The Atypical Young Lady Has Returned - Chapter 572 - Someone's Courting Death

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Chapter 572: Someone’s Courting Death

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Night had fallen in the bustling city. It was time for people to relax. The clubhouse was already very lively when Yan Jinyu arrived.

She didn’t bring her luggage. When the taxi sent her to the clubhouse, they passed by the hotel where Yin Jiujin was staying, so she placed her luggage at the front desk of the hotel and continued to take the taxi to the clubhouse.

Knowing her looks, even if she deliberately restrained her aura, people would still notice her in a crowded place. Hence, Yan Jinyu specially wore a hat.

She put on the hat and restrained her aura. This way, even in the crowd, as long as she didn’t want to, it was difficult for anyone to notice her.

She arrived at the third floor of the clubhouse without any obstruction.

In a private room on the third floor of the clubhouse.

“Master Nine, let me toast you. I’m deeply honored that you agreed to meet me.”

A fat middle-aged man toasted Yin Jiujin. When he raised his glass, he stood up and bowed. He stood far away as he didn’t dare to get too close to Yin Jiujin.

The man sitting on the sofa was wearing a black haute couture shirt with the sleeves half rolled up. The two buttons at the collar were loose. He leaned lazily on the sofa with no expression on his handsome face.

There was an unknown charm in his coldness.

He held his phone in his hand and tapped it on his lap. He did not respond to the person who was toasting him.

The middle-aged man kept bending down and did not dare to stand up straight. Cold sweat dripped down his forehead and his hand that was holding the wine glass trembled.

He was frightened because he could not see through the person sitting there at all.

In this private room, other than Yin Jiujin and the fat middle-aged man who was bending down to toast him, there were a few others—two young men and three young women.

Among the two young men, one of them was a familiar face. He wasn’t sitting. He was standing behind Yin Jiujin. He was Yin Jiujin’s special assistant, Lin Zimu.

Seeing the man trembling, Lin Zimu’s lips twitched imperceptibly.

Did he think that the boss ignored him because he didn’t want to bother with him?

Look at how frightened he was.

In reality, if the boss wanted to ignore him, he wouldn’t have appeared here at all. Furthermore, it was on the day Miss Yu returned to the capital.

The boss valued this project very much.

The boss was simply ignoring him because he was waiting for Miss Yu’s call.

For almost three hours later, he couldn’t get through to Miss Yu. Miss Yu said that she was on the plane and would call his boss when she got off the plane.

However, it was true that the boss was not in a good mood.

Miss Yu had returned to the capital today, but the boss still needed to make a trip to Water City.

The other young man was an unfamiliar face. He was the one who sat closest to Yin Jiujin in this private room. At this moment, he was carefully sipping his wine, as though he didn’t care if the middle-aged man was frightened or not.

The three young women sitting at the side were even quieter.

One minute passed, two minutes passed, three minutes passed…

Yin Jiujin still had no reaction. The middle-aged man was sweating profusely, and his legs were trembling. He carefully looked at the young man who was drinking with pleading eyes.

Although Yin Jiujin valued this business, usually, it was the others looking for Yin Jiujin and Yin Jiujin would not come to meet them personally.

Yin Jiujin had come to Water City this time because someone had pulled the strings. He needed to come to take a look personally, so they met up.

The person pulling the strings was the other young man in the private room.

The middle-aged man’s pleading gaze was too obvious, and the young man did not ignore it in the end.

No matter what, he had agreed to help him.

He said calmly, “Second Young Master Yin, someone is toasting you.” Then, he didn’t care anymore and continued to savor his red wine.

This voice pulled Yin Jiujin back to his senses.

He didn’t look up at the middle-aged man immediately. Instead, he looked at his phone first.

The young man beside him saw this and raised his eyebrows slightly.

Needless to say, that eldest daughter of the Yan Family was really formidable.

Even the usually indifferent Master Nine was worried about her.

Yin Jiujin looked at his phone. There was still no call or message. The surrounding pressure suddenly lowered.

She should have arrived in the capital by now.

Could it be that the flight was delayed?

He looked up calmly and the middle-aged man smiled flatteringly, “Master Nine, I-I’ll toast to you. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to give me this chance to meet you.”

Yin Jiujin didn’t respond immediately. Instead, he glanced at the young man before his faint eyes landed on the middle-aged man. “So, you spent so much effort to see me just to drink this glass of wine?”

His tone was already a little impatient, but Lin Zimu knew that this was already on account of the lobbyist. Otherwise, with the boss’s current mood and his usual temper, he would have long stood up and left.

The middle-aged man trembled when he was looked at by Yin Jiujin sinisterly. He realized what he was saying and his heart suddenly leaped to his throat. He hurriedly shook his head. “No, no, no, no. I’ve always wanted to meet Master Nine. I-I have a good project in my hands and I want to cooperate with Master Nine…”

The project was a good one, but it needed investment.

The Empire Group was involved in the financial industry, and they were also doing financing.

This person’s name was Zhuo Fu. He was considered someone important in Water City. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have the ability to find a middleman to persuade Yin Jiujin.

The project was not bad, and there were many choices to choose from. Of course, the best choice was undoubtedly the Empire Group.

Unfortunately, how could it be so easy to cooperate with the Empire Group?

Since he couldn’t cooperate with the Empire Group, he planned to settle for second best. However, he had offended Huo Xuan.

Who would dare to invest in him after he offended Huo Xuan?

