The Anarchic Consort - Chapter 98

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Chapter 98: Was Seen Through

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“Your Highness, we’ve found Young Master Hei.”

One shadow ran over, leaned over by the side of Baili Jia Jue’s ear and said some things.

Within Baili Jia Jue’s beautiful eyes, there wasn’t a single movement. There were only those wide and spacious sleeves which carried the cold winds and made the figure of his back even more difficult to approach, completely ice-cold.

With his skill, soon, Baili Jia Jue arrived in front of Hei Ze, who was being detained.

The shadows naturally wouldn’t really do anything to the Hei family’s young master.

They only obstructed him from leaving, that’s all. However, merely doing this was already extremely daring.

Within the entire capital, probably the only person who dared to obstruct the Hei family’s second young master was Third Prince, Baili Jia Jue.

Having seen him, the corners of Hei Ze’s mouth curved up. “His Highness is indeed very refined, it’s so late and still not sleeping?”

“Isn’t Second Young Master also still not asleep?” The tone of Baili Jia Jue’s voice was very level and almost appeared as if he was indifferent about everything, yet carried a demonic chill that was not easy to withstand. “Where is she?”

When Hei Ze was being obstructed, he already cursed in his mind, sh*t.

After that, he then started to think of every possible script he could use. He thought about the kinds of exchanges he would have with Third Prince when he arrived. No matter how the conversation progressed, he would, step by step, skillfully deflect it.


Third Prince simply didn’t deal the cards according to convention. He approached and asked at once “Where is she?”

Three such graceful and direct words, made Hei Ze thoroughly stunned.

All of the scripts he’d previously devised, became totally useless!

What Third Highness knew was clearly much more than he’d imagined. Thinking up to this point, Hei Ze bluntly smiled devilishly. “If the one Third Prince is referring to is Helian Wei Wei, then she already left the academy.”

The two words, Wei Wei, made Baili Jia Jue’s eyes sink deeper. The smile at the corners of his mouth was even deeper than usual. “Already left?”

“That’s right, she already left.” Hei Ze couldn’t have spoken in a more sincere manner. “We originally mutually agreed to go down the mountain. Later, however, she seemed to be very anxious, and left in advance. At the moment, she most likely has already reached the main road. If Your Highness sends people to give chase right now, they should be able to bring her back.”

Baili Jia Jue profoundly glanced at him, and gracefully and calmly said, “I should thank Second Young Master for offering such an important clue to me.”

“A commoner should only do the things a commoner ought to do.” Hei Ze curved his lips and smiled. A trace of complacency crossed his face as he was thinking of how he’d never been so resourceful before.

Baili Jia Jue leisurely turned the black jade ring on his finger, faced Shadow and levelly commanded. “Allow Second Young Master to leave.”

“Yes.” Shadow hesitated a bit. He somewhat didn’t dare to believe that His Highness would allow Hei family’s young master to leave just like that. There clearly was something going on between him and Miss Helian. If they investigated, maybe they could discover something.

Baili Jia Jue didn’t think that way. That ‘little sly fox’ deliberately let loose Hei Ze, sending him forth as a smokescreen precisely because she wanted to hold him up. It wasn’t necessary for him to waste his time on Hei Ze. What’s more…

“Continue to search for me. Reduce the range; she hasn’t gone anywhere and is still at the academy.”

After hearing that, not only did Hei Ze, who was going to leave, become motionless, even the pit of Wei Wei’s stomach, while she was concealed within the troops, also trembled!

Hei Ze’s lie was seen through!

Not only that, that guy surprisingly even made use of Hei Ze’s words and employed reverse analysis on them to target her real position!

This time, her situation had become even more precarious…

Moreover, since Third Prince already gave the command to allow Hei Ze to leave, then Hei Ze needed to leave.

In other words, from now onwards, she really would be fighting on her own.

