not far in the distance…

The guards at the door were used to seeing these beggars and looked at her scornfully as they waved her away, “Go go go, wherever it’s cool, go stay there. This is not a place you can come!”

That beggar didn’t get angry and only smiled as a light wind started stirring. Her body turned as her leg kicked, the ensuing wind approached swiftly and fiercely, like a knife stabbing bone.

A bang sounded!

The Nie family’s entrance gate was forced to fly with a kick, chopping open a giant hole.

The guards by the door were thoroughly stunned! They looked stupidly at the beggar walking forward as though no one was there…and finally yelled out, “Deploy the formation. Hurry and set up the formation! Somebody came to destroy this place!”

At the capitol, every military family had their own distinctive tactical formations. The members of the formation were especially groomed by the clan and were willing to die in their service.

The guard shouted, soon seeing several groups of black clothed people flit across the treetops. Their flying bodies dropped onto the ground and besieged Wei Wei at the center of the courtyard!

They wore black uniforms and menacing looks on their faces. Exerting all efforts, they spun soaring kicks while pressing in from all sides.

The beggar flipped to the side, her slender palm pushed from the ground and dodged the long legs coming at her. Her body revolved as it flew, on the corners of her mouth hung an indolent demonic smile, while she shuttled back and forth in between the group of black clothes like a phantom. The long hair moved slightly as fingers grabbed one of the person’s ankle and ruthlessly pulled. Pop, pop, pow, bang. Only various sounds of movements were heard!

Those eighteen dark shadows, one after another, became confused and disorganized. When they finally reacted, all of them had already been made to kneel on the ground!

Those guards at the gate rubbed and rubbed their eyes in disbelief. Looking at the shadows hugging their legs, shrinking and rolled up, gigantic waves surged in their hearts!

Even though the Nie family’s squad’s formation couldn’t be considered as the capitol’s best, however, they were still a large formation and difficult to handle.

Unless someone’s qi had reached wood rank level five or higher, it’s impossible to defeat these troops!

Could it be!

This beggar had reached wood rank level five already? !

How was that possible?

Don’t even mention wood rank level five, even someone with water rank level five would’ve been identified in the written records kept at the imperial palace.

Because the majority of people were stuck at fire rank. It’s very difficult to ascend from there.

Within the Dragon War Empire, who could reach water rank, unless it’s one of those influential military families’ heirs. As for normal people, they could only dream about breaking through this kind of benchmark.

Yet right now, in front of their eyes, suddenly appeared a little beggar whose background they’re unclear about!

What in the world was going on here?!

“Hurry and go inform the master!”

After the guards heard this, they’re just about to move!

“Wait wait!”


“She left!”


The Nie family’s entire courtyard could almost be described as ‘too tragic to look at’.

Darkly dressed people were sprawled chaotically on the ground, blood stains all over their faces.

The beggar standing on the roof merely curved her lips and smiled, her words as distinctly clear and cold as the wind, “Thank you, training partners.”

Thank you, training partners…

Thank you, training partners…

Thank you, training partners! ! !

“Training partners?” Elder Nie, who hurried home from the Defense Division, when he heard his subordinate’s report, took large strides to arrive at the center of the courtyard. His dense eyebrows furrowed fiercely, while the Buddha beads turning in his hand also flew out immediately afterwards to fall heavily upon the ground and disintegrate into powder!

“Who are you? What’s your identity?”

Elder Nie was truly angry. He never thought that at the capitol, someone unexpectedly dared to challenge a powerful family. Who wasn’t aware, who didn’t know that even though his family wasn’t the military’s best, nevertheless, they were a central branch of the Helian family, and he was a well-known figure.

Yet today, surprisingly, someone took advantage of the time he went to the Defense Division and laid waste to his nest.

Even if that was so!

Training partner?

The grand Nie family was used by a little petty thief to train with? !

“Investigate for me. After the answers have been found, I want to personally slaughter this little beggar!” Elder Nie gnashed his teeth as he spoke, an unprecedented sinister light flashed in his eyes!

“Yes!” One after another, the guards dropped their heads and didn’t even dare to speak loudly.

The Nie family’s courtyard was in a mess. The atmosphere was indescribably grave.

Elder Nie seemed like he thought of something, turned his head around and said softly, “The things that happened today, if someone dares to leak it outside, watch out for your worthless lives!”


This time, the ones replying were the servant girls. They trembled uncontrollably as they kneeled on the floor, obviously frightened by the old man’s words, and simply didn’t even dare to carelessly look around.

Nowadays, all the influential clans have their eyes set on the martial qi exam being held not long from now. Ordinarily, they’re all training strictly and secretly trying really hard. Nobody was willing to submit to someone else.

If outsiders were to know of this matter, that a central branch from the majestic Helian family, the Nie family, suddenly was beaten by an unknown beggar without even the strength to retaliate. If this matter were to be spread outside, it’d surely reduce the Nie family into the biggest joke.

But what Fang Shi Chao didn’t anticipate was that for the next three successive days, not merely the Nie family, but three other families also similarly suffered being wiped out by an unknown beggar.

If only one family experienced this, the secret could still be concealed. But if all the distinguished families in the capitol met the same fate, it’s the same as trying to contain fire by wrapping it inside a piece of paper.

The entire capital had now been shaken. Each clan’s people were looking for this beggar, so much that they even announced a ransom of one hundred thousand taels of silver. Just for the sake of capturing her, they’re actually already willing to expend money.

And at this moment, that beggar early on had already changed appearance with a single shake and became a student at White Academy who was in the middle of her first truly important profitable business transaction during the ancient times.

“Really didn’t anticipate, it’s been such a long time, I’m surprisingly talking business with a girl.” The one talking was Hei Ze, the second son of the Hei family, outstanding and well known within the capital.

Typical of the northern military’s second generation, ranked in the capitol as the fifth most handsome man, strong and intelligent. A body covered with a graceful and luxurious cloak and robe turned and sat, then propped his chin. His overbearing gaze looked Wei Wei up and down. After that, slightly smiled cooly, “The one everybody thought was a spoiled good-for-nothing actually made good armaments!”

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