The Empire Group was his only choice and only way out.

He offended Huo Xuan and his company was suppressed, so he would have to rely on this project to make a comeback. If this project couldn’t continue on, Zhuo Fu would be finished.

That was why there was such a scene now.

“Master Nine must know my current situation. I don’t dare to beat around the bush in front of you, so I will say it directly.”

“I’ve offended the eldest son of the Huo Family. No financial company in the country dares to invest in me now. I’m really at my wit’s end. That’s why I begged Young Master Jiang to help me meet you.”

“Master Nine, since you’re willing to appear here, you must have seen the value of my project. To be honest, you’re my only retreat now. If you don’t agree to invest, I’ll really be finished.”

“Do I look like I’m running a charity foundation?”

Zhuo Fu was stunned.

W-What did that mean?

“Boss Zhuo, Second Young Master Yin’s time is precious. It’s already unexpected that he agreed to meet you on my account. I don’t think I have enough face to make him listen to your nonsense here,” the man called “Young Master Jiang” said casually.

No emotions could be seen, but with Zhuo Fu’s understanding of him, he was already angry.

“Yes, yes, yes. Young Master Jiang is right. I…”

However, his words were suddenly interrupted by a cold voice, “What are these?”

The three women were frightened when his dark gaze swept over.

Yes, Yin Jiujin hadn’t seen these three women before. There were no women when he came. They only came in after he sat down.

At that moment, Zhuo Fu was still trembling in fear when he pushed open the door and entered to greet Yin Jiujin, afraid that he would be angry. Seeing that Yin Jiujin had no reaction, he thought that he had tacitly agreed and heaved a sigh of relief to let the ladies in.

Who knew…

Zhuo Fu was scared silly.

Young Master Jiang ignored him like a bystander.

“M-Master Nine, I-I’m Zhuo Qingqing. Zhuo Fu is my father. These two are my best friends.”

“M-Master Nine, hello…”

Ever since they entered the private room, the three of them didn’t dare to breathe loudly.

At first, they were very excited to see the rumored Master Nine. However, they didn’t even dare to enter the private room when they arrived.

They only mustered up the courage to come in after receiving Zhuo Fu’s signal.

They only realized how much endurance it would take to sit in the same space as Master Nine after coming in.

The low and cold pressure made them not dare to move, nor did they dare to breathe too loudly, let alone speak.

Yin Jiujin only glanced at them before quickly retracting his gaze. He didn’t see what the three of them looked like at all.

His gaze landed on Zhuo Fu again.

With just one look, Zhuo Fu was so frightened that his body turned cold. “M-Master Nine, this is indeed my daughter. I thought that since it was rare for Master Nine to come to Water City, I asked my daughter to bring her friends over to drink with Master Nine. I also asked Master Nine when they came in earlier. Y-you didn’t object, so I let them in…”

Young Master Jiang took a sip of wine.

No objections?

That was because Yin Jiujin’s thoughts had long gone somewhere and he didn’t hear what he was saying at all.

Of course, he saw them, but he didn’t say anything. Why?

He wanted to watch a good show.

It was a rare opportunity.

He could only blame Zhuo Fu for using the wrong method when he asked him for help.

“Don’t you know my rules?” His dark eyes were dark. Every word he said made their hearts pound.

Of course, he did!

No women allowed!

For events like business discussions, other than the necessary staff, such as female secretaries, no other women were allowed, especially those who were unrelated to work.

Even a female secretary had to stay away from him.

This was Master Nine’s rule.

There were no explicit rules, but everyone knew and would consciously follow them.

But wasn’t that in the past?

Now that Master Nine was engaged, it was said that he doted on his fiancée very much.

He was a man after all. He should know the goodness of women after he has one. Even Master Nine, who didn’t get close to women before, naturally understood the goodness of women after he had a woman by his side now.

His daughter was also a socialite that was very pursued by young men in Water City. He felt that she was completely qualified to drink with Master Nine. It would be even better if Master Nine liked her.

With Master Nine as his backer and the Empire Group as his backer, why should he be afraid of Huo Xuan? Why should he worry about not having any investments? Why should he worry about going bankrupt and sleeping on the streets?

There was no need to worry about all that!

As long as Master Nine liked his daughter, even if she wasn’t Master Nine’s woman on the surface, he would still have countless benefits!

However, he didn’t expect Master Nine to have such a huge reaction!

Instantly, his face turned pale. He was about to apologize when Zhuo Qingqing beat him to it.

“Of course we know Master Nine’s rules. We just thought that Master Nine doesn’t come to Water City often, so we wanted to entertain you.” Zhuo Qingqing mustered up a lot of courage just to say this.

She had done a lot of mental preparations before coming here. After knowing who she was going to see, she also became ambitious.

Master Nine was obviously angry.

If they didn’t do anything, not only would the negotiation today fail, but they would also offend Master Nine and not get the Empire Group’s investment!

She had to take a gamble!

She did not believe that she, the daughter of the Zhuo Family in Water City, could not compare to a country girl who grew up in the countryside!

If Master Nine could like Yan Jinyu, why couldn’t he like her?

In Water City, no one could claim to be the best if she claimed to be the second best socialite!

She seductively held the wine glass and was about to lean over, “Master Nine, let me toast you. Please calm down first. It’s indeed our fault for breaking your rules. After drinking this glass of wine, you can punish me however you want…”

Something pressed against her forehead.

It was black.

Zhuo Qingqing’s face instantly turned pale.

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