The Anarchic Consort - Chapter 92

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Chapter 92: Sparks Between Two People

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Wei Wei knew, right now, everyone was waiting to see her being made a joke of.

However, asking her to slap her own face?


No way!

If worst comes to worst, she’d just go all out. No matter how many experts there were at White Academy, she’d still kill open a path of escape!

As if in response to the murderous spirit finally spreading through her body, Yuan Ming opened his eyes from within the Celestial Boundary Space, even also causing the white cat within the Dark Illusionary Space to wake up.

The two faintly discernible shadows had just planned to emerge behind Helian Wei Wei’s body.

But saw Baili Jia Jue move the palm of his hand, dropped it at her waist, and pushed slightly, the tone of his words was heavy, “As for you, wait until I sort you out later.”

Wei Wei blanked out and withdrew her murderous aura. Her pair of eyes contained a bit of confusion as she looked towards him.

Could it be that the person that he said must slap their own mouth wasn’t her?

But…what did he meant by sort her out later?

Wei Wei couldn’t help but want to roll her eyes. He might as well say that he wouldn’t let her off so easily.

She’d actually forgotten her and the empress’ teamwork just now, one speaking, the other supporting. As intelligent as he was, it’s impossible for him to miss it.

She wasn’t someone who was easily manipulated. Even more so, she wasn’t someone who tolerated other people minding her business.

He was a prince, wasn’t he being a bit too narrow-minded? She was only saying a few words to go along with what was said. Would he go so far as being this ruthless?

Also, in the event that the person to slap their own mouth wasn’t her.


Wei Wei looked up, turned towards the empress’ direction, and looked over. She only saw the other party’s entirely pale face, as if almost ready to faint.

Empress Murong was gripping her hands tightly, her limp body was leaning against the chair, watching Baili Jia Jue’s expression, a chill couldn’t help but spread from the bottom of her heart. But, in this kind of situation… she felt…

“Empress. You go on first.” The one who hadn’t said anything all along, Retired Emperor, opened his mouth and laughed, “Heehee. Don’t you know what kind of temper this child has? Yet you’re always like this, presumptuous in wanting to meddle. As an empress, there is proper conduct belonging to an empress. As long as you manage the harem well, that will do. The decisions are for the princes to make, yet you meddle in this way without permission. Do you want the Murong Prince’s Mansion to also shoulder the responsibility?”

After hearing what was said, Empress Murong’s back stiffened sharply. Besides ‘yes’ what else could she dare to say. At her will, the palace maids to her right and left accompanied her and lent their arms to support her as she left.

The Retired Emperor actually didn’t really open his mouth on behalf of Empress Murong at all. He just didn’t want any other matter to affect Baili Jia Jue’s consort selection.

He now almost suspected that the little stinker, precisely for the sake of irritating him, deliberately caused this kind of thing to happen! The reason naturally was because he didn’t want to properly choose a consort!

The more Retired Emperor thought about it, the more he felt that this was a possibility. Feeling crushed, he gnawed at his gums. When he raised his head again, he already looked like an elderly man who was at peace with all things. “Ole Third. Your manner of speaking is just too fierce. Look at how much the Helian family’s daughter has been scared by you.”

After Wei Wei heard that, she continuously nodded her head. That’s right, she was totally frightened by him.

It’s been agreed that she’d only go through the motions, how did she become the leading role. This simply was just like cheating by dealing cards outside of the proper sequence, ok? !

Baili Jia Jue actually glanced towards Wei Wei and coldly smiled as well.

And she still dared to nod her head.

When she talked about him being gay behind his back, how come he didn’t see her being frightened of him.

When she, without a care, sold his handkerchief to someone else, how come he didn’t see her being frightened of him.

There wasn’t a single honest word in the little thing’s mouth!

Wei Wei noticed the expression within the smile on his face. It seemed as if he could see through all of her pretenses.

Even his actions just now were for the purpose of giving her a warning, don’t play tricks in front of him.

Apparently, he was extremely fed up with the consort selection. Then why did he still give her the flower.

