The Anarchic Consort - Chapter 85

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Chapter 85: Lips Were Injured

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This wasn’t a concern for Third Prince. For him, it’s merely the addition of a romantic affair that’s all.

She really didn’t want to be expelled from school, because of this kind of dog sh*t!

She quickly straightened her back and pushed herself away, Wei Wei stood up from the floor and guarded against looking at Baili Jia Jue’s slightly cold gaze.

“What? Could it be that what I said was wrong?” Within Baili Jia Jue’s voice was a distinct smiling expression making others unable to ignore it.

Only then did Wei Wei discover that his drunk self was truly much more wickedly uninhibited compared to his former self and not by a small margin.


Taking advantage of her and even criticizing her for being weak?

Humph, really taking her for a vegetarian!

“If it weren’t for the fact that this tool of a body’s stamina was too poor, did His Highness think I’d be inferior to you?” Wei Wei grabbed and tugged at Baili Jia Jue’s collar, her little face was lowered and spoke ferociously. Calling her unrestrained would not be an overstatement.

Baili Jia Jue obviously didn’t like the way she phrased it. His long eyebrows faintly creased. This little fox’s mouth still was really only suitable for kissing.

He massaged his aching forehead, his voice clear and cold, “Don’t worry, I’ll take responsibility.”

What she was discussing with him wasn’t about the problem of taking responsibility, or not taking responsibility at all, OK?! Besides, even if she were to get married, she wouldn’t get married to a drunk who morphed into a wolf.

“Who asked you to take responsibility?” Wei Wei answered in a cold voice and threw off the outer garment that was messed up by him. In this way, she could still appear a bit composed. Just now, that outer garment was tousled by him so much that anyone with a discerning eye could tell with a glance what happened.

Baili Jia Jue only viewed her as someone who was angry. Regardless of whether a woman was intelligent or not, once their temper flared, they’d be irrational.

The kiss had been kissed. Besides having him take responsibility. Could it be that she had a better solution?

With the use of wine, even the Hei family was already settled and packed away by him.

Such an obvious matter, why would this girl still be angry with him.

Someone as high and noble as Third Prince fundamentally didn’t understand. From Wei Wei’s perspective, being kissed by someone didn’t mean that she must have the other party marry her. Even though her truly significant first kiss was stolen, and Wei Wei was both angry and upset in her heart, still, she wasn’t a girl from the olden times. To her, reputation simply didn’t count for anything.

Besides, if a man liked a woman, the first sentiment that a man expressed should be his respect for her.

It’s obvious that Third Prince pondered mostly about her social status. What’s more, he’s even drunk.

If it weren’t for the fact that the timing’s bad right now, she would’ve been inclined to cripple his pair of hands.

“Your Highness.” When Eunuch Sun came in what he saw was a scene of two people. One person was standing with her eyes burning in anger. The other cooly and nobly sitting down, his expression while looking at the other party seemed a bit…strange?

Baili Jia Jue faintly ‘mm’d a sound, as if he was still tormented by the wine. His nasal sound was a little heavy.

Eunuch Sun cried, “Oh dear! Your Highness, how are you? My, could it be that you didn’t know that your body can’t tolerate alcohol? Is it that you’ve provoked Retired Emperor again somehow?”

Eunuch Sun wasn’t wrong in his guess. Baili Jia Jue indeed provoked Retired Emperor. It was because he made a request which caused Retired Emperor to be awfully angry that Retired Emperor then, in his anger, had his grandson, who he knew perfectly well couldn’t hold his liquor…drink until he dropped.

“Miss Wei Wei.” Eunuch Sun cautiously and solemnly looked at Wei Wei’s expression as he moved over closer and said softly. “His Highness didn’t do anything to you? After he drinks wine, he’ll always be especially strange.” For example, he might wickedly request for people to get lost and shout again just to have them rush back in. In short…truly wasn’t like how he normally was at all.

Wei Wei chuckled twice in her heart. Indeed, it’s because he’s drunk on wine.

“Eunuch Sun, if Third Prince becomes drunk again next time, you can bring a man here. He may even become so happy as to bestow you with gold and precious jewels.”

Eunuch Sun didn’t understand what he heard this time, “Why bring a man here?” Mm, His Highness only wanted people to run around here and there and had never distinguished between them being male or female.

“Because Third Prince, he…” Wei Wei’s thin lips opened, breathed from her diaphragm, “lacks control.”

After leaving behind these two words, Wei Wei then left, now short a first kiss. She, who’d lost her outer garment, appeared much more vicious compared to her at other times.

The imposing queen that she’s been suppressing was unintentionally exposed in that split second.

When Eunuch Sun heard the two words, ‘lacks control’ his old mouth opened wide. By the time he reacted, Wei Wei already left far away.

He turned his head and took a look at his master. That person acted if nothing had happened, stood up from the floor, and casually tidied up his own collar, moved sideways to stand by the window, indolent and aloof. His thin lip seemed to be cut, yet it didn’t impair his purity significantly. Instead, it even increased his devilish seductiveness.

Eunuch Sun couldn’t help thinking what in the world his master did to have Helian family’s oldest miss leave him the two words, ‘lacks control’.

What’s even weirder was that His Highness unexpectedly didn’t get angry?

Although His Highness’ temper was better after drinking wine. However, that certainly didn’t mean that he didn’t have a temper.

What’s going on today?

Eunuch Sun blinked and blinked his eyes, following which he seemed to have thought of something and shouted loudly, “Your Highness, your mouth! Ahh, somebody come! All of you come, how are you all taking care of His Highness!”

Eunuch Sun’s voice became louder and louder. Baili Jia Jue just merely stood there indifferently, allowing the people beside him to wait upon him. When his slender long fingers brushed over his thin lips, it brought out a smile that had never existed before.

Eunuch Sun was still pondering. How did his master provoke Retired Emperor so much that Retired Emperor was able to bear pouring all that wine into him, drinking so much that his master bit and injured his own lip.

How could he have imagined that this lip wasn’t bitten and injured by Baili Jia Jue, but rather, it was Wei Wei who bit it.

Because within Eunuch Sun’s memory, his master hadn’t ever even looked at a girl before. Even more so, forget about him taking the initiative to kiss somebody.

Even if it truly was his master kissing someone, that girl would also be wild with joy, and certainly wouldn’t bite him in return.

That’s why Eunuch Sun concluded that the wound on Baili Jia Jue’s lip was caused by him biting himself.

One also couldn’t blame Eunuch Sun for not having thought of Wei Wei. Merely because in the Dragon War Empire, Baili Jia Jue’s popularity was just too overwhelming. Of all the young girls from influential families, there wasn’t a single one who would refuse this man who was like a living deity.

Dusk. West side of the academy.

Wei Wei was playing with the armament components in her hand when she suddenly fiercely wiped at the corner of her lower lip.

This made Grandmaster, who was sitting at the side, raise his brows in astonishment. This was the first time he’d seen this girl act so restlessly.

As if she’d detected her own restlessness, Wei Wei fiercely closed her eyes. After reopening, they were then full of clarity, “Master, what did you just say? Could you repeat it?”

He forcefully coughed twice, “Today, your master received news from the palace. I reckon the consort selection will be shifted to an earlier date. Originally, Retired Emperor wanted to do it after watching the conclusion of the martial qi competition. Now, the palace seemed to be somewhat busy. In addition, his heart seemed to be satisfied with a candidate, that being that younger sister of yours. In the evening, he’ll visit White Academy to determine his future granddaughter-in-law. You’re also chosen as a candidate, so you also should go eat at the dinner banquet.”

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