The Anarchic Consort - Chapter 99

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Chapter 99: She Couldn’t Jump Down

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Just at this time.

A group of enchanting figures with differing poses approached. Walking behind were two servant girls. One servant girl carried a lantern. The other one held an umbrella. This image occurred within White Academy, yet seemed like a painting of misty rain from the southern regions.

It was Helian Jiao Er. A large red cloak was draped on her shoulders. Even though there was no makeup on that little face, however, there was more of a gentle, calm beauty compared to usual.

She saw Baili Jia Jue and shyly curtsied in greeting. After that she faced the hectic Eunuch Sun and said, “I heard that Elder Sister is missing, so decided to come out to look for her. Does Eunuch Sun have news of her?”

Eunuch Sun was already so busy that he was about to faint. It was already so late. All he could think of right now was sleep. He tiredly shook his head a bit, but still didn’t say anything.

Wei Wei, standing within the imperial guards troop, changed her position. Her gaze was fixed on Helian Jiao Er’s back and those two servant girls. No matter what the reason for Helian Jiao Er coming out at this time was, for her, this could be a good opportunity…

“Was the Hei family’s young master found?” Helian Jiao Er continued to talk. Her beautiful eyebrows slightly creased, almost as if she was concerned about Wei Wei’s behavior. “My Eldest Sister had always been careless and mindless in doing things. Elder Hei disapproved of her and Hei Ze’s affair, yet she still went to the Superior Compound so late at night like this. Now, she’s disappeared again. I’m really worried that she’ll destroy her reputation in a moment of short sightedness.”

Eunuch Sun raised his eyebrows. So her words meant that all these things Miss Wei Wei did today was for the sake of eloping with Hei family’s young master?

At this time, His Highness had just given her a white cherry blossom, yet she eloped at once with another man…

Eunuch Sun very carefully looked up and after that, within that emotionless moonlight, faced His Highness’ direction to take a glance.

Present was the tall and graceful body. Present was the difficult to approach coldness. Present was that kind of aloof nobleness and arrogance that caused people to be enchanted….

However, the chilliness that penetrated from the depths of his eyes made Eunuch Sun’s neck contract and turn his head back to respond to Helian Jiao Er. “Miss Jiao Er, these words should not be said carelessly. Hei family’s second young master already descended from the mountain. We personally obstructed the carriage and did not discover Miss Wei Wei at all. If these words of yours were to be heard by other people, then it’d certainly become a major event, making people misunderstand that you sisters don’t get along well and that’s indeed not a good thing.”

Why was he so meddlesome today. Usually, Eunuch Sun would shake in fear and just let things pass.

If this exchange had taken place during ordinary times, he definitely wouldn’t have spoken out so frankly.

After all, the other party was the Defense Division’s young miss. One of the four great clans’ people were protecting her and rather ferociously at that. Even Retired Emperor already viewed her as the person of choice as Third Prince’s consort.

However, this Helian Jiao Er truly was really overboard. His Highness’ mood was originally already not good, and yet she came over here to add fuel to the fire.

Those moves of hers truly wouldn’t be seen through by other people. However, they’re merely those same kinds of back and forth fighting and power struggles found within large mansions and courtyards. To people who had stayed within the palace for years on end like them, those tricks were but boring child’s play.

Even an old Eunuch like him held them in contempt. Not to mention His Highness, whose thoughts were rather profound.

He reckoned his master simply wouldn’t want to waste words with this Helian Jiao Er.

Eunuch Sun also didn’t say anymore, brushed the dirt from his hands, and left with Baili Jia Jue.

Probably, it was because they were annoyed with Helian Jiao Er’s appearance that none of them discovered that after they left, one imperial guard actually already mysteriously disappeared…

Helian Jiao Er, who’d just eaten a soft nail (tactful retort) from Eunuch Sun, gripped the handkerchief in her hands tightly, her eyes brimming with poisonous thoughts. However, her goal had already been accomplished. After having heard her, she didn’t believe that Third Prince would be unconcerned with what she’d just said.

That slut’s reputation could just disappear along with today.

Staying out at night was punishable at White Academy. If that slut still hadn’t appeared by the time day breaks, that’d also turn her and the Hei family’s young master having some kind of shameful relationship between them into reality.

She certainly didn’t care about what Eunuch Sun had just said. Even though that slut was innocent, she’d still borrow this opportunity to once again stink up her reputation!

Self satisfaction was reflected in Helian Jiao Er’s eyes. She was just about to leave when she discovered that her lantern carrying servant girl was lowering her head without any reason to. With annoyance, she berated her. “Why aren’t you bringing the lantern over here quickly, don’t even have a bit of common sense!”

“Yes.” That ‘servant girl’ deferentially came over. Don’t know if it was because the sky was too dark, so she was afraid that Helian Jiao Er would fall, but from beginning to end, her eyes were lowered and knowing her place, fetched the lantern, not even raising her head for a bit.

And Baili Jia Jue, who had just strolled into the Superior Compound, seemed as if he’d just thought of something, suddenly tightened his pair of eyes and said in a voice cold to the extreme, “Assemble all of the imperial guards over here and take a headcount.”

All of the shadows blanked out not understanding why their master would give this kind of order.

Not until after they’d really gathered did they perspire a thin layer of cold sweat on their forehead. “Reporting to His Highness. We are short one.”

“We are short one.” Baili Jia Jue coldly smiled as he repeated this sentence, within his voice, there penetrated a bone-chilling coldness, making everybody retract their necks a bit.

Especially Shadow, who’d followed by Baili Jia Jue’s side for years on end. The imperial troops was short one person, what did this represent?

This indicated that it’s very possible that Wei Wei had just disguised herself among them and listened to their plans right under their noses.

Yet they weren’t aware of these things at all!

Should he really praise that Helian family’s eldest miss for her top notch disguise techniques, or should he infer instead, that she’s reckless and unafraid to die?

This Wei Wei was still the first person who dared to look down at the people who represented his master’s imperial power.

“Good. Indeed, very good.” Baili Jia Jue slowly pulled off a plastered smile. That kind of evil, ice-cold smile, without reaching the eyes at all, on the contrary, caused people all the more to be able to be aware of his entire body becoming stiff.

So that even Eunuch Sun was finally aware of this matter’s oddness. How was there one imperial guard short at this time, oh my dear mother, by all means don’t let it be what I was thinking.

How could the Helian family’s eldest miss be so fearless in this way, my God!

Even so daring as to pose as His Highness’ imperial soldier!

Baili Jia Jue’s pair of stiffened hands slightly loosened and along with that, the tree behind him swayed without a reason as if a fierce wind struck at it impatiently.

His hair as black as the night was blowing and waved like slithering snakes wandering in the underbrush. That pair of phoenix-shaped eyes that had been concealed behind indifference for years, suddenly flashed with a fierce light. Swish, swish, crash. The leaves fell from the tree as he tilted his head, as if he was considering something.

After a while, that kind of bone-penetrating cold voice sounded out again. “Just now, how many servant girls followed by Helian Jiao Er’s side?”

How many servant girls? Eunuch Sun blanked out. This kind of thing ordinarily simply wasn’t noticed by anyone, right?

“Reporting to Your Highness. There were two.” Shadow recollected for a bit, then finally resolutely responded with a number.

“Arrest them all.” Baili Jia Jue retracted his gaze from the imperial guards’ bodies. His tall and straight back, was as bolt upright as a pine tree, so indifferent and detached that it prevented people from feeling the slightest bit of temperature.

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