The Anarchic Consort - Chapter 95

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Chapter 95: I Will Play With You

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After Helian Wei Wei returned to her quarters, the first thing she did was to tidy up and pack.

Actually, there’s no need to bring too many things for daily use. What’s most important was to bring money and materials for making armaments.

When it got boring on the way, she could make a few more armaments. At that time, there would be more of them to sell for money.

But what Wei Wei didn’t anticipate was how quickly Baili Jia Jue moved!

Wei Wei saw layers upon layers of imperial guards outside the Inferior Compound and knew then that she wouldn’t be able to return to her room. She merely went to the outhouse and he already came.

Wei Wei’s long shapely eyebrows creased. In a flash, her figure already hid beneath a big tree. Her back leaned closely against the tree trunk, only exposing a pair of limpid eyes.

“Your Highness.” Someone dropped to his knees in front of Baili Jia Jue, his voice deep and low, “Everything is normal.”

The man all of a sudden seemed as if he turned and took a look towards this side.

Wei Wei immediately retracted her gaze. She gave the illusion that she’d stopped breathing.

Phew. She almost got caught.

Even though this man didn’t possess qi, however, his vigilant nature was more formidable than anyone else’s.

Don’t know whether it was because he was used to being in a position of power.

Even though they were separated by such a great distance, Wei Wei could still feel the oppression coming from his presence.

Wei Wei stood like that with her ears slightly turned to the side and did not move at all. At this time, any bit of movement would lead to the other party detecting her.

She believed in her ability to conceal and camouflage herself.

At one time, in order to accomplish a mission, she stayed in the jungle for two whole days and one night without being discovered.

This is the instinct of someone who was an elite special agent.

Make the most accurate judgement at the most appropriate opportunity.

Let’s wait until he entered the room before she withdrew quickly in the interim. That’d be easiest, since their front line would be disturbed when he moved.

She’s not anxious. What she should be anxious about were those guards who concealed themselves early on in the surrounding areas.

In a moment, who knows, maybe they could even help her hinder Baili Jia Jue. Wei Wei smiled. Within her indolence, there was a bit of devilishness…

“Stand guard outside.” The man’s voice was as apathetic and ice cold as before, but contained within was a trace of contemplation.

Eunuch Sun was somewhat distracted. Regarding His Highness’ decision, there was something he didn’t quite understand…

Ordinarily, if he encountered this sort of situation, His Highness certainly wouldn’t have reacted this way.

What the hell’s going on with the way he’s treating Miss Helian?

Wei Wei certainly didn’t care about what Eunuch Sun was thinking, taking advantage of the opportunity to dodge and escape from the Inferior Compound.

She hadn’t finished packing her stuff.

She just ran empty-handed like this. When she thought of that, she wasn’t very willing.

However, it’s better than being stopped, after all.

Thinking to this point, Wei Wei turned her head around and smiled, faced the dashing young man at the window and blew a kiss. “See you later, handsome guy, Third Prince.”

Oh no. Don’t need to see you later.

Should be bye bye.

Wei Wei originally was a munitions special agent. With regards to this kind of stealth movements at night, she was an unbeatable expert at it.

She first needed to circumvent a few locust trees and avoid the academy’s traps. There were also those teachers holding lanterns on their night patrols to evade. Finally, she successfully arrived at the Superior Compound in secret…

And at this moment, Baili Jia Jue pushed open the door to her room and after he saw the half packed bundle on the wooden bed, his pair of eyes instantly became extremely cold.

With a swish.

He drew up the curtains. His face was calm as he turned around.

After that, he slowly walked out, his footsteps were somewhat slow-moving, as if he didn’t have a care at all.

However, no one realized that within the darkness, that pair of eyes narrowed little by little. Within eyes so deep one couldn’t see the extent of their depth was a chill that could make a person’s heart seize up.

After that, he laughed.

His thin lips seemed as if it was both curved and not curved, carrying a demonic chill that made a person shiver from the heart.

Eunuch Sun’s eyes slightly looked up, when he faced those ice-cold eyes belonging to Third Prince, he became petrified. He originally wanted to step foot into the room, but he immediately stiffly retrieved his leg.

“Where is she?” Baili Jia Jue only asked a question, yet his ice-cold voice made the people in the shadows shivered for no reason.

Among them, one shadow responded. “Reporting to His Highness, Miss Helian should be going to the outhouse. It was inconvenient for us to follow her, therefore…”

“Outhouse?” The chill in Baili Jia Jue’s eyes reduced a little and he walked back again. This was but a little room, yet everything was arranged very neatly and tidily all around. That bundle was the only anomaly.

His long and slender fingers pushed it apart. There wasn’t any clothes inside, and was actually a pile of black metals, but those black metals also wasn’t very uncommon, and could be purchased at any armament shop.

In the middle of the night, she used the privy, as for those packed things? Within Baili Jia Jue’s narrowed eyes, something quickly flashed which slowly raised a penetrating chilliness.

Ah, he still underestimated her.

While training an unfamiliar fox, it would always first take an opportunity to come excessively close and obediently allow you to pet it a little, after which it would ferociously bare its claw.

Everything was normal?

From the beginning, she clearly already planned to leave.

Good. Very good. If she wanted to play, he will play with her!

Baili Jia Jue curved his lips and smiled. There seemed to be a black fog issuing from his pupils which generally made people cold to the bones.

He threw aside the bundle in his hand. The pieces of metal producing ‘clunk clunk clang clang’ noises.

Not a single person dared to speak.

The air seemed to have been frozen. Everyone didn’t dare to look at him.

The people in the shadows hung their heads even closer to the ground. The responsibility of guarding Miss Helian was something His Highness had assigned to them, but they actually didn’t know when Miss Helian disappeared…

That Miss Helian truly also had quite the nerve. Master already asked her to wait, and she just went and disappeared whenever she wanted to.

If she was caught by His Highness at this moment, very likely…

Baili Jia Jue’s eyes submerged slightly deeper, his voice was also cold to the extreme, pausing after each word as he issued an order. “Go and find her for me.”

She still hadn’t left the academy.

That tea was hot.

It’s possible that she really went to the outhouse. Only, after coming back from there, she saw the guards outside, and then took the opportunity to run away.

Still, truly such a clever little fox that it made a person what to take her claw and cut it off!

At this moment, Wei Wei indeed hadn’t left the academy. She still needed to find her comrade. It’s just that, from the distance, she already saw a large number of guards rapidly moving, as if they wanted to block the various doorways to every single courtyard.

Wei Wei’s thin lips turned down. He deserved to be Third Prince. She even thought that he would be mislead by those shadow’s words for a few minutes. She didn’t expect that he would react so quickly to immediately realize that she wasn’t at the outhouse at all and had already escaped instead.

He’s indeed not easy to handle.

However, want to catch her by only relying on these imperial guards?

She reckoned they were all busy with going to block all the doors and gates, and simply hadn’t considered that she’d never planned to leave at the moment.

Without bringing along her ‘front’, it’d be useless for her to go to that armament conference.

She needed to first meet with fellow student, Hei Ze, for her to succeed.

The person relaying the news should’ve brought her message to Hei Ze by now. It always took some effort for these young lords to get dressed…

However, shouldn’t she have Little White make use of his magic to summon a spirit beast in advance? Otherwise, to go to such distant a place as the summit by the sea in a regular horse carriage would require a minimum of ten days. By that time, the armament conference would’ve ended already…

Right when Wei Wei closed her eyes to think of this matter, a person suddenly caught and pulled her from behind, a faint scent of sandalwood penetrated the tip of her nose…

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