The Anarchic Consort - Chapter 97

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Chapter 97: Resist Unyieldingly

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“Hei Ze, do you need me to remind you once again.” Helian Wei Wei moved his hand away as she indifferently and coldly said, “We are currently merely working together.”

Hei Ze smiled. “Honestly speaking, we coordinate so well, we should be very compatible together.”

“You and your right hand are even more well coordinated, so why don’t you immediately marry your right hand.” After Wei Wei dropped this statement, she then turned her body and changed position as she continued to conceal herself.

The corners of Hei Ze’s mouth twitched a couple of times. The right hand in her mouth, had better not mean what he thought it meant!

Her being a girl, how could she be even more brazen than a man when she talked!

“It won’t work. Two people make too big of a target.” Wei Wei turned her head and glanced at the Hei family’s young master. “Let’s move separately, then meet at the armament conference when that time comes.”

It didn’t matter to Hei Ze. “In any case, I can just strut out of here.”

“In that case, young master, you can take your time and leave then.” The corners of Wei Wei’s mouth rose and within seconds, she disappeared into the dark of night. She didn’t believe that news of her and the Hei family’s young master being together wouldn’t be discovered by others.

Pushing Hei Ze away in order to divert that person’s attention, this method also wasn’t bad…

“Your Highness, I’ve already investigated.” Shadow saw his master’s demonically cold to the bones pair of eyes, and swallowed his saliva. “Miss Wei Wei is currently at the Superior Compound.”

Baili Jia Jue casually looked up. “Superior Compound? What is she doing there?”

“Apparently…” When he spoke to this point, Shadow paused and braced himself. “It’s to look for the Hei family’s second young master.”

After hearing what was said, Baili Jia Jue’s steps seemed to stiffen.

After that, he tilted his head and laughed deeply. The fringes of his hair followed his movements and hung down slightly. In the distance, it seemed as if he was somewhat more lonely?

By the time Shadow cautiously took a look again, however, Baili Jia Jue had suddenly looked up and calmly took the bundle within the white gloves on his hand and threw it aside. His eyes were so cold they were scary. Where was there any hint of loneliness. On the contrary, it made him seem even more graceful, yet dangerous than usual. There seemed to be something that seemed like it wanted to burst forth from the depths of his eyes.

Shadow also wondered if he was mistaken, but he totally felt as if all of the qi in his entire body suffered from some kind of pressure. Even breathing had become somewhat difficult.

Right at the moment his fingers felt his chest, that kind of strange feeling again mysteriously disappeared.

After that, he heard his master’s voice. It had a natural grace, yet contained an apathetic coldness. “Then let’s also capture Hei Ze, no matter who she’s with, still bring her to me.”

Shadow trembled, respectfully and deferentially dropped his head. “Yes.”

“Don’t need to remove the checkpoints at the other areas.” Baili Jia Jue thought deeply for a bit, his ice-cold voice carried a smiling expression that made the skin on people’s head turn numb. “The game that woman likes to play most is to create a diversion in one direction while striking in another direction.”

Shadow accepted the order. He couldn’t help but think that His Highness’ thoughts were still as profound as in the past.

None of the checkpoints would be removed. Right now, even if Wei Wei were to have three heads and six arms (even if she were more formidable), she still wouldn’t be able to escape.

Still, His Highness truly dealt with everyone cautiously. Not to mention that it’s a woman without any qi, even if those experts wanted to leave, they would also require no small amount of diligent effort.

However, Baili Jia Jue surprisingly felt that it wasn’t enough. His beautiful phoenix shaped eyes narrowed once more. “Also monitor the Commerce Plaza well. It’s very possible that she’ll contact Zi Zun.”

Wanting to leave with Hei Ze?

Heh, he actually wanted to see, if he pulled out all of her claws, how she could still run!”

“Yes.” Shadow’s heart ‘ba-thumped”, he felt that overall, the current Highness was scarier than the one earlier. When it was discovered that Wei Wei was gone, what his face revealed was anger. Yet now, within those eyes was a smile that was not a smile which radiated a demonic chill, almost enough to freeze people’s blood.

He’d followed His Highness for so many years, yet there had never been a time when he’d seen him like the way he was today.

Moreover, in this world, there fundamentally wasn’t anybody who could truly withstand His Highness.

The former Highness also had never cared about anything, but when he got serious, he was even scarier than Retried Emperor.

Capturing her was something that was bound to happen sooner or later.

The entire White Academy was already surrounded by their people. Even someone like him, who thoroughly understood all forms of deployment, would not necessarily be able to escape and leave, to say nothing of Wei Wei, who was completely ignorant of all of these tactics.

However, was Wei Wei really ignorant of all these tactics?

Of course not.

Know yourself, know your enemy, then you can emerge victorious. How could she just recklessly operate if she was in a situation where she didn’t understand anything.

On the contrary, she thoroughly understood Baili Jia Jue’s deployment plans.

Because she wasn’t anywhere else, instead, she’d already infiltrated the imperial guards’ lineup.

Wherever Baili Jia Jue went, she’d follow. However, even though it’s like that, whenever she heard Baili Jia Jue’s voice, she still couldn’t help but shiver.

This guy truly wasn’t giving her any way out, sigh.

Fortunately, she depended on her former incarnation’s inexperience. That’s how she could continue to disguise herself. Otherwise, no matter where she went, she would’ve been blocked and killed.

Wei Wei deeply inhaled, and continued to psych herself up to take on the role of an imperial guard. This is the first time she was glad for her layer of dark skin being dark enough. When mixed in with this group of men, she also won’t stand out.

Thinking about it carefully, how in the world and in what way did she provoke such a difficult to handle guy.

She merely only rejected him once.

Wasn’t Third Prince a bit too overly sensitive?

It wasn’t even like he really wanted to marry her…

Wei Wei sighed in her heart.

Yuan Ming incessantly comforted her in his domineering way. “You can tell that guy. The truth is, the person you love is me, and have him not rob somebody of their lover.”

The corners of Wei Wei’s mouth twitched. “Shut up, but thanks.”

“Girl, don’t deny it anymore, if you don’t love me, would you have embraced me so closely?” Yuan Ming absolutely proudly ‘humph’ed a couple of times. “Those little thoughts of yours have already been seen through by me.”

Wei Wei was melancholic. “Where in the world did you get such confidence? Would you wake up, dear?”

“Forget it. You’re so shy, I won’t force you. However, speaking of which, in regards to that guy, this venerable one have not been able to penetrate through his depths even now. You should be a bit more careful. I’ve always felt that he’s not that simple.” Yuan Ming returned to his usual manner of speaking. Looking at the back of Baili Jia Jue’s figure, the light in his eyes submerged deeper.

Wei Wei replied with an ‘mm’. She’d always known that Third Prince was very difficult to deal with.

In this empire where might was honored, unexpectedly, even after he’d lost his qi, he could still make people from the four great clans fear his existence. That clearly indicated that it wasn’t merely his strategies. Within the entire Dragon War Empire, no one was able to rival his mind either.

It seems that Hei Ze wouldn’t be able to hold on for long.

She needed to think of another plan and withdraw sooner.

“How’s the situation with Little White?” While Wei Wei moved forward along with the troop of guards, she also used her stream of consciousness to have a discussion with Yuan Ming.

Yuan Ming said in a deep voice. “Everything moved according to plan. Once we left the academy, there’ll be a spirit beast to take you down the mountain.”

“Spirit beast…” Wei Wei’s footsteps paused, within her long and narrow eyes, there flickered a shrewd light…

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