The Anarchic Consort - Chapter 93

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Chapter 93: His Highness Entreaties

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Eunuch Sun, who followed at Baili Jia Jue’s side year-round to serve him, didn’t even dare to breathe heavily. He grasped the handkerchief in his hand and continuously attended to his forehead, secretly dabbing at the cold sweat that was coming out.

He was thinking in his heart [Master, you absolutely must not say anything to provoke Retired Emperor. Otherwise, if Retired Emperor gets even angrier, some very unfortunate things could happen. He’d certainly give an order to eliminate all the eyewitnesses…The ones who ultimately would be out of luck would be these servants like us…]

“What did you previously promise?” Baili Jia Jue yawned as if no one was around, turned his body and straightened out his cuffs, calmly and leisurely, continuing as always to be indifferent and graceful.

Seeing that appearance, Retired Emperor ferociously gnawed at his gums, “That’s right, at that time, I’d agreed. As long as you were willing to choose a consort, you could choose anyone…”

“It’s good that Imperial Grandfather remembered your promise.” Baili Jia Jue casually looked up, the tone of his voice was indifferent, his words were indolent, “And here I thought that Imperial Grandfather’s words won’t count again.”

Eunuch Sun[:…Amitabha, may the Buddha preserve us. My Third Prince, could you speak a few words less, dear ancestors, my God. Did you not see that Retired Emperor was so angry that his beard is already standing on ends! You still dared to speak this way, argh!]

Retired Emperor gripped the teacup in his hand tightly, he was so angry that his white eyebrows knitted at both ends. “You! How could I think that you would choose a…huff huff, you tell me, why did you want to choose Helian Wei Wei!”

“She won the academy’s exam. This was part of our agreement. There was no way out of it.” Baili Jia Jue spoke emotionlessly, as if he was only declaring a fact.

Unfortunately, hearing this fact made Retired Emperor want to let out a string of curses!

[Was it possible for you to have no way out of it? How many reasons and excuses did you use that year when you ran away from the consort selection banquet that I had arranged.]

[And now, you say you had no way out of it? Were you the kind of person that would allow others to decide things for you! ! !]

Retired Emperor sucked in one long breath. He originally wanted to control his volume, but the result wasn’t as good as he wanted, “Did you already know she would win?”

Nevertheless, Baili Jia Jue became more polite, and gave Retired Emperor a bit of face. Therefore, he also didn’t immediately answer and instead, thought about it for awhile before he opened his mouth and as calmly as gentle winds and floating clouds said, “I’ve considered it.”

Then that’s as if he knew! Retired Emperor gnashed teeth and made sounds, “That Helian Jiao Er is the one who genuinely has both talent and kindness. She may even have a phoenix constitution concealed within her body, yet you insist on choosing a floozy? Why does it have to be her of all people!”

“She’s more interesting.” Even though he’s facing such a raging Retired Emperor, Baili Jia Jue’s attitude still didn’t change in the slightest, and was even standing there flicking his fingers, as if he wanted to flick off the pollen from his fingertips. However, when he recalled how that fearless fox actually revealed she was making fun of him just now, the light in his eyes became somewhat ice-cold for a split second.

Eunuch Sun was flabbergasted, so it was for this reason!

[So it was for this reason that Third Highness, you just had to insist on going head to head with Retired Emperor!]

[My dear master, aren’t you clearly going against Retired Emperor; aren’t you acting impetuously against Retired Emperor then! ]

Sure enough, Retired Emperor was unable to restrain his anger any longer and immediately gave an order, “Good! Very good! ‘Interesting’ is it? ! Someone come, take him away, I want to see whether he’ll still feel that that girl is ‘interesting’ after he’s been confined for three days and three nights!”

Everyone who heard this was dazed. It ought to be known that from the time he was a baby until he was grown, Retired Emperor had never punished Third Prince in any way. And now he unexpectedly hardened his heart and ruthlessly wanted to shut him in confinement.

The servants on the left and right side mutually glanced at one another, and simply didn’t dare to step forward.

They weren’t afraid of being punished. What they were afraid of was that after having done this, Retired Emperor would then regret what he had done.

All at once, the atmosphere became cold to the extreme.

No one had foreseen that Retired Emperor’s words would be severe to this extent.

Even shadow also felt the strong oppression pressing down so much that he hadn’t raised his head the whole time.

If he hadn’t known of Miss Helian’s activities in the recent days, he would’ve thought that master had other kinds of feelings towards her. As a matter of fact, after carefully thinking about it, maybe master only couldn’t forgive the fact that he had been kissed so casually.

“What are you guys doing still blanking out!” Retired Emperor was so angry he stood up, and even slipped and shattered a teacup.

Eunuch Sun was so terrified by the noise that he shivered and hurriedly looked at his own master.

Baili Jia Jue still appeared emotionless.

Retired Emperor had no way of seizing him, so he turned towards Tusu Feng at his side and signalled with his eyes.

Tusu Feng held back the smiling expression he’s had for quite a while and coughed softly twice before he replied, “You should first calm down. Isn’t there still going to be a big martial qi competition in a few days. The person to be chosen as consort will also depend on the results at that time. As for Third Prince, how about just letting him continue to stay at White Academy. That will serve as a punishment for him already.”

No one knew that when Retired Emperor was listening to Tusu Feng speak, his temper already slightly relaxed. “Let’s handle it according to what you’ve said. Have him stay at White Academy and don’t come back. Save this old me from seeing that chilly face and getting upset again.”

After having spoken, Retired Emperor brushed his sleeves and was going to leave, but paused in his steps, again turning his head back and in a clear and distinct voice said, “That little stinker is awfully picky with his food. You should attend to it a bit more. Also if he doesn’t want to attend class, then you shouldn’t make him. That’s about it. You ought to know.”

After speaking frankly, he still couldn’t bear to leave. Tusu Feng smiled in a gentle and cultivated manner. “You can rest assured, I know already.”

“Is he still at the Inferior Compound?” Retired Emperor thought about it and again asked an additional question. The corners of Tusu Feng’s mouth twitched. To think that your grandson is still standing by your side, yet you didn’t ask him, and insist on taking the indirect approach in this way.

“Mm hm. He still is.”

Retired Emperor let out a long sigh. “What happened at that time was all my fault. If it wasn’t for me, that big fire…forget it, just let him choose whoever he wants to choose then.”

Tusu Feng smiled again and answered with a ‘yes’. Everyone knew Retired Emperor’s treatment of Third Prince could even be said to be pampered to the maximum.

However, this pampering was layered with a guilt that he’d never talked to anybody else about. If Retired Emperor hadn’t been too impatient at that time and announced to the world that Baili Jia Jue’s body was connected to three kinds of elements, then there wouldn’t have been so many people who, for the sake of obtaining power, hatched those evil schemes against the him who had just barely broken through a qi level.

During that year, what his treasured grandson lost wasn’t just his qi.

But also all of his faith in human nature.

Ever since after his imperial mother passed away, he and that girl had relied upon one another for survival.

But who would’ve thought that that girl, also for the sake of obtaining a higher position, colluded with outsiders, and at a time when he let his guard down the most, she led the wolves inside the palace and set off the fire.

Made his treasured grandson almost lose his life!

From then on, his treasured grandson had not gotten close to any female.

He’d truly been scared off, sigh.

During those times his treasured grandson didn’t even step foot out of the door.

Later, only after he was burned did he recover some of his former indifference. He responded to every matter with an attitude of total disregard.

However, as a grandfather, Retired Emperor understood more than anyone that the matter must’ve been buried in him and even more so, couldn’t possibly be so easy to just remove from his heart…

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