Could it be because of that one thing?

Wei Wei’s eyes flashed. Firstly, she didn’t have any authority. Secondly, she didn’t have any influence.

After the marriage, even if she found out that he was gay, unlike other officials’ daughters, she couldn’t make a ruckus anywhere.

From his perspective, she was undoubtedly the best smokescreen. If this was the case, then not only would he be able to fend off Retired Emperor’s constant pressure, he could also maintain his spotless holy image.

Devious! Too devious! This Baili Jia Jue was just too devious!

As Baili Jia Jue was being looked upon like this by her, he wouldn’t not have any reaction. He just didn’t know what this girl was thinking again.

However, that pair of eyes that’s been indifferent the whole time, even if it’s brimming with anger, was still better than her not caring about anything, after all.

From the seat of honor, Retired Emperor looked upon the scenario below, his brows bulged from being furrowed, then he lifted his arm. His appearance seemed to be extremely tired. “Alright. It’s already so late, and I’m also tired. Ole Third, you stay. Apart from him, everyone go ahead and disperse. The matter of choosing a consort…had better wait until after the martial qi grand competition. Let’s put off this discussion until after the results come out.”

The statement had been released. Retired Emperor extended his hand to massage his forehead. During that time, he didn’t forget to face Baili Jia Jue’s direction and take a look.

Once everyone heard this, they then knew what Retired Emperor meant. If nothing else, he was saying that today didn’t count.

Of course everybody was very smart and didn’t say anything. Within Wei Wei’s eyes, there was even a sparkle of joy. Apparently, this old Retired Emperor wanted to properly have a chat with Third Prince regarding his matters.

Sigh, this Third Prince, really, of all the people he could’ve given the flower to, he had to give her the flower, using her as a shield, wanting to piss off Retired Emperor.

In the end, it’s fine. Retired Emperor was really pissed, and even enough to blow his top.

In a moment, when no one was around, Retired Emperor would certainly explode!

However, no matter what happened.

At last, she was free. This feeling of playing the leading role without any rhyme or reason truly felt a bit strange and was captured in the smile on her face.

Baili Jia Jue’s thin lips turned upwards bit by bit. From there emerged a small trace of evil coldness.

Somebody was celebrating almost too soon. However, it didn’t matter.

In order to catch a prey, one needed to proceed slowly, step by step. First allow the prey to catch its breath while thinking that it had escaped encirclement.

Then, extend a hand again to block its escape.

Watching it become dejected and crestfallen, that would be amusing…

“What in the world did he want to do!”


After everyone else had dispersed, Retired Emperor’s hand then fiercely slapped on the wooden table. On his face was the graveness of someone who had always been deeply engrossed in authority. His hand was like a blade that had been drawn, its cold tip and keen edge’s aura flashed as it absorbed people. Surprisingly, the entire wood table as well as tea and refreshments on the tabletop all moved.

Everybody knew that Retired Emperor had never angered easily. His every smile or anger had always only ever been expressed to achieve some kind of purpose.

Yet today, he was genuinely angry.

His most beloved grandson, unexpectedly chose a good-for-nothing who’d already been rejected by someone before, whose engagement had already been broken!

Why didn’t this youngster think it over clearly. If he married Helian Wei Wei, in the future, how could he sit on that throne in the main hall! When that time came, it would certainly give rise to a debate within the court.

Without a doubt, it would give the four great clans the opportunity to throw mud at him.

He didn’t believe that this little stinker couldn’t see through these things!

This child, since he was small, had already displayed wisdom and cool-headedness far beyond his age.

Right now, his own self was already old. Perhaps, he won’t even simmer pass this winter.

That son of his again failed to live up to expectations, having already been completely filled with Murong’s bewitching potions (figurative speech to mean he’s been bewitched by her), and didn’t have an opinion on anything.

Rather than allowing the throne to be destroyed by that addicted to women son of his. Why not hand the crown over to this little stinker!

However, how could he be so disappointing at this critical juncture!

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