The Anarchic Consort - Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: Unprecedented Talent

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Just as her voice faded, burst of taunts and disdain blared around her.

“Ha? Did I hear it incorrectly. Did the trash just say she also wanted to sign up for the Armament Master Assembly?”

“Is there something wrong with Helian Wei Wei’s brain ? Did she become dumb after getting her engagement annulled?”

“She’s too over-confident, hehe……”

The steward glanced at Helian Wei Wei, her tone full of hesitation “Come with me.”

After getting her attention, the steward turned around and walked into the Phoenix Loft.

The assessment was not held indoors, but in an antique styled pavilion, inside the pavilion was a white jade table, on the table were rows of ‘scrap metal’, a grey-haired elder was sitting on a rocking chair, his eyes closed, resting. Even when he sensed Helian Wei Wei’s presence, he didn’t open his eyes, only said “Everything is on table, the assessment is an hour, just move them around as you see fit.”

From morning till now, not one of them was exceptional, the elder seemed to be dejected, that he became uninterested with the rest of the assessment.

Helian Wei Wei scanned the ‘scrap metal’ in front of her, her eyes sparkled, as if something flashed by her eyes.

Yuan Ming curiously stared at her, what’s with this woman? Why is she so happy all of a sudden?

Helian Wei Wei just smirked, unhurriedly walked towards the table, she even seem to be lazy.

This made the steward frown.

The elder didn’t seem to mind, not a lot of people could succeed in an hour anyways.

Sigh, it’s just his wishful thinking, he shouldn’t have held the assessment here….

Finally, Helian Wei Wei moved!

She was just like an outstanding conductor, she waved her long sleeve. Firstly, she smoothly tied up her hair into a high ponytail, then rolled up her sleeves, her eyes lowered down looking at the ‘scrap metal’, her left hand was busy dismantling, while her right hand reconstructed.

Her fingers were very nimble, moreover it was rhythmical, in her hands those ‘scrap metal’ seem to come alive.


When the first part was completed, she unhurriedly picked up the second ‘scrap metal’!

The elder’s facial expression didn’t change, but what surprised the steward was that the elder had opened his eyes, and he was even focused on Helian Wei Wei.

Helian Wei Wei crossed over her hands, casually moved her fingers, keeping her eye on what she was doing while asking’ If I win, I can receive that ten thousand taels?”

“Ha?” The steward had not expected such question, he didn’t react at the moment.

Helian Wei Wei frowned, stopped doing what she was doing “No prize?” Then why the hell does she need to do this?

“Proceed!” the elder’s deep and rough voice burst out, his spirited eyes looking at Helian Wei Wei ” Girl, let me see how fast you can be?”

Helian Wei Wei smirked, smiled” Give me the money first.”

“Money, what money?” After finally discovering a good seedling, and this young girl was talking about money with him, he was so anxious!

The steward’s face was full of awkwardness “It’s the money that the Phoenix Loft prepared, the person who wins will receive the prize, I will go and prepare it now.”

“Girl, you’ve heard him, now can you continue?” you can’t blame the elder not being level-headed, he wanted to see if what he just saw was an illusion.

“Sure.” Helian Wei Wei cracked her neck.

This time she was more swift, as her sharp phoenix eyes raised, her fingers deftly tapped on the ‘scrap metal’, and start concentrating on reconstructing.

Nobody knew, that for the her who had transmigrated from the modern world, weapon dismantling was just a common routine.

She could completely dismantle a K4 portable sniper gun in ten seconds with her eyes closed, then reconstruct the part back together in ten seconds!

She was very familiar with these parts that are made of unknown material and has a perfect radian, in the 21th century, she will need to play with this everyday, she didn’t expect that in the ancient times there would also be this training, how could Helian Wei Wei not itch to do this.


The second part was completed with ease, and successfully latched with the first part!

The steward’s eyes widened, looked over to the elder.

The elder was clutching the teacup in his hand, the other hand was pressed against the rocking chair, as if wanting to stand up…..


The third part!

The steward straightened his neck excitedly!

Helian Wei Wei didn’t seem to be affected by her surroundings, her pace was very quick, so swift that it was a blur, if you blinked, you would miss her movement.

At that moment, the steward was only thinking about how that pair of hands were exceptionally beautiful, she didn’t seem to be disassembling something, rather it’s more like she was performing a wonderful song, with the crisp sound of kacha burst between the movement of her fingers!

Sections of the metal chain were quickly yet neatly placed upon the white jade table.

The elder completely stood up, shockingly his facial expression totally changed!

Ten years ago, he accepted a disciple with talent from the Murong family, all these years he was the only one who had more aptitude, but even the boy Murong Zhang Feng from the Murong family could only complete three parts.

But this brat…..

Nine segments!

She completed all of of them!?

The elder took a deep breath, raised the teacup in his hand, wanting to drink some tea to calm his shock. When he was just about to speak, he saw Helian Wei Wei swiftly turned her hand, all the metal segments lined up together with her fleeted movement, and lined them up into a silver glimmering straight line…..


Helian Wei Wei shifted her fingers, and a long silver whip struck down, so fast that as if the cherry blossom petals would get blown up!

“Nine Tunes Silver Snake!”

The elder couldn’t help but cried out, his hands trembling, his mouth was so wide that flies could fly in, his eyes focused on Helian Wei Wei, as if he found a treasure!

How many years has it been?

How many years has it been that nobody had succeeded at reconstructing the metal segments together!

Moreover, she reconstructed it into a Nine Tunes Silver Snake!

She was probably the genius that appeared in ten years. No! Probably in a hundred years!

The elder could see in the near future, this girl would be an extraordinary “Armament Master” that shone with a dazzling light. When he thought about it, the elder can’t help but smile.

The laugh was mellow and bright, full of excitement that was unprecedented. “Girl, this old man has decided, I want you as my disciple!” He declared heartily.

When Helian Wei Wei heard the news, she didn’t say anything, her facial expression was bland, no one could tell if she was happy or angry.

Although the steward who was standing at the side was looking at Helian Wei Wei with shock, when he saw that Wei Wei was not moving, his first thought was that she was thrilled, and quickly added: “This elder has not accept any disciple for ten years, and this time he has the idea to accept you, Miss has such good fortune, if you become his disciple, you will have the same master as Young Master Murong, your future is boundless!

The elder slowly stroked his beard, waved his hand while smiling.

But what he was not expecting was Helian Wei Wei’s repy of ” I refuse.”

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