Wei Wei chewed on her lips, looked into the dim light of night before she composed herself as before, as upright and tall as a pine tree’s silhouette. Her lanky body’s every graceful movement was calm and unhurried as she immediately straightened out her sleeves, as if everything was within her control.

Also, it could be that he did it on purpose. He deliberately got rid of Hei Ze, thereby cutting off the link she had with Hei Ze.


Without Hei Ze, she’d still be able to succeed as before. Even though it’d be a bit more challenging, but it’s no more challenging than just remaining concealed!

Wei Wei lowered her head, and followed those imperial guards to turn around and return to the institution.

What a pity. She and the entrance gate was merely one step’s distance away from each other.

Yet even if it’s only one step’s distance like that, she still could only helplessly look on as the academy’s entrance gate closed in front of her, because right now, any abnormal movement would cause her adversary to be alerted. She couldn’t risk even the tiniest bit of exposure.

This guy, Third Prince, was just too smart, making it difficult for a person to break loose from his methods.

Right now, she can only cope with thousands of changes by being unchanging (remain inactive amidst activity), watch six roads and listen in all directions (be observant and alert), and wait for the right opportunity before figuring out how to get away.

However, Wei Wei certainly didn’t see the ice-coldness that flashed through Baili Jia Jue’s eyes when he looked up.

He slowly curved his lips, as if he was annoyed, but also as if he was pondering.

He actually wanted to see, after he incited Hei Ze to leave, how she would respond.

Would she look for him?

Or would she continue to hide like this?

However, no matter what she did.

If she was smart enough, then she shouldn’t involve other people.

Because that would make him very, very unhappy!

Shadow, who followed by Baili Jia Jue’s side, when he saw his master’s expression, he couldn’t help but perspire a burst of cold sweat in his heart on behalf of a certain person.

This time, His Highness truly got angry.

For so many years, there had never been a time like this time, when his His Highness grabbed on and just wouldn’t let go.

In the past, His Highness was neither cold nor hot (indifferent) towards everything. No one was capable of guessing his thoughts, so much so that no one could arouse any of his emotions.

Wei Wei was the first one, the first one who could cause His Highness to go through so much trouble.

Shadow hardly dared to imagine. At the moment she’d have been truly captured by His Highness, what condition would she be in when exiting the stage (what condition would she be in when the play ended)…

“Achoo!” Wei Wei covered her mouth and softly sneezed. From the time she started to plan this play, her evasion had already lasted twelve hours.

She needed to hurry. Right now, Baili Jia Jue hadn’t withdrawn his hand. She’ll wait until he became idle, then her first reaction would be to check herself. It’s almost the time when the artificial skin on her body could no longer be maintained.

Sigh, should she be happy, or should she believe that she’s out of luck.

She’d done so many things so many times, yet this was still the first time she’d been forced by someone to this extent.

However, the main good show was only just about to start.

This is the time when humans were most tired, the wee hours when it’s also easiest to make a mistake.

She could totally make use of this point…

Pitter patter.

Suddenly, a light rain fell from the sky.

Shadow quickly opened an umbrella for Baili Jia Jue. As he was walking forward, he reported. “His Highness, we’ve thoroughly searched the entire Superior Compound, but didn’t discover any trace of Miss Helian at all.”

“Still not found?” Baili Jia Jue’s hand was slightly more sluggish. Heh. He actually underestimated that ‘little fox’s toughness.

Good. Very good.

Baili Jia Jue’s eyes narrowed, his voice was neither cold nor warm. “Change the group of imperial guards and keep searching. The imperial guards who’ve been switched out are forbidden to leave the academy. Have them remain at their station and rest.”

People who were exhausted will most easily show weaknesses.

He absolutely won’t permit this kind of weakness to arise within his plan.

Wei Wei originally thought that when she got switched out she’d be able to return to her room. She didn’t expect…Third Prince was not only smart, he simply was ridiculously two-faced. Even while he was being kind, he was being evil at the same time, so ruthless it made a person almost unable to stand it anymore…

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